Sit Geno! Why the New York Jets Need to Start Michael Vick

After another heartbreaking loss for the New York Jets this past Monday to the Chicago Bears, it may be time for Rex Ryan to go with veteran Michael Vick to save the 2014 season. After two games where the Jets were in prime position to win, they instead find themselves asking what happened after losing both games.

Vick time in NYC?

Vick time in NYC?

Realistically the Jets could be a 3-0 football team right now instead of being 1-2. The biggest problem? The secondary has had it’s fair share of problems but it is still not the number one problem for Gang Green. Simply put the turner overs.

In my personal opinion I think Geno has shown improvement in both the passing game and as a leader, yet he still has a long way to go. Despite his flashes Smith still turns the ball over way too much. After three games Smith has four interceptions and two fumbles, with three of those turnovers occurring in the red zone.  Three touchdowns to six turnovers isn’t exactly a flattering stat line.

The Jets have proven that they can run the football very effectively while playing solid defense in the first three games. However, the turnovers have killed this team in the early going and has cost them games.

Time for Smith to take a seat?

Time for Smith to take a seat?

Listen, Geno Smith can still develop into a good starter in this league but needs to be pulled off the field. Michael Vick is this team’s best chance to win right now. Does Vick historically have problems turning the ball over? Yes, but his best season was with Marty Mornhinweg in Philadelphia. If anything Geno Smith should watch Vick and learn the nuances of the offense from the bench.

Has Smith played better than last season? Yes, but it’s the mistakes and turnovers that are killing this offense. Not to mention this was an 8-8 team last season and that does not make the playoffs.

If Smith runs backwards for another 15 yard sack Rex Ryan might start stress eating again. Geno Smith has shown a lot of nice things this season such as his ability to run and extend plays and better passing ability, but he still has many things to work on.  Don’t forget Smith is still a very young quarterback and has plenty of years ahead of him if he can properly develop. Michael Vick on the other hand still has something left in the tank and could be the missing piece to this offense. With the shootouts the Jets could be in the next few weeks, it only makes sense to put in a quarterback who can move the ball effectively in this offensive system.

If the Jets want to rebound and turnaround the season, Rex Ryan should put Vick into the starting role to see what he can do.



Revis Wanted to be A Jet? I’m not Buying it !!


In a recent interview with Fox Sports New England Patriots cornerback Darrelle Revis revealed that New England wasn’t his first choice in free agency. Revis revealed friday that he had his agent reach out to the  New York Jets but New York never responded to his request.

Did Revis really want to return to New York?

Did Revis really want to return to New York?

However, you can never really take what Revis says seriously. The star corner has been notorious for bluffing in order to get the money he feels he deserves. It has also been reported that the Jets did reach out to Revis but the star corner refused to listen.

While we will probably never fully know what happened in this he said they said debate, one thing is for certain, it is highly unlikely that Revis will ever play for the Jets again.

With the contract disputes and disruptions in the locker room, despite his great talent and the love Rex Ryan has for the former Jet it’s hard to fathom that the two will ever get back together especially after the nasty divorce last offseason.

However, in 2014 Revis will look to regain his status as the league’s top corner as he tries to reinvigorate. the Patriots depleted secondary.

New York Jets Sign Jason Babin to 2 Year Deal


The New York Jets have added another weapon to their formidable defense by adding former Jacksonville Jaguars defensive end Jason Babin. The 34-year-old could be the speed edge rusher that the Jets have been desperately searching for. Despite his age and a terrible Jacksonville team last year, Babin had a productive season with 7.5 sacks and 19 quarterback pressures.

Babin could be a great pass rusher for the Jets

Babin could be a great pass rusher for the Jets

It will be interesting to see how he will be utilized as either a standup rusher or a defensive end with his hand in the dirt. One thing we know is that Rex Ryan puts his defensive players in the best position to succeed. With an already stalwart defensive line, the fact that the Jets now have a rotational pass rushing specialist in Babin could make their defense even better.

Last season Calvin Pace was able to record 10 sacks and with Babin’s speed and the Jets’ scheme, Babin could easily be a double-digit edge rusher. With this low risk high reward signing, the Jets could finally have the edge rusher they’ve desperately needed and could have an elite defensive unit in 2014.

Give The Man His MOney: New York Jets working on extension for Muhammad Wilkerson

Time to lock up the best player on the Jets

Time to lock up the best player on the Jets

With training camp fast approaching, the New York Jets should cap off their busy offseason in both the draft and free agency by locking up their best player. As he enters the last year of his rookie deal, it is clear the Muhammad Wilkerson is the best player on the the New York Jets. The good news is that it has been reported that the Jets are looking to have an extension in place for their star defensive end by the beginning of the season.

The good news for the Jets is that they will have an easier time dealing with their best player on a contract during training camp. Wilkerson will get a fat check, but I do not see this turning into a Darrelle Revis saga, thank god. There is no question that Wilkerson is one of the best defensive players in football. A prototypical 3-4 defensive end who not only is one of the best at stuffing the run, but also getting after the quarterback. Wilkerson has also gain the admiration of his peers, he was voted #42 on the NFL’s Top 100 list by players around the league.

Wilkerson is a perfect fit in Ryan’s defense. He is an elite run stopper but continues to improve every year as a pass rusher. It’s a scary thought, but Wilkerson is still getting better.

In 2013 Wilkerson had 10.5 sacks, 2 forced fumbles, and 63 tackles. With Defensive Rookie of the Year Sheldon Richardson already on the defensive line, it’s time to lock Wilkerson up as the centerpiece for on the the best defensive lines in football.

He is the best player on the Jets and a new deal would prove to the Jets and their fans that they will be a force to be reckoned with for years to come. It’s time for John Idzik to put a cherry on the Jets offseason, and the cherry on top would be locking up Wilkerson for the future.

