Girl Power: College Football’s First Female DB

Shelby Osborne will look to be a trendsetter as the first female defensive back in college football
Shelby Osborne will look to be a trendsetter as the first female defensive back in college football

Football. The macho sport in America. When we hear the word football muttered most of us conjure images of large behemoths of men slamming into each other like battering rams. Men with battle scars, weather-beaten faces, and who have a nasty demeanor. Many believe Michael Sam will be a trendsetter in football in 2014 for being the first openly gay player in the NFL. However, he won’t be the only one changing the perception of football in 2014.

We’ve all been on the playground before. A group of boys standing around about to play a game when a female classmate comes up and wants to join. Almost out of instinct the boys will say girls don’t play (insert sport here). However, this might not be the case for long. Women have been defying masculine stereotypes and have become great athletes in their own right in sports across the board. One sport that women have yet to conquer was football, until now.

Shelby signs here letter of intent
Shelby signs here letter of intent

Meet Shelby Osborne, college football’s first defensive back to be recruited. Shelby has agreed to play for the NAIA Campbellsville University in 2014. While most of her friends maybe cheerleaders on the sidelines, Osborne decided to strap on a helmet and play. This all started when Shelby, frustrated by Jeffersonville High’s football team, yelled during a game “Come on I can play better than that”! This thought out of frustration turned into a roster spot and now into a chance to play in college. Osborne plans on studying to be a physical therapist in order to be around sports, why she adamantly says is here biggest passion. That way she can be around the sport she loves the most, football.

Shelby Osborne is a trailblazer. With this signing, it could be the beginning of women getting more involved in college football. Who knows? Maybe we will look forward into the future and ask when not if a female player will play not only in top college football competition, but also in the NFL.

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  1. THIS GIRL IS HORRENDOUS AT FOOTBALL! Seriously, this girl sucks, sorry to burst everyone’s bubble its a publicity stunt. Why havn’t we seen a highlight tape? A: SHE NEVER PLAYED? but there is one clip of her getting toasted looking like a special needs player on the last play of the game.

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