2019 AFC Preview

The NFL season is finally upon us so it’s time for some predictions. On this episode, I go division by division in the AFC not only picking the division winners but every team’s 2019 record. We take everything into account including the strength of schedules. There’s bound to be some surprises but where will your team finish? Listen to find out.


In-depth look at “Varsity Blues” Scandal

This week’s biggest story is the college admission scandal code named “Varsity Blues” by the FBI. The scandal involved wealthy individuals bribing university officials, coaches, and having test scores falsified in order to get their kids into certain schools. On this episode I break down how they were able to do this and why people would risk their careers to take this bribes. Also, why the parents wanted their kids to go to these institutions and why there has been so much backlash to this scandal.

Why aren’t the Rams being crushed for sitting Gurley in the Super Bowl?

When Bill Belichick sat Malcolm Butler in last year’s Super Bowl people ripped his decision. However, this year there hasn’t been the same outcry for how Sean McVay only used Todd Gurley sparingly. An MVP candidate this season, Gurley has said he was 100% and the Rams haven’t had a good answer for their gameplan. On this episode I talk about how the Rams should be criticized for this decision and why it could haunt them.