Why the Jets have won the offseason

It’s been an incredible offseason for the New York Jets. On this episode we look at how the organization has done everything this offseason to help with Sam Darnold’s growth. We break down all the moves the Jets have made and how each transaction could benefit the Green and White in 2019.


Josh Harris says Big Ben fumbled on purpose to spite Todd Haley

Things are not getting easier for the Pittsburgh Steelers. After moving on from Le’Veon Bell and Antonio Brown, former Steelers Josh Harris has pointed out a play in 2014 where Ben intentionally fumbled to send a message to former offensive coordinator Todd Haley.
Josh Harris on Twitter: “2014 week 17 we were playing the bengals. Todd Haley called a run play with very little time left in the game. Ben wanted to kneel. He rolled his eyes in the huddle. He then purposely fumbles the ball. I had to recover it. At that moment I knew what kinda person he was.”
On this episode I look at how Ben Roethlisberger is the biggest problem with the Steelers and why we should look at him more closely.