New York Giants 7 Round Mock Draft (2.0)

While the New York Giants were one of the most proactive teams in free agency this offseason, there is still a lot of work to be done. With the draft approaching, Dave Gettleman and the Giants will have a top-five pick they could use to acquire more draft capital. In this episode, we lay out a full 7 round mock draft and focus on who Big Blue could take in the upcoming draft.

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New York Giants Mock Draft 2014 (1.0)

  • Round 1: CJ Mosley ILB Alabama
    It's time for Jerry Reese to finally draft a linebacker in round 1

    It’s time for Jerry Reese to finally draft a linebacker in round 1

    Big blue has never been able to fill the hole left at middle linebacker since Antonio Pierce left. While the Giants never draft linebackers high, for whatever reason, it’s time to break the cycle and upgrade one of the worst linebacking units in the league. Mosley is the best middle linebacker in this class and is a tackling machine. He’s a perfect 4-3 middle linebacker who would instantly improve the Giants run defense with his side line to side line speed and nose for then ball. Mosley could be an impact starter from day one, something the Giants desperately need.

  • Round 2: Aaron Donald DT Pittsburgh
    The Giants could use Donald's versatility on defense

    The Giants could use Donald’s versatility on defense

    It’s no secret that the Giants defense lives and dies with their front four. With uncertainty about Justin Tuck, the Giants need to upgrade their defensive line. With the defensive tackle position being average, the Giants could bolster their interior pass rush with Donald, who averaged 1.6 sacks a game last year with Pittsburgh. While his run defense needs some polishing, Donald is an interior threat that fits well into the Giants philosophy of rushing their front four defensive linemen. While it may not be their most urgent need, or a position that is desperate for improvement, an upgrade in the pass rush would take a lot of pressure of the rest of the defense. Donald would also take some pressure of the the defensive ends and help the Giants get to the quarterback.

  • Round 3: Ja’wuan James OT Tennessee 
    Eli Manning needs some protection

    Eli Manning needs some protection

    It’s no mystery that the Giants offensive line was a mess last season. If James is here in round three, the Giants may have a great steal. At 318 pounds, James could be a great left tackle on the offensive line. While he’s not a great run blocker, he can pass block with the best of this class. If you can pass block effectively against the pass rushers in the SEC, you could have a great NFL career in front of you. If the Giants want to turn it around, Eli Manning needs to be upright and have time in the pocket.

  • Round 4: Bryan Stork C Florida State 
    Stork's versatility makes him ideal for the Giants

    Stork’s versatility makes him ideal for the Giants

    Stork is a pick that fills a crucial need for the Giants. While he could compete to be the starting center, he is a versatile lineman who can line up at guard or tackle if needed. This means he provides the Giants with some much-needed depth especially at guard where the Giants are starting to get a little long in the tooth. While he could be a starter from day one, the worst case scenario is that he’s a jack of all trades linemen who can fill in when needed.

  • Round 5: Larry Webster DE Bloomsburg
    Physically gifted, the Giants will want to add Webster to their stock pile of ends

    Physically gifted, the Giants will want to add Webster to their stock pile of ends

    He may not be a household name, but Webster is a dark horse prospect in this draft. The Giants love physically gifted defensive ends, and at 6’6 and running a 4.67 40 yard dash, Webster fits the mold. With questions about Tuck’s return, and the Giants love of drafting defensive ends, Webster could give them a project to develop. While he may be a situational pass rusher in 2014, if he can develop properly, Webster could a great steal in this draft and could be another great defensive end for the Giants.

  • Round 6: Dontae Johnson FS North Carolina St. 
    Some reinforcements for the secondary

    Some reinforcements for the secondary

    The Giants secondary is in need of an overhaul. But with a draft lacking in that department, they  have to look for late value picks. Johnson has the ideal size, 6’2 195 pounds, to become a great free safety. Currently Ryan Mundy is at best an average free safety and has peaked in terms of talent. While Johnson may not be a day one starter, he could provide some great competition early on. He would be a great backup for the safeties and could be a dark horse to start as the season progresses. While he had solid college stats, he has the physical tools to be successful in the NFL.

  • Round 7: Storm Johnson RB UCF
    Johnson could storm his way into the Giants starting lineup

    Johnson could storm his way into the Giants starting lineup

    Like his fellow UCF teammate Blake Bortles, Johnson may not have one trait that stands out, but he is a great sum of parts. Johnson is a great well-rounded player who has no major flaws in his game. Sure he might not have the dominant speed or ideal size, but he is a hard nose runner who can also catch and block. With the mess at running back last season, Johnson could be a good rotational player that could become an eventually starter down the road. With a strong finish against Baylor this season, if he is available in round seven the Giants would be foolish to pass him up. Johnson is one of my biggest steals in the draft who I think will develop into a very nice player. Do you agree or disagree? What should the Giants do on draft day? Follow and comment below!