In-depth look at “Varsity Blues” Scandal

This week’s biggest story is the college admission scandal code named “Varsity Blues” by the FBI. The scandal involved wealthy individuals bribing university officials, coaches, and having test scores falsified in order to get their kids into certain schools. On this episode I break down how they were able to do this and why people would risk their careers to take this bribes. Also, why the parents wanted their kids to go to these institutions and why there has been so much backlash to this scandal.


Fried Rice: Rutgers Basketball scandal

Rice has been fired after video leaks of his controversial practices

Rice has been fired after video leaks of his controversial practices

Ok coaches can be pains in the you know whats. Any person that’s played any sport has had bad coaches. There’s the parent coach who thinks their child is god’s gift to the sport even though they trip over their own shadow. Then there’s the screamer, the classic coach who is always blue faced and screaming at the referee even when he’s pulling out of the parking lot. While their our hotheaded and so-called “fiery” coaches the key thing is that they don’t cross a line. Cue in Rutger’s coach Mike Rice, who should be known as the scarlet knight since his face is generally that shade of red. The Coach of the Scarlet Knights since 2010 Rice had mediocre success leading the team with a sub par 44-51 record. Maybe it was his record, family life, or maybe he lost a game of monopoly but Rice was frustrated to the point that he began to take out his frustration on his players. On December 13, 2012 Rice was fined 50,000$ and suspended for 3 games for abusive behavior towards his players. Video obtained from practice showed Rice throwing basketballs and obscenties at his players and forced athletic director  Tim Pernetti to hand out the suspension.   But like all scandals this was just the tip of the iceberg. Turns out that back in the summer assistant coach Eric Murdock told Pernetti about the practices and even priced him with hours of footage. Murdock was fired so afterward and is currently suing the school for being terminated unfairly. Despite all the evidence the AD decided to just suspend Rice for the three games. If this was a one time occurrence then a suspension would be acceptable but this had been going on for years. Are you kidding me? This man physically and verbally abused the student athletes of the University and your going to protect him? Today Rutgers dismissed Pernetti as the Athletic Director, but the damage has been done. The Rutgers athletic program’s reputation is damaged after the scandal went national when Outside The Lines aired the footage an April second. You can watch that here. This man was nuts screaming obscenities, gay slurs, and throwing basketballs at their heads! Now I believe the NCAA should stop focusing on kids taking minor improper benefits, to the leaders of the athletic programs. This is the second time in just a few years that there has been a horrifying scandal within an athletic department. It brings up the frightening prospect what else is going on at other programs? The NCAA has to start investigating the men and women who are running these programs and assure the parents of NCAA athletes that this was just an isolated incident and that their children are safe. Once again though, it’s the kids who suffer. The basketball players that were abused, the kids that wanted to come to Rutgers, and the current students that feel ashamed to be at a school with this scandal. Once thing is for certain, it’s time for healing at Rutgers.