ASU Sun Devil Hockey gets new Adidas Uniforms for 2018-19

It’s still summer, but for college hockey fans the season is just around the corner. One of the newest teams to the Division One ranks has been the Arizona State Sun Devils who have officially unveiled their new uniforms for the 2018-19 season.

The new uniforms mark provided by Adidas have given the Sun Devils an updated home and a completely overhauled road uniform. Event though there are just two uniforms, according to the ASU athletic department the hockey team will have 72 uniform combinations with four helmets (maroon, white, gold, and gray) along with three pairs of gloves  pants (maroon, black, and gray). Let’s take a look at what’s stayed the same and what changes have been implemented.

ASU will have 72 combinations of uniforms for next season.

What’s the same?

First the main crest on the uniform has remained the same with the devil’s pitchfork. This was a great logo in the middle of the uniform and I am really glad they kept this. The home uniforms remain a classic white color as opposed to going to a colored home uniform like Quinnipiac University that wears a gold uniform for home games. One minor feature that remains the same is the captain’s crest with the state of Arizona as the background. This is a nice subtle detail that I can see other state university’s copying in the future.

What has changed?

ASU’s old home uniforms. the school has changed the main logo color and dropped the ASU shoulder yokes.

There is a lot of changes to the ASU uniform set. First let’s start with the minor changes. The main logo on both jerseys is now a red trident with gold piping instead of the old combo which was the opposite last year. While it still pops on the white, I do think the gold trident would pop better rather than a maroon crest on maroon jersey.

From the top ASU has added four new helmets to the set each with the trident logos. Last season the team had a gold and red helmet but will now add grey and white helmets to the set.

ASU’s new lids look like football helmets with the trident logo and gives them four options for helmet options

The piping on the sleeves and socks have changed from a classic three stripe to now a layered look of red, gold, grey, and black. This style is very similar to what the Vegas Golden Knight Uniforms look like. Each jersey also features the state of Arizona embroidered under the back collar above the name plate.

ASU’s new road uniform not only has a new color, but continues to focus on the minor details.

The biggest change is the road uniform which drops the former black uniform in favor of a maroon uniform. This uniform features gold numbers and uses grey as the secondary color saving the gold as an accent color with the black. Overall this is a sharp set of uniforms with ASU quickly becoming the Oregon of college hockey with their multiple combinations. Don’t be surprised if other schools follow suit with additional helmets, gloves, and pants to pair with their uniforms.

What could have been improved?

Despite the great new set, ASU dropped their sharp-looking black uniform

Really my only complaint is that despite the combinations the team only has three uniforms. While they gold have easily added a gold or dark gray uniform to the set, personally I wish they kept their sharp-looking black road uniforms as an alternate. These were some of the sharpest uniforms in college hockey and the red, gold, and black combo was not only sharp but the black made the maroon and gold really pop. Hopefully the team can bring these back next year as a third uniform because this was the program’s best uniform.




College Hockey Key for Hartford Whalers Return

Quinnipiac's rise to National Power has helped hockey grow in the Nutmeg state

Quinnipiac’s rise to National Power has helped hockey grow in the Nutmeg state

In a recent interview Connecticut Governor Dannel Malloy recently revealed that there are at least three groups that want to purchase an NHL franchise and relocate it to Hartford. While there are numerous obstacles such as the NHL brass and the arena situation in Hartford, one major key for a pro team to call Hartford home is actually hockey at the college level. True a new arena is a necessity despite the 35 million dollars in upgrades Malloy has said will be going into the aging XL Center, but at the end of the day it will be the interest in hockey that will get the NHL back. Arenas can be built, teams can be bought, but fan support needs to be earned.

While Governor Malloy has made it clear that a new arena is one of if not the biggest necessities for an NHL team, he believes that college hockey is the key component in making Connecticut a major hockey market. With so many professional teams in the area and minor league teams, it is a difficult sell to fans to watch the Wolf Pack in Hartford. It’s like asking college kids to have alcohol less beer at a party, not exactly a tempting offer. With the UConn

UCONN games could help build fan support

UCONN games could help build fan support

hockey team entering Hockey East next season, Malloy has said that if UConn can become a big draw in Hartford, it could be a key factor in proving that the state can support an NHL team. With the success of the Quinnipiac and Yale programs becoming key players on the national stage, if UConn can become a top tier program with drawing power, then Connecticut could be the home of some of the best college hockey in the country. If UConn can get great support, Malloy feels this will be a huge step forward in attracting the NHL back to the Insurance Capital. Malloy has been on record stating: “If you want NHL hockey back in Hartford, then you need to support UConn hockey”.

Whalers fans need to show their support

Whalers fans need to show their support

If Nutmeggers can support the three college teams on consistent basis with great attendance, that could make up for the lackluster attendance at Wolf Pack games and allow the NHL to have a franchise in Hartford. If anything, the fact that the Whalers are still being talked about despite leaving in 1997 just proves how much the franchise meant to the state. With fan trips to games, including some recent ones to Islanders games, the Whaler fans base is strong and ready for a team. Now with groups within the state bidding on other NHL

Fans? The Whalers still have a great following

Fans? The Whalers still have a great following

franchises and a governor who has already proven that he wants a team back in Connecticut, it is now on up to the Whaler Nation to take over. If we can prove that we support the great college teams that the state is providing while continuing to show support for the green and blue, the NHL will have to listen. With the Success of the Winnipeg Jets and a few teams that could be looking for new homes in the coming decade, why not Hartford? With the new realignment Hartford would be a perfect fit in the Metropolitan or Atlantic divisions. While there is still a long road ahead for a Hartford Whalers return, if the Whaler fans continue there support for the state’s college teams the question could be when not if the NHL comes home to Hartford.

To see the entire Governor Malloy interview (click here)