Why LeBron to L.A. can now serve as a warning to other NBA stars

It’s been a rough year for the Los Angeles Lakers and LeBron James. After eight straight NBA Finals appearances LeBron is on the verge of missing the playoffs entirely. On this episode I break down why LeBron’s move to Los Angeles can serve as a warning for future NBA stars in free agency.

Ariana Grande was first introduced to the world… because of hockey?


On a special Where are they now? We take a look at how the world was introduced to Grammy Award Winner Ariana Grande. Before she became one of the biggest stars on the planet, the world first learned of Ariana Grande in 1998 as a Florida Panthers fan that made history. Little did they know at the time, she would go on to make music history years later. What happened to Ariana at the game? Listen to find out.

Why aren’t the Rams being crushed for sitting Gurley in the Super Bowl?

When Bill Belichick sat Malcolm Butler in last year’s Super Bowl people ripped his decision. However, this year there hasn’t been the same outcry for how Sean McVay only used Todd Gurley sparingly. An MVP candidate this season, Gurley has said he was 100% and the Rams haven’t had a good answer for their gameplan. On this episode I talk about how the Rams should be criticized for this decision and why it could haunt them.

Super Bowl Recap: The return of the Empire

For the sixth time the New England Patriots are the Super Bowl Champions. On this jam-packed episode we break down the big game from Bill Belichick proving why he’s the greatest coach in NFL history. Why it will be hard for the Los Angeles Rams to recover from the loss, what Patriot is playing himself into Canton, and why this could be just the beginning of a new Patriots dynasty. All this and more only on Rich Sports Talk.