Why the New York Mets should bring “Big Sexy” back

The 2018 New York Mets cannot catch a break. When their pitching is lights out, the offense can’t buy a hit. Vice versa when the Mets offensive has has momentary spurts in this campaign it has been promptly followed by poor starts or bullpen implosions. To top it off the injury plague that has lingered around Flushing in recent years has claimed most of the team’s top talent including most recently Noah Syndergaard.

With the Mets trading the former superhero of Gotham in Matt Harvey to Cincinnati, the Mets rotation after Jacob deGrom has been more abysmal then Labor Day traffic. With all of the problems the Mets have had in the rotation the team could use an inning eater in the rotation and they could look into bringing back a fan favorite to a demoralized fan base. The New York Mets should trade for Bartolo “Big Sexy” Colon.

Colon was productive in his three seasons with the Mets going 44-34 and helping the team reach the World Series (AP Photo/Frank Franklin II, File)

On the surface it shouldn’t be too difficult. The Rangers are off the a abysmal start and have Colon on a reasonable one year $ 1.75 Million deal. Colon would benefit from pitching in the National league again and more importantly save a bullpen that has been overworked in the beginning of this season. With five of his nine starts for the Rangers going over seven innings, Colon is perfect for the backend of this Mets rotation that has been plagued by short starts all season.

Colon would be an immediate improvement behind deGrom and Syndeergaard. Take a look at how Colon compares the the Mets three through five starters in the rotation.

Colon 2 2 63.1 3.55 9 0.93 5
Wheeler 2 4 50 5.4 9 1.48 1
Matz 2 3 45.2 3.55 10 1.27 0
Vargas 2 3 25.1 8.53 6 1.85 0

Colon has more starts over seven innings then these three combined while also having over 13 additional innings pitched to the next closest state. On top of that, he would own the best WHIP on the team and be tied has a far better ERA then both Wheeler and Vargas.

The Mets would be bringing back not only a player that has a proven track record in New York, but a fan favorite

Even though the Mets probably would not move Vargas to the bullpen given the massive contract he signed in the offseason, the Mets could try to turn Wheeler into a reliever which could push his 94.77 fastball average a few ticks higher being in a shorter role. The team tried this with Harvey, but Wheeler could benefit from shorter appearances in games and it has helped both Gsellman and Lugo become key pieces of the Mets bullpen.

Seeing what the ageless wonder is doing in the American League and what would be a low asking price, it makes sense for the Mets bring back Bartolo Colon and put him in the backend of the rotation. In a perfect world, if the Mets have five healthy starters Colon has proven that he can be a versatile reliever out of the pen if the Mets can get Wheeler, Matz, and Vargas healthy and pitching up to their potential.

In the short-term though, Colon instantly improves the back end of the rotation, but also has handled the pressure in the Big Apple and who would be a great influence in the locker room.

With the current state of the Mets rotation, it only makes sense for New York to bring Big Sexy back.


What franchises could use Tim Tebow in their Major League lineups

Why it makes sense for the Tampa Bay Rays or Miami Marlins to trade for Tim Tebow

When New York Mets general manager Sandy Alderson told reporters that he thought former NFL quarterback Tim Tebow would one-day play in the major leagues, you could hear the snickering of baseball pundits. Really? The guy who is almost thirty years old that finished this spring training 1-for-18 that equates to .056 batting average. Yes, you read that right. A batting average below .100 for a position player.

Personally, I have no problem with Tim Tebow’s baseball pursuit. If he loves what he is doing and someone will give him an opportunity, he has every right to be on that field. Now you may be thinking that the former Heisman winner has no shot to play in the show. However, there are two teams where Tim Tebow could make it to the lights of major league baseball.

Despite his struggles, Tebow’s popularity in the Sunshine state would help both fledgling Florida franchises.

Major League Baseball in Florida has become the inverse Bermuda triangle where no baseball talent is going in, but seemingly, all of the state’s baseball talent has been spewed out. The recent fire sales of the Tampa Bay Rays and Miami Marlins are not helping two apathetic fan bases that are sick of top talented just being disposed of. Maybe that is why the Rays were dead last in total attendance in baseball last season and the Marlins were 27th even with Giancarlo Stanton blasting 59 home runs.

With that attraction gone, Florida baseball is no more than a witness protection program for ball players, which has to be miserable for Florida fans. So where does Tebow fit? Currently Tebow is in the New York Mets system. Even in the minors, Tebow has been an attraction selling out minor league stadiums wherever he goes. Given that neither team is going anywhere this season, why fans the attraction of seeing Tebow?

A shot of Marlins park’s woeful attendance. Both Florida franchises are struggling in drawing crowds. Tebow could help boost attendance.

It is going to take a trade to get him, but if the Mets offer a decent prospect, I can’t see them saying no to the trade. Both Florida teams need to get fans into the ballpark. Even if Tebow doesn’t help the team on the field, his popularity would help to fill seats for franchise’s that are desperate for attendance. Now some will say this will not make the team that signs Tebow a laughing stock. Looking at their current rosters, they already are.

