Jets need Mike McCarthy to be their next coach

With reports that the New York Jets will interview former Packers head coach Mike McCarthy for their next head coach it’s clear that he’s the best choice for the job. I go through all the reasons why he should be the organizations first choice and why he’s the perfect coach for Sam Darnold.

NFL Hot Seat Update

The weather might be getting colder but the hot seat is getting red hot in the NFL. On this episode I give you my top five coaches on the NFL hot seat and discuss why they will likely be gone by the end of the season. Did your team’s head coach make the cut? Check it out and make sure to follow and subscribe for all the latest content.

Three & Out: Top Three Storylines from Week 12 in the NFL

New segment we are doing every week in the NFL called Three & Out. We will break down the three biggest stories from the NFL weekend including a possible punt which is a sixty second final topic. On this episode we look at what is happening with both the Green Bay Packers and Jacksonville Jaguars. In Cleveland let’s look at Baker Mayfield and his recent play and comments and how this could impact his career in the long-term. Finally, for Michigan fans let’s just relax on Jim Harbaugh.

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