Does the Big 12 Have a Big Problem?

With the College Football Playoff in its first season the debate continues to rage about which teams should make the final four cut. For the Big 12, it’s two best teams could actually miss the playoff because of the decision the conference made in 2010.

The conference needs to bring back the Conference Championship to help in Playoff picture

The conference needs to bring back the Conference Championship to help in Playoff picture

Nobody could have foreseen it at the time but when the Big 12 eliminated the conference championship game after the 2010 season, it put up a major roadblock for it’s teams to reach the National Championship.

Despite both teams owning 10-1 records with one game to go, Baylor and TCU have been trying to crack the top four for the playoff all season. Even if both teams finish at 11-1, and despite both having a good strength of schedule, the conference’s lack of a title game will probably keep the two out of the playoff. Despite both teams having tougher schedules, the reason that a team like Ohio State could make the playoff over a Big 12 team is because of the extra win and game the conference championship provides.


Despite great records and schedules, the lack of a conference championship game will probably keep a Big 12 team out of the playoff

Ohio State has had a much easier schedule and is considered to be in a weaker conference, however if they beat Wisconsin in the Big 10 championship, it will be hard to keep a 12- 1 team, especially one that beat a top 25 opponent in the conference championship out of the playoff. Conference like the SEC, ACC, Big 10, and Pac 12 all have conference championships with gives the champion of each conference an extra win to add to their resume for the playoff. If the Big 12 wants to have a better shot of getting into the playoff, it needs to bring back the conference championship game.


What do you think?

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