ELIte? Manning not an Elite Quarterback?

Eli Manning an elite quarterback? I’m not buying it.Eli-Manning-Manning-Face-Hall-Of-Fame-Game Throughout his career Manning has always flirted with the elite status bouncing from Super Bowl hero to an interception machine. Entering his eleventh season in the NFL it is safe to say that Eli Manning is not an elite quarterback.

For the Giants fans who are most certainly screaming at the top of their lungs that this is blasphemy there are many reasons that Eli is not an elite quarterback. However, he is still a very good quarterback and probably a top ten quarterback in this league. This is why he is not an elite quarterback.

Most critics would argue that the two Super Bowl rings that Manning has accumulated is proof that he is an elite quarterback. Well, not exactly. True it is one more ring then his brother Peyton, who is clearly the more talented of the two, but this is misleading.

In 2011 there is no question that Eli carried that Giants team to the Super Bowl and played a superb game against the Patriots. Even in 2007 he did have a good postseason. The problem? The Giants defense carried them throughout those playoffs and in the Super Bowl. Let’s not forget that the Giants’ defense allowed only 14 points to a Patriots offense which, before this years Broncos, had scored the most points in a season. If the Giants didn’t beat the Patriots when the defense held Brady and company to 14 points you don’t think Eli would have been run out-of-town?

Another reason why Eli is not elite is he is one of the streakiest quarterbacks I have ever seen. He’s either on or off, nowhere in between. Just look at his postseason career. In his two Super Bowl runs Manning threw 15 touchdowns to 2 interceptions. His other postseason starts have been disasters. Not only are the Giants one and down in those playoffs but Manning has only 2 touchdowns to 5 interceptions.

When we think of elite quarterbacks they are consistent. We all know what to expect out of elite signal callers like Peyton Manning, Rodgers, Brees, and Brady ever season. Eli is either great or terrible. Last season was the third time in his career where he led the NFL in interceptions. Put it this way, Geno Smith threw less interceptions as a rookie with less talent around him then Eli Manning with a better team and who has played in the NFL over ten years. I’m sorry, but elite players don’t lead the league in mistakes three times.

Manning still is a capable quarterback. He still is a great quarterback in the fourth quarter and two-minute drill. Also, when he is on he is one of the best in the game. Unfortunately for Manning, the Giants offense is rebuilding and he does;t have the pieces to be a contender. Unless Eli can finish his career strong and with some consistency, he will never be considered an elite NFL quarterback.


Charlotte Hornets Unveil New Uniforms


The Charlotte Hornets have just unveiled their new jerseys for the 2014-2015 NBA season. After the organization decided the drop the Bobcats name to once again become the Hornets there was speculation about if the team would wear the traditional pinstripe uniforms and colors from the 90s.

While the pinstripes maybe gone, for now, the new uniforms once again embrace the unique teal and purple color scheme. The team has three uniforms that are white, teal, and purple. While my guess is that the purple is the alternate with the teal being the away uniform, we will have to wait and see. The uniforms feature a hornet on the middle of the shorts wast line for some nice subtle detail.

The white and purple both share the “Hornets” Script across the chest with the interlocking C H logo down the side with a teal side stripe. The teal jersey is slightly different with a purple stripe down the side, “Charlotte” script, and the alternate stinger logo on the side of the shorts. Because this one says Charlotte it is my guess that this is the away uniform.

Either way these uniforms are fantastic and a huge upgrade over the old Bobcats uniforms. These uniforms combine the best of the traditional Hornets colors with a sleek new design for future generations. I know one thing, I’m sure glad the Hornets are back in these are now some of my favorite uniforms in the entire NBA.

A Diplomatic Solution for Redskins Controversy??

The Washington Redskins find themselves in the crosshairs of controversy. There is no question that the term redskins is a derogatory term for Native Americans. This is an argument where you can see both sides of the case. For the Native Americans it is clear the “Redskins” name and logo is extremely offensive. Unlike other american franchises who use their mascots and names to show the nobel spirit of the native americans. Those who didn’t display native americans in a positive way, like the Cleveland Indians, have had either their offensive mascots removed or team names changed. Redskins was a phrase created to belittle and downgrade the Native American people as sub-human.

However, it’s not that easily cut and dry. Dan Schneider, the owner of the Redskins, has been on the record saying that he refuses to change the logo and name. I can understand why. It’s his team, he paid for it and should be able to decide what he wants to do with his team. Not to mention, the Redskins have had the same name since 1932. It has been one of the most successful franchises in the NFL and are one of the most recognizable teams on the planet. The name is offensive, but it has been the name for so long it would be hard for a franchise to change its identity after it has become one of the most successful franchises in the NFL.

Come on Washington! Isn’t this supposed to be the place for compromising between two different parties? Maybe not, but anyways there could be a possible solution to the problem in where both sides get something in return.

