Five wide receivers to not over-draft in Fantasy Football

As you get ready to draft your fantasy football lineup it’s important not to overdraft certain players. In this episode, I give you five wide receivers who are being over-drafted in leagues this year and why you should be wary about selecting them for your team.

NBA: Kevin Durant and Warriors after loss & Knicks looking to trade 3rd overall pick

Was losing Game 1 of the NBA Finals a good thing for the Golden State Warriors? I explain why and how it could help to keep Kevin Durant from leaving. Also, the Knicks are reportedly shopping the third overall pick in the upcoming NBA Draft. Why this is a mistake if that pick is swapped for Anthony Davis.

Don’t buy everything from the NFL Combine

We are in the heart of NFL Draft coverage with the 2019 NFL Draft Combine. I break down the biggest storyline behind Kyler Murray, D.K. Metcalf, and Montez Sweat. More importantly I talk about how we should not get caught in the hype around the combine numbers and why being a combine warrior doesn’t guarantee success in the NFL.

Why it sucks to be major league baseball right now

Major League Baseball has suggested new rules that could be eventually implemented in games soon. On this episode Sucks to be… we look into why these rule changes are not only to speed up the game but rather a reaction to baseball losing fans to the other major sports leagues in this country. I break down each rule change and why baseball is desperately trying to appeal to a new generation.