Why it sucks to be major league baseball right now

Major League Baseball has suggested new rules that could be eventually implemented in games soon. On this episode Sucks to be… we look into why these rule changes are not only to speed up the game but rather a reaction to baseball losing fans to the other major sports leagues in this country. I break down each rule change and why baseball is desperately trying to appeal to a new generation.


How Mahomes could be the next Marino

Patrick Mahomes was the story in the NFL this year. With the Chiefs falling short of the Super Bowl it may look like Kansas City is poised to get to the big game in the near future. However, we can look at another world class passer in Dan Marino that it’s no guarantee that Mahomes will win a Super Bowl despite his incredible talent. On this episode I break down all the reasons why this was the year for Kansas City to make the Super Bowl and why despite his gifts Mahomes will have an uphill battle to make it to the championship game.

Fourth & Goal: Divisional Round Recap

On this week’s Fourth and Goal we are going all in on the Divisional Round of the NFL playoffs. How we may have seen the beginning of the league’s next great rivalry, why the league isn’t keeping up with the Joneses but keeping up with McVay, and why New England’s dominance has been under appreciated. All this and more on this week’s episode make sure you subscribe so you don’t miss any of our latest content.