Review of Jets disastrous week 1 performance

It was a brutal loss to open the season in Buffalo for the New York Jets. In this episode, I give the one bright spot and the concerns to come out of this opening game. Also, why this game was alarming for Sam Darnold and how Adam Gase continues to be a disaster at head coach. Make sure you hit that subscribe button so you don’t miss the latest Jets content and my reactions every week.


Jamal Adams requests trade from Jets

After months of waiting for a new contract New York Jets Pro Bowl safety Jamal Adams has requested a trade and his given the organization seven teams he would like to play for.
Adams still has two years left on his rookie deal and while the Jets have said they are looking to make him a Jet for life. In this episode, we look at why the Adams camp has requested this trade, why the Jets are still in the driver’s seat in these negotiations, and one of the reasons why the extension hasn’t happened this offseason.
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Why the Mets will regret Cano trade

The New York Mets have pulled off the first blockbuster trade of the MLB offseason by trading for Robinson Cano and Edwin Diaz. However, the Mets paid a big price including prized prospects for a 36-year-old second baseman with a massive contract. I break down why this trade could come back to haunt the Mets and why Brodie Van Wagenen’s impact in this deal.

Why the New York Mets are actually looking to move Jacob deGrom

Why are the Mets really trading Jacob deGrom? On the surface it seems crystal clear the Metropolitans are trying to reload their minor league system and get the most return on deGrom when his value is peaking.

However, there is an underlying reason why the Mets are looking to move deGrom and it’s broken down on the podcast with which chips the Mets should look to move instead. In my opinion, moving deGrom would be foolish by the front office when they can get some mid range players with current roster members.

Who should the Mets trade? What’s the reason deGrom will likely get traded that no one is talking about? Check it out on the latest podcast below.


Why the New York Mets should bring “Big Sexy” back

The 2018 New York Mets cannot catch a break. When their pitching is lights out, the offense can’t buy a hit. Vice versa when the Mets offensive has has momentary spurts in this campaign it has been promptly followed by poor starts or bullpen implosions. To top it off the injury plague that has lingered around Flushing in recent years has claimed most of the team’s top talent including most recently Noah Syndergaard.

With the Mets trading the former superhero of Gotham in Matt Harvey to Cincinnati, the Mets rotation after Jacob deGrom has been more abysmal then Labor Day traffic. With all of the problems the Mets have had in the rotation the team could use an inning eater in the rotation and they could look into bringing back a fan favorite to a demoralized fan base. The New York Mets should trade for Bartolo “Big Sexy” Colon.

Colon was productive in his three seasons with the Mets going 44-34 and helping the team reach the World Series (AP Photo/Frank Franklin II, File)

On the surface it shouldn’t be too difficult. The Rangers are off the a abysmal start and have Colon on a reasonable one year $ 1.75 Million deal. Colon would benefit from pitching in the National league again and more importantly save a bullpen that has been overworked in the beginning of this season. With five of his nine starts for the Rangers going over seven innings, Colon is perfect for the backend of this Mets rotation that has been plagued by short starts all season.

Colon would be an immediate improvement behind deGrom and Syndeergaard. Take a look at how Colon compares the the Mets three through five starters in the rotation.

Colon 2 2 63.1 3.55 9 0.93 5
Wheeler 2 4 50 5.4 9 1.48 1
Matz 2 3 45.2 3.55 10 1.27 0
Vargas 2 3 25.1 8.53 6 1.85 0

Colon has more starts over seven innings then these three combined while also having over 13 additional innings pitched to the next closest state. On top of that, he would own the best WHIP on the team and be tied has a far better ERA then both Wheeler and Vargas.

The Mets would be bringing back not only a player that has a proven track record in New York, but a fan favorite

Even though the Mets probably would not move Vargas to the bullpen given the massive contract he signed in the offseason, the Mets could try to turn Wheeler into a reliever which could push his 94.77 fastball average a few ticks higher being in a shorter role. The team tried this with Harvey, but Wheeler could benefit from shorter appearances in games and it has helped both Gsellman and Lugo become key pieces of the Mets bullpen.

Seeing what the ageless wonder is doing in the American League and what would be a low asking price, it makes sense for the Mets bring back Bartolo Colon and put him in the backend of the rotation. In a perfect world, if the Mets have five healthy starters Colon has proven that he can be a versatile reliever out of the pen if the Mets can get Wheeler, Matz, and Vargas healthy and pitching up to their potential.

In the short-term though, Colon instantly improves the back end of the rotation, but also has handled the pressure in the Big Apple and who would be a great influence in the locker room.

With the current state of the Mets rotation, it only makes sense for New York to bring Big Sexy back.

Sad Melody: Why the Knicks need to trade Anthony

After another year of frustration, it's time for a change in New York

After another year of frustration, it’s time for a change in New York

Trade Carmelo Anthony! These three words will ignite anger within an already frustrated fan base, and rightfully so. Trading the biggest star the Knicks have had since Patrick Ewing may seem blasphemous, even crazy, but it needs to be done. While the Knickerbockers star is still in the prime of his career and having one of his best seasons ever, the harsh reality is that this is the perfect time to break down this lackluster basketball team.

If the NBA has taught us anything this past decade, it’s that you can no longer win with just one star player on your basketball team. Look at all the last 10 champions, they’ve had at least two usually three superstar players.

Melo's frustration in New York might make him go somewhere else this summer

Melo’s frustration in New York might make him go somewhere else this summer

The league is changing. Unless you are one of the few elite teams in the league, you just mill around in mediocrity. Let’s face it. Even when this team played well the previous two seasons, they weren’t serious title contenders. Sure they might win a round in the playoffs, but this is New York, that doesn’t cut it. With Carmelo in his prime, and a stocked Draft class coming up, the Knicks should try to make a deal.

Am I saying the Knicks have to trade Melo? No, but if a team gives them a good deal with either draft picks or young talent, the Knicks would be foolish to pass it up. Let’s face it, the Knicks are nowhere near contending for an NBA title and need to reload. If anything shouldn’t the Knicks get some value before Melo leaves? As an unrestricted free agent this summer, there is a good chance Melo will leave. He’s already hinted that he will test free agency and there will be more attractive offers and situations out there for him. If LA calls, why wouldn’t Melo go? Instead of losing him and not getting anything in return, the Knicks need to maximize this opportunity and restart the rebuilding process. Knicks fans may not want to hear it, but it needs to be done.