New York Jets: Week 3 Reaction

Another week…of uncompetitive as the New York Jets lose to the Colts. In this episode, reaction to Sam Darnold’s play, alarming trends to the coaching staff, and why Week 4 is a must-win for certain members of the organization. Also, how Jets fans have sent a clear message to the organization that change is needed. Want more Jets content? Make sure to hit that subscribe button so you don’t miss any of our latest content.


In-depth look at “Varsity Blues” Scandal

This week’s biggest story is the college admission scandal code named “Varsity Blues” by the FBI. The scandal involved wealthy individuals bribing university officials, coaches, and having test scores falsified in order to get their kids into certain schools. On this episode I break down how they were able to do this and why people would risk their careers to take this bribes. Also, why the parents wanted their kids to go to these institutions and why there has been so much backlash to this scandal.

No Lasergate? Why nobody is talking about this happening to the Patriots

For years New England has been scrutinized for Spygate and Deflategate. However, Lasergate isn’t being talked about. What’s Lasergate? It’s when in the AFC Championship game a fan shined a laser in Tom Brady’s face on multiple occasions. If you’re wondering why you just heard about this or why it hasn’t been a big deal in terms of coverage I break down all the reasons why people are ignoring this and how it stems from how football fans in general view the New England Patriots.