Why the Patriots signed Cam Newton

With the New England Patriots signing quarterback Cam Newton it’s all but certain that Newton will be under center for New England this year. But one of the biggest questions is why did the Patriots sign Cam Newton this late?

In this episode the real reason behind this move is explained and what it means for the Patriots at the quarterback position going forward. Want more? Make sure you hit that subscribe button so you don’t miss the latest episode.


The New York Jets make smart investment by signing Joe Flacco

The New York Jets have added another veteran to their roster for the 2020 season and he happens to have a Super Bowl ring. Joe Douglas has signed Joe Flacco to a one year contract with $1.5 Million guaranteed and worth up to $4.5 Million with incentives. Even with Flacco recovering from injury, he is expected to be the backup for Sam Darnold. In this episode why this is a smart move by the Jets not only for a solid backup plan at the quarterback position but why it will help Sam Darnold’s development. Want more Jets content? Make sure to hit that subscribe button so you don’t miss the latest episode.


Giving New York Fitz! Jets in a bind with current QB situation

What looked like the perfect marriage is beginning to look like an inevitable divorce. After Ryan Fitzpatrick had a career season with the New York Jets, the 33-year-old quarterback is testing the free agent market much to the chagrin of his former team.

Sources are saying that Fitzpatrick and the Jets are not close in terms of an agreement. The Jets, don’t want to break the bank for the 33 year old journeyman quarterback and do not have the cap space to pay for a rich contract.

On the other hand, Fitzpatrick has seen the quarterback market explode this offseason.


Despite the career season, the New York Jets are smart not to overpay the 33 year old journeyman. 

Brock Osweiler, who has started seven games in his career just signed a four year $ 72 Million deal with the Texans while in Philadelphia Sam Bradford’s 11 touchdown and 10 interception earned a $36 Million two year deal. After throwing a career high 31 touchdown in 2015, Fitzpatrick is poised for his last big payday.

While the market for the quarterback seems to be slow and in the Jets favor, one dark horse team in the mix could be the Denver Broncos. The Broncos have a Super Bowl caliber defense and now have a gaping hole at the quarterback position would be a possible destination for the veteran signal caller.

Still, Fitzpatrick’s best seasons have come under Jets’ offensive coordinator Chan Gailey and another year in that system could mean an even better season from Fitz Magic in 2016. However, if another team does come along, it would be disastrous for the Jets.

What direction would they go in? Back to Geno Smith? Bryce Petty? This year’s draft? Trade for Colin Kapernick? Try to revitalize RG III? All of these options are less then ideal for a team that has the potential to be a contender. Given that the young quarterbacks on the roster or in this upcoming draft puts the Jets in a tough position. The problem is only exacerbated by less then ideal veterans options whose baggage and contracts outweigh the upside. The Jets are also smart not investing a ton of money in someone that is not going to be the franchise quarterback for the long-term.

Either way if the Fitz Magic has officially run out, then general manager Mike Maccagnan will have to perform his own magic trick to salavage the quarterback position for next season.

Randy Moss Wants to Play Again at 38?


Randy Moss said that he still has the itch to play in the NFL again. While broadcasting a preseason game Moss said that even though he has been retired for two seasons, he has been keeping in shape in case he wanted to return to the game.

Let’s face it, I’m still waiting for Terrell Owens, and Chad Johnson, or Ocho Cinco or whatever moniker he goes by today, announce that they are also considering a comeback. Is that Brett Favre I hear getting off the lawn mower in Louisiana? But I digress.

Back to Moss. The biggest question is where would he go? The only place I could see him possibly working is New England but with the Patriots signing Reggie Wayne to a contract this past week has seemingly shut that door for a return. If Wayne doesn’t work out, a reunion in Foxboro could be the only logical landing spot for Moss given his chemistry with Brady and that he deeply regrets leaving New England.

Still, New England will probably be out on Moss given his age and that they have now added Reggie Wayne. The only other team in the NFL that is desperate at wide receiver is the Carolina Panthers.

With the Wayne signing a Moss Brady reunion seems highly unlikely

With the Wayne signing a Moss Brady reunion seems highly unlikely

After Kelvin Benjamin tore his ACL coupled with the lack of talent at the receiving position already on the team, if the Panthers want to repeat as NFC South Division Champions, they need to give Cam Newton more weapons.

Even if the Panthers do decide to give Moss a chance, the biggest question with Moss has never been with his talent or physical shape, but his heart. Could Randy Moss return to the NFL and make an impact, it is possible but at this point teams like Carolina who are desperate at receiver should explore younger options than hoping a veteran like Moss miraculously finds the fountain of youth.

There’s still time before the season begins, and even thous Moss believes he can still play in the NFL it will be interesting to see if any team gives him even a tryout at this point.