Michael Vick From Eight to Great?


Mystery solved! Today Michael Vick announced that he will wear the number 8 for the Jets next season. With Geno Smith already owning number 7 on the Jets, Vick has said that he choose the number 8 as tribute to one of his favorite players, Hall of Famer Steve Young. Vick has lofty expectations, and sounds like he believes that not only he will beat out Geno Smith in training camp, but get the Jets to the Super Bowl. He posted “I want to see everybody in there MV8 jerseys this year. I appreciate all the fans that helped. Fresh start..new me! #JetsNation #GangGreen #V8”. While his confidence is there, Vick still has a one way to go before the season. Even if he doesn’t beat out smith for the starting job, he has put himself in the perfect position to become the newest spokesman for V8. Will 8 be great? The Jets sure hope so.



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