Time to put up or shut up

Richard Sherman has written a huge check with a mouth, but can he cash it in on Sunday?

Richard Sherman has written a huge check with a mouth, but can he cash it in on Sunday?

Instigator, playmaker, ball hawk, controversy, and an A$% hole are just a few adjectives that describe Richard Sherman. While he may be one of the most beloved person in Seattle, his comments and antics have made him an NFL villain everywhere else. He’s the arguably the best cornerback in the NFL, and if you disagree he would probably go into a rant about how he is the best in the game. However, unlike most divas who are all flash and no substance, Sherman backs his talk up with even bigger plays. With eight interceptions this season, and countless passes defended, Sherman is the boisterous leader of Seattle’s “Legion of Boom” defense.

However, The Legion will face their toughest opponent yet

Controversy and talent that go hand in hand

Controversy and talent that go hand in hand

in the upcoming Super Bowl against Peyton Manning and his vast arsenal of playmaking receivers. Sure Sherman could take one of those receivers out the game, but with so many options and Sherman only being one man, the Seahawks’ secondary will be put to the ultimate test. Sherman is putting an even bigger target on this group after his controversial post game comments following the NFC Championship game. It also doesn’t help when he calls Michael Crabtree a “sorry receiver”. But in the midst of the his rants and comments could Sherman be actually helping the Seahawks by shining the spotlight on himself?

Whenever someone has mentioned the Seahawks have been mentioned these past two weeks the name that always pops up is Richard Sherman. However, the cornerback may be doing a huge service for his team. Think about it. No one has talked about Russell Wilson’s post season slump

It's time for the Legion's leader to step up

It’s time for the Legion’s leader to step up

or the fact that he’s a second year pro. Instead of the media burning a spotlight on the young quarterback and his flaws, the cameras and media have all been focused on Sherman. If anything, Sherman has been putting all the pressure on himself rather than have his teammates take on the enormous media scrutiny.

With all this talking, it’s time for Sherman to start walking. Should he struggle or give up big plays during the Super Bowl, his reputation will take a major hit. It’s like the Jets a few seasons ago. When Rex Ryan was winning, that bravado and swagger was accepted because they could back it up. But when the losses start to pile up, that swagger and bravado crashed harder than a lead balloon. It’s not about talking in the NFL, it’s about getting the job done. So Richard Sherman, you think you’re the best cornerback in the NFL? It’s time to prove it on the biggest stage in the world, Super Bowl XLVIII.