Crossed Up: NY Knicks Miss Opportunity at Trade Deadline

Once again the New York Knicks continued to prove that they are one of the most incompetent front offices in major sports. Instead of trying to move aging star Carmelo Anthony to create cap space or pick up draft picks for future talent, New York has once again become disillusioned with reality.


The Knicks continue to build around Melo, when they should build around Porzingis 


The Knicks still believe that they can build a contender around Melo. Despite not having cap space, talent,  a proven track record, and of course aging Anthony. At 31, Melo is coming to the end of his prime in the NBA. He’s been in the league for 14 seasons, that wear and tear is going to catch up with the all-star sooner rather then later. Look, I’m not saying the Knicks would have gotten a big haul for Melo, but they could have created cap space and gotten some pieces to put around Kristaps Porzingis.

One of the major issues is that the Knicks still dream that Melo can bring them a championship. Uuuhhhh no, that is not going to happen. In case you missed it Anthony has only made it to the second round of the playoffs twice in 13 seasons. The best case scenario is that over the next three seasons the Knicks will make the playoffs as a low seed, only to get obliterated in the first round.


New York is building around a star, it’s just not the right one. 

Just to clarify. I AM NOT SAYING THE KNICKS SHOULD TANK! Thye have a young emerging big man that can shoot and if they draft well could be a very competitive team in a few seasons. Realistically, can you see Melo and Zingis taking on the Cavaliers for the next three seasons? The problem is the Knicks are building around the wrong star. They had the steal of the 2015 Draft in Porzingis and they’re not going anywhere fast. Why not wait to build a solid core for the future instead of chasing the impossible dream that Melo will hold the NBA Championship in the Canyon of Heroes?

Could the Knicks move Melo this summer? It’s possible, but Anthony’s max contract coupled with team’s shedding cap space for free agency doesn’t bode well for New York. And for Knick fans who think that Kevin Durant will be playing in the Garden next year, it’s not happening. New York has only $19 Million in cap space this offseason and will not entice Durant with a contract, and certainly won’t with the current roster make up.

Let’s face the facts. New York is an aging, overpaid, and underwhelming basketball team. Phil Jackson will have a huge test this offseason with the lack of cap room, but with Melo still on the team, it’s just prolonging the chance for a NBA Championship contender to play at the Garden.



Buck Stops Here: Milwaukee Unveils New Logo

The Milwaukee Bucks have a young and talented roster that the franchise is looking to nba_bucks-primary_final_1294x1572build around. However, for the 2015-2016 season the Bucks will have a new look with new uniforms and logos. The primary logo features a more aggressive and formidable stag that replaces the softer looking former logo. The new logo also features a subtle M that forms the neck while also having Milwaukee’s first letter having a prominent place in the logo.

The team has also changed the color palette adding cream as the secondary color over the previous red. With the red color gone, the Bucks will now use nba_bucks-secondary_final_1296x1296white and blue as their accent colors.

Overall the logo and colors feels more rustic which makes sense given Milwaukee’s mascot. The secondary logos are also solid new logs which not only look great, but play more to the state’s MJS MB_Secondary_Logo_2.jpgheritage.

Kingdom Lease? Lebron James not Staying In Cleveland for Long Haul?

It’s official. In storybook fashion Lebron James, the king, has returned to the kingdom he left behind four years ago. While Clevelanders welcome back James with aspirations that he will finally bring a championship to the city of Cleveland for the first time in over 60 years there is a sign that this fantasy may not last too long.

Lebron James is returning to Cleveland to try to bring a championship to his home city but doesn’t have a long-term commitment to the city. His new contract with the Cavaliers is 42.1 million over two seasons. The length of this contract brings up an interesting point. Is Lebron looking to win and run?

Cleveland Time Share?

Cleveland Time Share?

Listen Cleveland, it’s great that Lebron is back but his lack of commitment to a long-term deal proves that he will be weighing his options once again in two years. My prediction? Lebron is hoping he can win a title in two years, get the title monkey off his back in his hometown, and then see if there is a better team outside of Cleveland after two years.

See if Lebron really wanted to win multiple titles for Cleveland he would have signed a longer deal. He’s basically saying Cleveland I want to date you, but don’t want to marry you. If James can bring a title home, it will help his national image that he deserted his former team. Plus if he wins a title in Cleveland, can they really be upset? They will finally have the championship they covet so much and Lebron has given it to them. Why would Lebron only sign a two-year deal? I think he has his eye on one team in particular and is waiting to see what they do.

Lebron James is one of the biggest brands in sports. So why not go to the media capital of the world? With Carmelo Anthony returning to the Knicks the dream of Lebron to play with Melo could happen in two years. James maybe waiting to see what Phil Jackson does as a general manager and how the Knicks will handle next years free agency with the cap space they will have after unloading some of their bad contracts. If the Knicks can get a big piece in free agency next year, say Kevin Love, then it would be very difficult for Lebron to turn down a team with that much talent and in such a big market.

Listen, Cleveland is a young team. It may take a few years until this team is truly a title contender. If the maturation process takes too long Lebron may decide that it is time to go to a team that can win now. If Phil Jackson can build a great team around Carmelo Anthony in New York and Cleveland struggles to bring in other pieces, Lebron may break the heart of northern Ohio once again.

In two years I predict that Lebron James will look to go to New York after two seasons in Cleveland, especially if he can win a title with the Cavaliers. The two-year contract just proves that Lebron will always be looking for the team that he feels will help him win championships.


