New York Jets: Week 3 Reaction

Another week…of uncompetitive as the New York Jets lose to the Colts. In this episode, reaction to Sam Darnold’s play, alarming trends to the coaching staff, and why Week 4 is a must-win for certain members of the organization. Also, how Jets fans have sent a clear message to the organization that change is needed. Want more Jets content? Make sure to hit that subscribe button so you don’t miss any of our latest content.

Review of Jets disastrous week 1 performance

It was a brutal loss to open the season in Buffalo for the New York Jets. In this episode, I give the one bright spot and the concerns to come out of this opening game. Also, why this game was alarming for Sam Darnold and how Adam Gase continues to be a disaster at head coach. Make sure you hit that subscribe button so you don’t miss the latest Jets content and my reactions every week.

Why the Patriots signed Cam Newton

With the New England Patriots signing quarterback Cam Newton it’s all but certain that Newton will be under center for New England this year. But one of the biggest questions is why did the Patriots sign Cam Newton this late?

In this episode the real reason behind this move is explained and what it means for the Patriots at the quarterback position going forward. Want more? Make sure you hit that subscribe button so you don’t miss the latest episode.

Jamal Adams requests trade from Jets

After months of waiting for a new contract New York Jets Pro Bowl safety Jamal Adams has requested a trade and his given the organization seven teams he would like to play for.
Adams still has two years left on his rookie deal and while the Jets have said they are looking to make him a Jet for life. In this episode, we look at why the Adams camp has requested this trade, why the Jets are still in the driver’s seat in these negotiations, and one of the reasons why the extension hasn’t happened this offseason.
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5 Reasons the Jets shouldn’t extend Jamal Adams…yet

Negotiations between the New York Jets and Jamal Adams have reached an impasse and while most Jets fans want to see this deal get done, there are reasons why it doesn’t make sense for the Jets to make this investment right now. I want to be clear, I want to see the Jets sign Jamal Adams and will have a top 5 reasons why they should sign him episode shortly. However, I wanted to look at this from the Jets side first and this episode details the top 5 reasons why the Jets should wait on extending their talented safety.