Super Bowl Recap: The return of the Empire

For the sixth time the New England Patriots are the Super Bowl Champions. On this jam-packed episode we break down the big game from Bill Belichick proving why he’s the greatest coach in NFL history. Why it will be hard for the Los Angeles Rams to recover from the loss, what Patriot is playing himself into Canton, and why this could be just the beginning of a new Patriots dynasty. All this and more only on Rich Sports Talk.

It’s time for pro leagues to get rid of All-Star games

On this episode of Bold Strategy I explain why it’s time to get rid of professional All-Star Games. I highlight all the reasons why these games don’t make sense anymore and how the gimmicks each league is trying are not working. Instead, I give you my ideas of what these leagues should do instead.

Anthony Davis trade request reaction

New Orleans Pelicans star Anthony Davis has requested a trade and has told the franchise that he will not resign. On this episode I breakdown why teams who want to trade for Davis should be careful and could be making an investment that could backfire. Also, I defend the decision by Davis and explain why fans, the media, and organization shouldn’t crush the player who requests a trade.

How Mahomes could be the next Marino

Patrick Mahomes was the story in the NFL this year. With the Chiefs falling short of the Super Bowl it may look like Kansas City is poised to get to the big game in the near future. However, we can look at another world class passer in Dan Marino that it’s no guarantee that Mahomes will win a Super Bowl despite his incredible talent. On this episode I break down all the reasons why this was the year for Kansas City to make the Super Bowl and why despite his gifts Mahomes will have an uphill battle to make it to the championship game.

It’s a bold strategy: why Cardinals could select a quarterback at number one

It’s a brand new segment on Rich Sports Talk called “Bold Strategy”. Here, we explore out of the box sports ideas that when you really think about it make a lot of sense. On our first episode we explore why it would make sense for the Arizona Cardinals to select a quarterback with the first pick in the 2019 NFL Draft. We look at everything from Kilff Kingsbury saying he would select Murray first overall to why the Cardinals could also get a good trade package for Josh Rosen. It’s a bold strategy, but here are the reasons why it could happen.