Chris Bosh Key To NBA Free Agency


The X Factor in NBA Free Agency

Everyone assumes that Lebron James is the one holding up the NBA free agency period. It’s an easy association. He is the best player in the world, and when he makes his free agency decision then the rest of the free agency dominos will fall. There is no question that whatever James decides will create a ripple affect across the NBA, however he may not be the one who has the biggest impact on free agency.

What if I told you that Chris Bosh is the key X factor for NBA free agency? Truth is that his decision would have a greater impact because it impact’s Lebron James’ decision. After opting opt of his contract, the consensus was that the Heat wanted to pay Bosh around 11 million dollars per year, a huge pay cut from last year. Now the Houston Rockets are reportedly offering Bosh a max contract worth reportedly 88 million dollars over four years. If Bosh decides to go to Houston to not only get paid but to also be a member of a title contending team, it would impact the entire league.

Let’s say Bosh goes to Houston. There are even reports that Pat Reiley has been pushing Bosh towards Houston encouraging him to take the money. That would open cap space in Miami for the Heat to get Carmelo Anthony. Lebron has been saying that the dream is to play with Melo and if Bosh leaves that would open up the cap space for Melo to play in South Beach.

That might not be the only scenario. If Lebron feels that Miami has lost too much with the loss of Bosh he may go back to Celeveland or sign a one year dear to see what the market is next year. Don’t forget that Melo may stay in New York for a max deal or that he may want to go to LA. An intriguing possibility is if James takes a one year deal in Miami to see how New York plays out.

While we await the decision of Lebron James, it maybe Chris Bosh’s decision that basketball fans should be paying attention to. This time around it’s Bosh’s decision which could change the NBA.


Weighing his OPTions: Lebron James Opts Out of Heat Deal

Lebron could change the NBA landscape once again

Lebron could change the NBA landscape once again

The madness starts now! Lebron James will once again be the main attraction in the circus of NBA Free Agency as he has opted out of his contract with the Miami Heat. Now Lebron James can once again change the entire complexion of the NBA like he did four years ago when he made the infamous decision to leave Cleveland for South Beach.

Does this mean that Lebron James is leaving the Heat? No, but he is sending a clear message. James is putting himself in the best position for himself and the team. By opting out he can take less money and open up more cap space in Miami. However, James has put the pressure on Chris Bosh and Dwayne Wade to now take pay cuts. If they both so, James will be back and Miami will have the resources to add more pieces to their talented roster. However, if Bosh and Wade decided not to restructure and keep their high salaries, than James has put himself in position to test the waters of free agency.

Where would he go? New York and Chicago look to be out of the question. New York with their terrible cap space and lack of stars while in Chicago James would always be in the shadow of Jordan. Houston and Cleveland would have the pieces but a lot also depends of Carmelo Anthony.

If Carmelo Anothony decides to take less to play with James, then the two of them could team up somewhere. If Carmelo wants a max contract, then the Anthony James teacup will just be a fantasy. The most interesting place is Cleveland which still remains an interesting option. With a young and talented roster and being James’ hometown team, we could see a reunion in Cleveland. Not to mention there have been strong rumors that the Cavaliers working on a deal with Minnesota by trading the number 1 pick for Kevin Love. If Kevin Love joins the Cavaliers, it would be hard for James to turn down a team with that much young talent.

Even if Cleveland cannot bring in Love, they still have the first pick and could bring in either Andrew Wiggins or Joel Embiid to entice the King. But no matter what any team does to try to lure Lebron James, it’s up to Lebron where he plays. We know one thing, James will look to go to a team that he feels will be able to win him multiple championships. It’s going to be a crazy summer, but we will be here to bring you the latest on the Lebron James saga. The ball’s in you court Lebron, what are you going to do next?

The Return of the King?

The King returning to his former kingdom

The King returning to his former kingdom

The Cleveland Cavaliers have hit the jackpot. For the third time in four years the dismal franchise will have the number one pick in the NBA Draft. With the most talented draft class in probably the last decade, the Cavaliers could be poised to be a playoff team in the near future. However, the true jackpot may not be in this draft, but possibly in the homecoming of their former savior.

With a strong young nucleus, this years number one pick could be the final key to luring back Lebron James from South Beach. Many Clevelanders might not want their former king to return to Cleveland as the wounds from his departure are still fresh and deep. Still, if Lebron James was to come back the Cavaliers would be favorites to win the title.

It may only be speculation at this point, but Cleveland has put themselves in a great position to entice James. Miami may win a third title this year, but their future is in question. Despite great ownership and a talented roster, the Heat are getting older and may only have one or two true title runs left. Despite this, James may choose to stay in Miami because of the lifestyle it has to offer and the larger market available there rather than Cleveland. Los Angeles and New York are long shots to get James in the future, but at least they provide the market for the Lebron James brand. Even though the end goal will be to attract James back to Cleveland, it will still depend on what Lebron James wants to do. Either way, the Cavaliers have made themselves as attractive a destination as possible. If they can add a legitimate coach, it will be hard to imagine that James could turn down a young talented nucleus with a great head coach. He’s in the business of winning, and that’s a winning formula.

King James may not return to his former empire, but even without James the Cavaliers now have the young pieces to become a competitive basketball team. With a young and upcoming roster they could soon become a perennial contender and maybe even a championship contender. However, in a perfect world the King will return to his people and bring them the championship they so rightfully deserve.