New York Jets: Trading for Andre Johnson?

With Andre Johnson refusing to report in Houston for OTAs, this could give the New

Johnson would be a welcomed addition to the Jets

Johnson would be a welcomed addition to the Jets

York Jets a golden opportunity. There have been rumors out of Jets camp that the team is talking to the Texans and trying to bring in Johnson. The problem? It looks like the Texans want Michael Vick in the deal. Vick for Johnson straight up? Sounds like the Jets should pull the trigger.

Sure Andre Johnson may seem selfish by not attending the Texans OTAs, but wouldn’t you if you’ve only made the playoffs twice in your eleven year career? Johnson should be upset. The Texans did not draft a quarterback in the draft, traded their starting one to Oakland, and are telling Johnson that Ryan Fitzpatrick is going to be the starter. Yeah, I can see why Johnson wants out. Who wants to play for an organization that put no effort into improving the quarterback position and doesn’t seem to be putting out a good effort.

Johnson would be a perfect pairing with Eric Decker in New York. Even at 32, Johnson still has blistering speed and is a legitimate number 1 receiver. Add in Decker, Kerley in the slot, and Amaro at tight end and the Jets could have one of the best receiving corps in football. Meanwhile, the Texans would get a dynamic quarterback who could be the final piece to a playoff roster. With the great defense in Houston coupled with the weak AFC South, putting Vick on the Texans would make them a playoff team.
While it may hurt the Jets to trade Vick, the upside of the trade is too great. Geno has looked great in OTAs and the Jets have strongly hinted he will be the starter. With Vicks ever-changing moods and comments in the New York media, it could be the best decision to cut this possible distraction down the road.

The Jets would not have a legitimate backup, but they could possible pick up a veteran if one is cut in training camp. Not to mention Johnson’s presence would help Geno develop. Johnson has some of the best hands in the league while also have the ability to stretch the field, something Gang Green has desperately been lacking for the last two years.

This trade would be a win win for both organizations. The Texans move a disgruntled receiver and get a quarterback that could get them back to the playoffs. The Jets jettison a quarterback who already is clamoring for playing time while getting a big time receiver to help Geno Smith mature as a quarterback. Who knows? Maybe this move will help both teams to reach the playoffs. This is one deal that should be made.

Why Johnny Manziel will be pick #1 in the NFL Draft

Johnny Football will be the first player off the board

Johnny Football will be the first player off the board

And with the first pick in the 2014 NFL Draft the Houston Texans select…. Johnny Manziel, quarterback, Texas A&M. Even though the draft is months away I believe that the number one pick in the draft is set. While some experts may think the Houston Texans will take Jadeveon Clowney or Terry Bridgewater with the number one pick, I strongly believe that the Texans will take Johnny Football to be their franchise quarterback.

Since their inauguration into the NFL back in 2002, the Texans have never had a true franchise quarterback. David Carr was a flop, and while Matt Schaub did have some nice moments, turnovers and injuries prevented him from being the Texans’ franchise quarterback. Back in 2007, the Texans were in a similar predicament. In that Draft, they selected Mario Williams with the number one overall pick over Texas’ quarterback Vince Young. While in hindsight this was the right move, I believe that there is still some regret within the organization that they did not draft Vince Young. Now, in 2014 the Texans may have hit the jackpot.

Johnny Manziel has electrified fans at College Station and is now taking his talents to the big stage. While Terry Bridgewater may be the highest rated quarterback by draft experts, Johnny Manziel is not far behind. While Manziel is widely known for his off the field shenanigans, the Texans should and probably will roll the dice on him. Sure he has his baggage, such as partying a little to hard at A&M, but Manziel is a playmaker and a Heisman trophy winner. The Texans need a playmaker who can get the ball into the hands of their dangerous receivers and revitalize this offense. With his arm and leagues, the Texans probably believe he can do just that.

Drafting Manziel goes far beyond just the football field. The Houston Texans need an icon. What would be better than a quarterback from Texas? He was born in Texas and helped make A&M a top program. Fans would love the pick because he is their player, a fellow Texan. In a state that is football crazy wouldn’t it be nice to have an NFL quarterback with a Texan as the quarterback. Sounds like a dream to me. Not to mention it makes sense from the financial stand point. Can you imagine how many more tickets and jerseys the Texans will sell if Manziel heads to Houston?

With Manziel in Houston, the Texans could be a playoff contender next season. They’re in a weak division, and despot their record have a roster filled with talent. If it wasn’t for the god awful quarterback play, this team would be far away from the number one overall pick. Sure many things can change before the combined, but Manziel to the Texans makes too much sense. It is his home state, A&M fans are close, he’s talented, and he’s a quarterback! Sure the Texans may trade out of one or go in a different direction, but if they pass on Manziel, it could be a move that this franchise will regret. Both financially and in the win column.

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