Denver’s Next Sanchize Quarterback? Broncos trade for Mark Sanchez

According to the Denver Broncos have traded for Eagles quarterback Mark Sanchez sending a 2017 conditional draft pick to Philadelphia. While it still appears that the Broncos are still actively pursuing San Francisco 49er quarterback Colin Kaepernick, but have at least added depth with the addition on Sanchez whose cap hit for 2015 will be $4.5 Million.

The fifth overall pick in the 2009 NFL Draft by the New York Jets, Sanchez has had an up


Sanchez is most remembered for the infamous “Butt Fumble”

and down career. His most famous moment on the field was the infamous “Butt Fumble” when he ran in Brandon Moore’s backside. In his NFL career Sanchez has started in 72 games throwing for over 15,000 yards with 86 touchdowns and 84 interceptions. In those 72 starts Sanchez is 37-35 but has a 4 -2 career playoff record.

While Sanchez may not be the best answer at the quarterback position for the Broncos, he at least provides an option for the moment and could be a reliable backup if the Broncos do add another signal caller.


Giving New York Fitz! Jets in a bind with current QB situation

What looked like the perfect marriage is beginning to look like an inevitable divorce. After Ryan Fitzpatrick had a career season with the New York Jets, the 33-year-old quarterback is testing the free agent market much to the chagrin of his former team.

Sources are saying that Fitzpatrick and the Jets are not close in terms of an agreement. The Jets, don’t want to break the bank for the 33 year old journeyman quarterback and do not have the cap space to pay for a rich contract.

On the other hand, Fitzpatrick has seen the quarterback market explode this offseason.


Despite the career season, the New York Jets are smart not to overpay the 33 year old journeyman. 

Brock Osweiler, who has started seven games in his career just signed a four year $ 72 Million deal with the Texans while in Philadelphia Sam Bradford’s 11 touchdown and 10 interception earned a $36 Million two year deal. After throwing a career high 31 touchdown in 2015, Fitzpatrick is poised for his last big payday.

While the market for the quarterback seems to be slow and in the Jets favor, one dark horse team in the mix could be the Denver Broncos. The Broncos have a Super Bowl caliber defense and now have a gaping hole at the quarterback position would be a possible destination for the veteran signal caller.

Still, Fitzpatrick’s best seasons have come under Jets’ offensive coordinator Chan Gailey and another year in that system could mean an even better season from Fitz Magic in 2016. However, if another team does come along, it would be disastrous for the Jets.

What direction would they go in? Back to Geno Smith? Bryce Petty? This year’s draft? Trade for Colin Kapernick? Try to revitalize RG III? All of these options are less then ideal for a team that has the potential to be a contender. Given that the young quarterbacks on the roster or in this upcoming draft puts the Jets in a tough position. The problem is only exacerbated by less then ideal veterans options whose baggage and contracts outweigh the upside. The Jets are also smart not investing a ton of money in someone that is not going to be the franchise quarterback for the long-term.

Either way if the Fitz Magic has officially run out, then general manager Mike Maccagnan will have to perform his own magic trick to salavage the quarterback position for next season.

Gronk on Nick? Gronkowski Will Host Nickelodeon Show

Rob Gronkowski may be an All-Pro tight end for the New England Patriots, but he’s also the biggest kid on the planet. It’s only fitting that the biggest kid on the planet would get to host his own show on one of the biggest kid’s television channel on the planet, Nickelodeon.

Rob Gronkowski

The NFL’s biggest kid will now host a Kid’s show

Gronk will be the face of Nick’s newest show, Crashletes, where he will be introducing clips of sports action. The move, which is also giving NFL MVP Cam Newton his own show, comes from the Nickelodeon Network’s attempt to broaden and mix it’s offerings.  The move is prompted by the increased competition and wider variety of choices for children’s programming.

One thing is certain, Gronk will bring his fun loving and boundless youth energy into a new platform for NFL players.

A perfect match? Why Hackenberg to the Texans makes too much sense

STATE COLLEGE, PA - NOVEMBER 29:  Christian Hackenberg #14 of the Penn State Nittany Lions throws a pass during the first quarter against the Michigan State Spartans at Beaver Stadium on November 29, 2014 in State College, Pennsylvania.  (Photo by Joe Sargent/Getty Images)

It wasn’t that long ago when many scouts felt that Penn State’s Christian Hackenberg would be a future number one pick in the NFL Draft. Now many question if he is one of the top five quarterbacks in this year’s class. Plagued by inconsistency, poor offensive line play, and  a terrible completion percentage, Hackenberg could find himself falling hard when the Draft arrives. Scouting Hackenberg I am not a big fan. My criticisms of the quarterback are that he doesn’t through a tight spiral, has trouble pushing the ball down field with his arm strength, and trouble reading defenses. As a prospect I see Hackenberg being a bust in the NFL, unless he is drafted by one team.

Christian Hackenberg, Bill O' Brien

A reunion could happen with O’brien and Hackenberg. It would be in Hackenberg’s best chance to succeed in the NFL

The Houston Texans is the perfect landing spot for Hackenberg. Given that they are looking for a franchise quarterback after playing QB roulette last season with four different starters, Houston has never truly had a franchise quarterback since their inception in 2002. With the 22nd pick in the draft, Hackenberg figures to be available at that spot. While he fits the Texans’ need for a signal caller, the main reason this is a match made in heaven is because of head coach Bill O’Brien.

As the head football coach of Penn State, O’Brien recruited Hackenberg to Happy Valley and helped turned him into an enticing prospect after a stellar freshmen campaign. In O’Briens system, Hackenberg had his best season at the collegiate level with a 58.9 completion percentage, and 20 touchdown passes to 10 interceptions. It looked like the Nittany Lions would have a dynamic duo with O’Brien and Hackenberg, until O’Brien accepted the head coaching job in Houston.

Since James Franklin took the reigns of the Nittany Lions, Hackenberg regressed with his completion percentage and passing yards both as career lows in his final season at Penn State. Franklin’s system did hurt Hackenberg by often putting the quarterback out their with a below average offensive line and asking the quarterback to throw the ball down the field.

Now the question is does O’Brien want to recruit Hackenberg for the second time? Currently Hackenberg is the fifth quarterback on Mel Kiper’s big board. He should be available at the 22nd pick for the Texans. There are scenarios, could Houston pass on Hackenberg in the first round and hope to trade up for him in the second round? It’s possible but one thing that could cripple Hackenberg’s draft stock is the interest his former head coach gives him.

If O’Brien doesn’t draft Hackenberg in the first round, or worse not even attend his pro day, that would certainly scare off teams that could have interest. Those teams would have to be thinking “if he doesn’t want his former quarterback that he recruited, there must be some major red flags”. The lack of interest could mean that Hackenberg would have a major fall on draft day.

Will their be a Penn State reunion on draft day? Or will Hackenberg’s college regression translate into his stock plummeting during the draft? Stay tuned to find out.