You never know. Best-case scenario Tebow catches on as a starter or backup caliber player and becomes a popular member of that team. At the very worst he will be an attraction to draw fans in while distracting fans from the below average product on the field. Moreover, consider this. He does not have to be a day one starter. The franchise could tease bringing Tebow up for intrigue and make the call up in the middle of the summer or add him to the 40-man roster when the rosters expand at the end of the season. With Tebow the Marlins or Rays would at least be interesting, and in the modern day world of sports there are two things you cannot afford to be.

Terrible and boring. Both franchises are there and if they want to add some interest in their respective franchises, bringing in Tebow would give fans something to watch this season.

Cliff Lee heading to the Yankees?

With the decimation of their pitching staff through injuries the New York Yankees have been actively negotiating with the Philadelphia Phillies for star pitcher Cliff Lee. Lee, 35, is locked up through the end of next season and would not only give the Yankees a bona fide top of the rotation starter but also one of the postseason pitchers in the clutch over the past decade.

Will the Bombers give up the farm for Lee?

Will the Bombers give up the farm for Lee?

The only problem is that the asking price for the veteran left-hander will be steep. Originally the Yankees reportedly wanted both Lee and Chase Utley in a deal, but the Phillies have let the Yankees know that New York doesn’t have the pieces for that type of move.

Still, the Yankees would have to mortgage their future as the Phillies have been adamant that top prospect Gary Sanchez must be in a deal for Lee. Even the prized catching prospect may not be enough as the Philllies may want one of the Yankees top outfield prospects as well.

However, New York has been exploring other options such as finding another trading partner for a three team deal. With a weak A.L. East this season and the fact that Lee would be locked up until the end of 2015, could make the Yankees pull the trigger for the southpaw that they have coveted for years.

With the Phillies already looking forward to 2015 and the Yankees once again in the thick on a pennant race, the deal makes sense for both sides. That is, unless another suitor such as Los Angeles, Anaheim, or Detroit becomes involved.

The sooner the Yankees can get this deal done the better.


Wheeler and Dealing? New York Mets shopping Wheeler

The New York Mets could be moving one of their best young arms at the MLB trade deadline. With an abundance of young arms, and Matt Harvey returning next season, the Mets are strongly hinting that they will trade some of this young pitching to bring in a bat or two for a team whose lineup resembles that of a Triple A squad.

According to our sources the Mets have been in serious talks with the Chicago Cubs. It appears the Mets could be moving the highly touted Zach Wheeler to the Cubs

Wheeler to the Cubs?

Wheeler to the Cubs?

for an everyday player of two. One key position the Mets need a desperate upgrade in is shortstop. Fortunately for New York, the Cubs have an abundance of players at the shortstop position.

One player the Cubs are reportedly offering is current major league shortstop Starlin Castro. Castro, who is 24, is having a solid season hitting .280 with 11 homers and 52 RBIs. He would instantly improve the Mets woeful offense by providing a good young bat in the lineup who not only is still improving at the plate, but would give the Mets an everyday shortstop who plays very good defense.

Castro is a great option for the Mets, but could there be other players on the table? Sources say the Mets will also explore some of the Cubs top prospects instead of just one everyday player.

The Cubs are loaded with talented young prospects, especially at the shortstop position. Javier Baez, the team’s top prospect, is knocking on the door at Triple A with 14 home runs and 53 RBIs. Baez might not be a top of the order player but could be the big power bat the Mets are desperate for. Another reason the Mets could be targeting Baez is that they could possibly get another piece in the deal.

The Cubs have three very good outfield prospects that could be nice pieces in the Mets outfield. However, if New York could also get Arismendy Alcantara, another triple A player on the major league border, they could have a middle infield set for the next decade. Alcantara could be a solid second baseman who hits for a high average and steals bases. A perfect top of the order player that would be nice with either Baez or Castro in the middle of the lineup.

Bartolo Colon will probably be dealt first, but keep and eye on the Mets and Cubs. Both have prospects in key areas of need for the other team and have excess prospects that could be moved. The Mets need bats, Chicago has bats, New York has pitching, the Cubs need pitching. Sounds like a match made in heaven. Now we wait until July 31st to see if something happens.

Bad d’Emotion

d'Arnaud needs major league experience

d’Arnaud needs major league experience

The Mets demotion of Travis d’Arnaud has created quite the stir within the organization. While the organization believes the demotion will allow d’Arnaud to work on his swing, he’s hitting .180 this season, the bigger issue is the current state of the Mets catching. There is no question that d’Arnaud has struggled at the plate, by what Mets player hasn’t? His value to the team has been his ability to handle the young pitching staff and his solid defense. When he was the centerpiece for the R.A. Dickey trade d’Arnaud was hyped for his bat. Despite being disappointing in that regard, his catching ability has helped the Mets pitching staff be one of the best in the majors in 2014. If anything he needs time in the majors to work on his hitting and see more major league pitching.  Right now d’Arnaud is the Mets best option. Anthony Recker has struggled mightily in a starting role and has been better suited or a backup role. Taylor Teagarden? Barely an acceptable backup in the majors.  With no other prospects even close to the major league level or any cheap replacements on the market, it will be better for the Mets to keep d’Arnuad in the majors. Not only to appease the other players, but to allow d’Arnaud to keep developing.  With the Mets recent “mishandling” of Ike Davis fresh in the minds of Mets fans, one can only hope that the Mets have not mishandled this situation.