Cliff Lee heading to the Yankees?

With the decimation of their pitching staff through injuries the New York Yankees have been actively negotiating with the Philadelphia Phillies for star pitcher Cliff Lee. Lee, 35, is locked up through the end of next season and would not only give the Yankees a bona fide top of the rotation starter but also one of the postseason pitchers in the clutch over the past decade.

Will the Bombers give up the farm for Lee?

Will the Bombers give up the farm for Lee?

The only problem is that the asking price for the veteran left-hander will be steep. Originally the Yankees reportedly wanted both Lee and Chase Utley in a deal, but the Phillies have let the Yankees know that New York doesn’t have the pieces for that type of move.

Still, the Yankees would have to mortgage their future as the Phillies have been adamant that top prospect Gary Sanchez must be in a deal for Lee. Even the prized catching prospect may not be enough as the Philllies may want one of the Yankees top outfield prospects as well.

However, New York has been exploring other options such as finding another trading partner for a three team deal. With a weak A.L. East this season and the fact that Lee would be locked up until the end of 2015, could make the Yankees pull the trigger for the southpaw that they have coveted for years.

With the Phillies already looking forward to 2015 and the Yankees once again in the thick on a pennant race, the deal makes sense for both sides. That is, unless another suitor such as Los Angeles, Anaheim, or Detroit becomes involved.

The sooner the Yankees can get this deal done the better.



Mets break record! Most cheesesteaks eaten!

Now we know where Colon's belly came from

Now we know where Colon’s belly came from

The Mets are victorious! They are record breakers! They are cheese steak connoisseurs? On April 30th the Mets broke the record for most cheese steaks devoured by a team in one day at Citizens Bank Park in Philadelphia. The Mets ate 103, yes 103 cheese steaks during the rain delay and postponed game that day. They may not win in the standings, but watch out for these Mets in the buffet line. I guess we now the mystery of one of the biggest Mets questions of 2014. What is in Bartolo Colon’s tummy? If anyone was wondering why the Metropolitans maybe moving slower these days, I think we can thank the cheese steaks for that. Maybe that’s why they played so many innings this past weekend. To have more time to chow down. The Mets broke the unofficial record of 80 by a wide margin, but this might have only been the appetizer. Who knows? If the team is out of contention in August they might forget about the game on the field and try to reach to 120 mark. One thing is for sure, if Terry Collins takes his team to Pizza Hut after the game, that’s going to be one New York size bill.