AFC East Preview

Can the New England Patriots recover from their Super Bowl loss? On this episode of the podcast let’s break down the AFC East and see if anyone can dethrone the Patriots. Also, we take an in-depth look at the rookie quarterbacks in the division and how that will impact their respective franchises this season. Remember to subscribe for all the latest content from Rich Sports Talk.




Rex Ryan is His Own Worst Enemy

“Belichick outcoached me”. “No question about it”. rex-ryan_672541033024This is how Rex Ryan responded to yet another friendly reminder from Bill Belichick and Tom Brady that the AFC East is the Patriot’s division. After a week of the usual  bravado and feeding the Buffalo fan base with optimism New England simply did what it does best. Defeat the Bills.

With a 40-32 loss on Sunday, the Patriots have won 20 of their last 22 meetings against the Bills will Ryan drops to 4-10 all-time against Belichick. What made the romp even more complete was how the Bills lost to the Patriots. Sure, there were the usual Ryan M.O. such as three turnovers, 14 penalties, and 140 penalty yards. However, what really popped the Ryan bravado was how the Patriots torched his defense.

In six years with the Jets it was clear that Rex Ryan could coach defense. When it came to coaching the whole team, that was a different story. Ryan failed to develop offensive players during his tenure with the Jets and despite having a top defensive unit every year, Ryan’s Jets lacked discipline and would have performance that made New York fans cover their eyes. Still, Ryan landed the job in Buffalo because of the potential he could have with that defense.

For Rex Ryan his defense is his baby. It’s clear that he can coach defense and with the personnel in Buffalo many thought Ryan would have one of the NFL’s premier units. However, after 40 points and 466 yards through the air it’s clear that Brady wasn’t rattled by Ryan’s defense. What was most troubling was that Rex Ryan’s defense wasn’t a Rex Ryan defense.

635783714054768877-JG-092015-Bills-26On 51% of his drop backs Ryan only rushed for after Brady. This number is alarming because Ryan loves to blitz. Ryan is known for utilizing different schemes and bringing pressure from all different directions but on sunday Ryan’s defense was too simple, and  Brady carved them up. Ryan has been successful when being aggressive and forcing Brady to throw the ball earlier. This time Brady had plenty of time in the pocket as Ryan failed to turn up the heat in the pocket.

Still Ryan did his usual song and dance in the post-game conference. Blamed the loss on himself, talked about what went wrong, how the team would improve, and of course add a bit of bravado at the end.

Even after the loss Ryan still jabbed the Patriots by saying “There not exactly the Boy Scouts of America”. Ryan’s a great entertainer, but when it comes to defeating Bill Belichick is still the maestro of the AFC.

Rex Ryan trimmed his fat now it’s time for the Jets to do the same

The frat party is over for Ryan and the Jets now it’s time for change

Well my fellow Jet fans the hope for the 2012 season disappeared faster than snacks in front of Rex Ryan.  In a season that can be summed up in one glorious word, “Buttfumble,” the Jets moving forward toward 2013 have to make significant changes. While  Mike Tannenbaum has been removed from his position of power, the circus that is the New York Jets continues. We can talk about the quarterback situation until I’m blue in the face, but I’ll save that for draft time. The biggest problem for the Jets is that they can’t find a GM and the reason for this is Rex Ryan. Despite two AFC championship games on his belt, Ryan’s bravado and loudmouth tendencies have worn the media and fans thinner then the club’s depth at wide receiver last season. While I do believe Rex is a great coach and deserves at least one more season to prove his worth, if it’s preventing a good general manager from coming in then Rex must go. Even if the Jets do get a good GM Ryan could be a dummy coach like Lovie Smith was for the Chicago Bears this past season. GM’s want to hire their own head coach and coaching staff, not be told this is your staff. Bottom line is the Jets have to be focused on winning, but on the football field not the back pages of the paper. This team needs an overhaul from top to bottom and the correct attitude. If not the Jet fans will leave this team faster than Patriots scored those three touchdowns the last time they visited Metlife.