New York Jets: Trading for Andre Johnson?

With Andre Johnson refusing to report in Houston for OTAs, this could give the New

Johnson would be a welcomed addition to the Jets

Johnson would be a welcomed addition to the Jets

York Jets a golden opportunity. There have been rumors out of Jets camp that the team is talking to the Texans and trying to bring in Johnson. The problem? It looks like the Texans want Michael Vick in the deal. Vick for Johnson straight up? Sounds like the Jets should pull the trigger.

Sure Andre Johnson may seem selfish by not attending the Texans OTAs, but wouldn’t you if you’ve only made the playoffs twice in your eleven year career? Johnson should be upset. The Texans did not draft a quarterback in the draft, traded their starting one to Oakland, and are telling Johnson that Ryan Fitzpatrick is going to be the starter. Yeah, I can see why Johnson wants out. Who wants to play for an organization that put no effort into improving the quarterback position and doesn’t seem to be putting out a good effort.

Johnson would be a perfect pairing with Eric Decker in New York. Even at 32, Johnson still has blistering speed and is a legitimate number 1 receiver. Add in Decker, Kerley in the slot, and Amaro at tight end and the Jets could have one of the best receiving corps in football. Meanwhile, the Texans would get a dynamic quarterback who could be the final piece to a playoff roster. With the great defense in Houston coupled with the weak AFC South, putting Vick on the Texans would make them a playoff team.
While it may hurt the Jets to trade Vick, the upside of the trade is too great. Geno has looked great in OTAs and the Jets have strongly hinted he will be the starter. With Vicks ever-changing moods and comments in the New York media, it could be the best decision to cut this possible distraction down the road.

The Jets would not have a legitimate backup, but they could possible pick up a veteran if one is cut in training camp. Not to mention Johnson’s presence would help Geno develop. Johnson has some of the best hands in the league while also have the ability to stretch the field, something Gang Green has desperately been lacking for the last two years.

This trade would be a win win for both organizations. The Texans move a disgruntled receiver and get a quarterback that could get them back to the playoffs. The Jets jettison a quarterback who already is clamoring for playing time while getting a big time receiver to help Geno Smith mature as a quarterback. Who knows? Maybe this move will help both teams to reach the playoffs. This is one deal that should be made.

Bargain Hunters: 5 Free Agents Jets should target

  • Vonta Leach FB: 
    The Jets need a good fullback for their "ground and pound" offense

    The Jets need a good fullback for their “ground and pound” offense

    There is no question that the New York Jets love to run the football. However, in today’s game your more likely to find great fullbacks in a museum exhibit rather than on the field. Vonta Leach is a three-time pro bowler who is not only an excellent blocker but who can also be a great short yardage back. While Tommy Bohanon had an average rookie season, he still struggled at times throughout the season and has a lot to improve on. Bringing in Leach could do two things for Bohanon. Either push him to take the starting job or give him a mentor next season. Leach still has plenty of gas in the tank, and in the right system could be a Pro Bowler once again. Low risk, high reward type of signing.

  • Jermichael Finley TE: 
    Working back from a nasty injury Finley could be a solid backup

    Working back from a nasty injury Finley could be a solid backup

    The Jets may have picked Jace Amaro in the Draft, but still could use some depth at tight end. Jeff Cumberland is a solid backup player but Finley could be a good rotational tight end and help round out the Jets tight ends. While it remains to be seen if he can come back from his injury, the Jets should at least invite him to camp to see what he has. With 20 career touchdown catches and only 27 years old, he could be a steal for the right price. Geno Smith needs weapons and Finley could be a nice piece to New York’s offensive puzzle.


  • London Fletcher: LB 
    London Fletcher 1 Father Time 0

    London Fletcher 1 Father Time 0

    I can hear the criticism already. London Fletcher? He’s 39 years old! Why should the Jets pick him up? True he maybe old, but Fletcher can still play. Now I am not saying he should be a full-time starter, but Fletcher could be a great rotational linebacker. The middle linebacking position is thin in terms of depth for the Jets and London Fletcher’s ability to stay healthy, he has not missed a game in over a decade, would make him an excellent backup. Not to mention he’s had over a hundred tackles every year he’s played. He maybe old but he is reliable. Also, Fletcher may not be a game changer on the field, but there is no question that he is a great leader. He could become the voice and general of the Jets defense and whose presence would be more meaningful than his own production.

  • Asante Samuel CB: 
    An experienced corner who could push for a starting role

    An experienced corner who could push for a starting role

    He may be 33, but Samuel still is a solid man coverage corner. In a defense with a lot of questions at corner, it wouldn’t hurt to invite Samuel to camp to try to make the roster. His press cover skills are very good which fits the Rex Ryan defensive mold. He may not find the fountain of youth and be a pro bowler again, but Samuel could be a good number 2 or 3 corner in Ryan’s system. One thing that Samuel still does exceptionally is make plays in the secondary, something Gang Green has severely been lacking.

  • Jim Leonhard: FS 
    A reunion in New York

    A reunion in New York

    When the Jets released Jim Leonhard two years ago it was because of lingering questions about his health. Two years later Leonhard is available for Rex Ryan to bring back. He may not be an every down starter any more, but Leonhard is a great veteran presence in the secondary. With first round pick Calvin Pryor at strong safety, Leonhard could be a good mentor for Pryor and Antonio Allen. While I do like Antonio Allen, the presence of Jim Leonhard as a rotational player and knowing the ins and outs of Ryan’s defense could make Leonhard a great teacher. As a third safety Leonhard provides good depth in the secondary in case of an injury and can still make plays even with limited snaps on the field. This could be a nice move to get some veteran presence in the secondary.