Don’t Come A Colin. Why the NY Jets Should Avoid Kaepernick

It has been reported that quarterback Colin Kaepernick wants out of bay area to become a quarterback on Broadway for the New York Jets. Even if Kaepernick wants to be the new leader of the Jets, the issue is that New York should have no interest in him.

Before this dream can even happen, a lot will have to happen with the 49ers. There are 495262332many different avenues the organization can explore. The first, and most likely is to keep him as their quarterback because of the lack of enticing options in the upcoming draft and more importantly the franchise has brought in Chip Kelly. Kelly’s option offense and use of a mobile quarterback seem like too much of a perfect fit in his system and I personally feel that one of the reasons Kelly wanted to be in San Francisco was to insert Kapernick into his offense.

However, Kaepernick has shown regression in throwing from the pocket and appears to have lost the locker room around him. Don’t froget, he played so poorly that the 49ers felt that Blaine Gabbert was a better option at quarterback. There are many things that are open to debate in the NFL except for this, Gabbert stinks.

If the 49ers are ready to move on they have until April 1st to cut Kaepernick before his $11.9 Million contract for 2016 becomes guaranteed. True, the Jets could sign Kaep as a free agent, but if the 49ers really want to move on, they will try to trade him in order to get some type of compensation.

Even if the stars do align and Colin Kaepernick becomes available, the Jets should not sign Kaepernick. There are a myriad of reasons why New York should not be enticed by the young quarterback.

For one, he has shown regression in throwing from the which is the most important aspect of playing the position in the National Football League. Another major reason is the contract. The Jets cannot afford Kaepernick at his current salary and even if they could sign him, the team is limited in what the can do for cap space.

But the biggest reason for New York not to pursue Kaepernick is that they already have a better and more cost efficient solution, Ryan Fitzpatrick. Now does Fitzpatrick have the potential upside of a Kapernick? No, but he’s a more consistent quarterback who is


Brandon Marshall is already endorsing Fitzpatrick to be the starter in 2016

coming off his best season as a pro. Also with a year under his belt in offensive coordinator Chan Gailey, Fitzpatrick could take another step forward in 2016 while the organization continues to develop last year’s fourth round pick Bryce Petty. It’s also clear that despite his horrendous three interception game in Buffalo to end the season, his teammates are confident in his abilities for next year.

On ESPN’s First Take Brandon Marshall vehemently responded when asked about Kaepernick to the Jets said “I don’t want Kaepernick,” … “I think he’s good. My guy’s Fitz. It’s nothing against Kaepernick. … I have my quarterback, so I’m good.” For good reason both Marshall and Fitzpatrick are coming off career years with Marshall snagging 14 of Fitzpatrick’s 31 touchdown passes.

While the Jets may think that the grass on greener with Kaepernick under center, their best option for 2016 is already in the building for a fraction of the cost.


Falling Star: Sam Bradford on trading block?

The Rams are looking to move Bradford

The Rams are looking to move Bradford

After bring the first pick in the 2010 NFL Draft it looked like Sam Bradford was poised to be the Rams’ franchise quarterback. After signing the largest rookie deal in league history, $78 million dollars over six years, Bradford backed this up by winning the NFL Rookie of the Year in 2010. However, in the spring of 2014, the Rams maybe looking to move their franchise quarterback and Draft his replacement in the upcoming draft.

When healthy, there is no question that Bradford is a talented quarterback, but injury issues and his massive contract may have become to large of a burden for St. Louis to bear. With $27 million dollars owed over the next two seasons in guaranteed money, it’s hard for the Rams to have faith in Bradford’s health. In the Rams last 48 games, Bradford has only started 33 of those games. With the Rams culminating a plethora of young talent the past three off seasons, they could be just a quarterback away from competing in the talented NFC West.

Sources from Rams camp have said this week that the club is looking to trade Bradford and that St. Louis is seriously considering taking Johnny Manziel with their number 2 pick. While this may seem high, there has also been talks that the Rams could also wait at pick 13 in the hopes that Manziel or Bortles could fall to them. While this is a plausible scenario, the big question is can the Rams trade Bradford and will there be a market for him?

There are teams that are desperately looking for quarterbacks, but the Rams will probably not get a high return on Bradford because of his injury history and contract. Even if the Rams agree to swallow a significant portion of the contract, they still at best would fetch maybe a mid round selection or two for Bradford. I propose that the Rams keep Bradford and draft a quarterback. In that scenario you get a talented backup to Bradford who can sit and learn while Bradford can hopefully stay healthy. If he gets hurt, then the Rams have a viable backup to take over. If Bradford plays all, then he will be easier to trade and command a higher value after next offseason. Worst case scenario, Bradford is terrible or hurt, and the Rams go their first round quarterback to take over. While there is still a lot that can happen before the Draft, this is one story we will have to keep our eyes on.

Break Glass: The Jets Backup Plan

The Jets need a backup plan

The Jets need a backup plan

It’s no question that the quarterback position is a question mark for the New York Jets heading into the 2014 season. With the draft and free agency fast approaching the Jets have numerous possibilities to give Geno Smith competition next season. While there is speculation that the Jets may draft a quarterback in the later rounds of the draft, their best option would be to bring in a solid veteran presence. There have ben rumors that the Jets would like to bring in Michael Vick,  however that would be a disaster because of his rapid decline and health issues.

The best case scenario is to bring in a veteran presence who wouldn’t threaten Geno’s starting position but would be a great substitute in case he struggles. Don’t tell me Mark Sanchez is this option, Jets’ fans want to see him nowhere near the tri-state area next season. The best option for Gang Green would be to sign free agent quarterback Josh McCown to be Geno Smith’s backup.

Worst Case scenario is that Geno struggles, but with McCown Jets could remain competitive

Worst Case scenario is that Geno struggles, but with McCown Jets could remain competitive

After a solid season in Chicago, and already drawing interest from the Jets, McCown is a perfect fit. After 8 starts where he threw for 13 touchdowns and only 1 interception, the 34 year old McCown would be a great bullpen arm for New York in case Geno Smith struggles. While he may not be a threat to take Geno’s job at first, McCown might want to come to the Jets because he thinks he can beat out Geno Smith for the starting job. Last season McCown proved he could be more than a game manager and the controversial decision to sit him and start Jay Cutler at the end of the season still haunts many Bears’ fans. True he doesn’t have the track record that screams he could be a starting quarterback, especially at this point in his career. However, if the Jets need a veteran presence for a few late drives, or to take the helm at the end of the season if the team is in playoff contention, it would be a great signing for the Jets. Hey it could be worse. Mark Sanchez could be starting again! Take our poll what do you think the Jets should do?