Rex Ryan trimmed his fat now it’s time for the Jets to do the same

The frat party is over for Ryan and the Jets now it’s time for change

Well my fellow Jet fans the hope for the 2012 season disappeared faster than snacks in front of Rex Ryan.  In a season that can be summed up in one glorious word, “Buttfumble,” the Jets moving forward toward 2013 have to make significant changes. While  Mike Tannenbaum has been removed from his position of power, the circus that is the New York Jets continues. We can talk about the quarterback situation until I’m blue in the face, but I’ll save that for draft time. The biggest problem for the Jets is that they can’t find a GM and the reason for this is Rex Ryan. Despite two AFC championship games on his belt, Ryan’s bravado and loudmouth tendencies have worn the media and fans thinner then the club’s depth at wide receiver last season. While I do believe Rex is a great coach and deserves at least one more season to prove his worth, if it’s preventing a good general manager from coming in then Rex must go. Even if the Jets do get a good GM Ryan could be a dummy coach like Lovie Smith was for the Chicago Bears this past season. GM’s want to hire their own head coach and coaching staff, not be told this is your staff. Bottom line is the Jets have to be focused on winning, but on the football field not the back pages of the paper. This team needs an overhaul from top to bottom and the correct attitude. If not the Jet fans will leave this team faster than Patriots scored those three touchdowns the last time they visited Metlife.


What do you think?

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