The Redskins want to keep their logo and name. I propose the following. Keep the name. Yes, I know it is offensive to Native Americans and will be subject to scrutiny until the name is completely removed.

The compromise would be that while the Redskins can keep their name they must remove their current logo depicting the Redskin. That way, their team memorabilia and uniforms will no longer be depicting Native Americans in a negative way. The good news is the Redskins may have the solution to this problem already. They have two great classic uniforms that look great and have logos not depicting a redskin.

These great throwbacks the solution?

These great throwbacks the solution?

The first would be the early 1970s uniforms depicted here. Not only do the red and yellow pop and look good with the classic stripes, but the logo is fantastic. The simple red R with the feathers on the side would be a great replacement for the current uniforms.


Back to the 60s

Back to the 60s

Option 2 would be the late 1960s jerseys. While they are darker with their red and gold color scheme, the uniforms are also a great looking set that could easily replace the current uniform. This logo features a Native American spear on the sides of the helmet and once again replaces the current offensive mascot.

Even this change will never fully stop the controversy until the name is completely changed. With the Redskins trademark now gone, the team could loss millions on merchandise and force the NFL to step in. If there’s one thing the NFL hates right now it is losing money. This step would be a step in the right direction. While Native Americans will never fully be satisfied that a team is called the Redskins, it could make it easier for them to accept the franchise if the logo depicting a redskin is removed. That way Schneider keeps his team name, and Native Americans will not have an offensive depiction on Redskins merchandise and helmets.

One thing is for certain,we will stay with this story and bring you the very latest here at Rich Sports Talk!

From Maddening to Madden

From Cover Corner to Coverman

From Cover Corner to Coverman

It’s official Richard Sherman will grace the cover of Madden 15. After weeks of fan voting, Sherman beat out Cam Newton to win the prestigious honor of Madden cover player. Madden curse? If anything Sherman would dismiss this and probably go in a rant about how the a sorry curse couldn’t beat him. After proving he was the best cover corner in the NFL and winning a Super Bowl Ring, this is just the cherry on top of an amazing year for the Seattle cornerback. Can Sherman beat the curse? Will he back this up too? How dominant will he be when I try to throw a go route against my buddy on Xbox One? We will have to wait till later this year to find out.

Girl Power: College Football’s First Female DB

Shelby Osborne will look to be a trendsetter as the first female defensive back in college football

Shelby Osborne will look to be a trendsetter as the first female defensive back in college football

Football. The macho sport in America. When we hear the word football muttered most of us conjure images of large behemoths of men slamming into each other like battering rams. Men with battle scars, weather-beaten faces, and who have a nasty demeanor. Many believe Michael Sam will be a trendsetter in football in 2014 for being the first openly gay player in the NFL. However, he won’t be the only one changing the perception of football in 2014.

We’ve all been on the playground before. A group of boys standing around about to play a game when a female classmate comes up and wants to join. Almost out of instinct the boys will say girls don’t play (insert sport here). However, this might not be the case for long. Women have been defying masculine stereotypes and have become great athletes in their own right in sports across the board. One sport that women have yet to conquer was football, until now.

Shelby signs here letter of intent

Shelby signs here letter of intent

Meet Shelby Osborne, college football’s first defensive back to be recruited. Shelby has agreed to play for the NAIA Campbellsville University in 2014. While most of her friends maybe cheerleaders on the sidelines, Osborne decided to strap on a helmet and play. This all started when Shelby, frustrated by Jeffersonville High’s football team, yelled during a game “Come on I can play better than that”! This thought out of frustration turned into a roster spot and now into a chance to play in college. Osborne plans on studying to be a physical therapist in order to be around sports, why she adamantly says is here biggest passion. That way she can be around the sport she loves the most, football.

Shelby Osborne is a trailblazer. With this signing, it could be the beginning of women getting more involved in college football. Who knows? Maybe we will look forward into the future and ask when not if a female player will play not only in top college football competition, but also in the NFL.

Pirate will “Let it Go” at the plate this season

Frozen continues it grip on pop culture by now getting involved in baseball

Frozen continues it grip on pop culture by now getting involved in baseball

Unless you’ve been under a rock the past three months you’ve had to have heard the song “Let it Go” performed by the wickedly talented Adele Dazeem, I mean Idina Menzel. If people thought Frozen’s popularity would fade as winter began to thaw into spring, you’d be wrong. In Pittsburgh, catcher Tony Sanchez has announced that the smash hit “Let it Go” will be his walk up song when he comes to bat in 2014. Talk about an unusual choice. It may have won an oscar, but Let it Go is a rapid departure from the usual hard rock and hip hop walk up songs the big leaguers usually use. Who knows? If Sanchez helps the Pirates win and makes an all star team, maybe will be hearing more of the Walt Disney soundtrack throughout major league ball parks. Sorry Pirates parents, looks like your not escaping Frozen just yet! For the full music video check out the link here (Frozen “Let it Go”). Comment and follow below!