Dave Gettleman’s plan makes no sense

This week New York Giants general manager Dave Gettleman talked about the Giants offseason and how he plans to rebuild while being competitive. On this episode I highlight why New York’s decision to not go into a full rebuild is holding this franchise back from going forward.

Raiders and Giants have hurt their futures by living in the past

Both the New York Giants and the Oakland Raiders have started off the 2018 NFL season by going 1-5. What do these teams have in common besides their record? They both are stuck in the past. On this episode we look in both Jon Gruden and Eli Manning and their impacts each franchise and what this means moving forward.

Supporting Odell’s recent comments on Eli & NY Giants offense

The latest podcast breaks down how I support Odell Beckham’s recent comments about the New York Giants offense. While many have been quick to berate Beckham saying that he should have kept opinions in house, I support him for being honest and making points that are obvious. Also, we discuss how the Giants shouldn’t be surprised about this coming from their star receiver.


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