Time to go? Is RGIII wearing out his welcome?

RG3Robert Griffin the Third has gone from NFL poster boy, to the definition of NFL diva in one year. After a season riff with turmoil, RG III continues dumping kerosene on the fire that is the Washington Redskins. After a year of being called out by his teammates about his leadership and focus, RGIII has gone from savior to cancer. True this isn’t all his fault, his knee injury and Shannahan’s coaching issues were aspects that Griffin had no control over. However, RGIII became consumed in the brand that was RGIII. Sure he dominated the media market with countless commercials, but he forgot that with great athlete commercials, there must be great athletic performances.

Now after a terrible season, RGIII just continues to pile on the controversy. Even after getting Mike Shanahan fired, Griffin still continues to grab the limelight for the wrong reasons. He recently came out bragging to teammates about the influence he has on the team’s management. Owner Dan Schneider only confirms that notion by stating that Griffin will have input on who the next coach of the Redskins will be. I’m sorry, but it is clear that the inmate is running the asylum, and this never ends well. This is the NFL. This isn’t the NBA where one superstar is the difference, there are 52 other men that make a team. RGIII struts around as if he is the best quarterback in the league. But really what has he done? Sure he got the Redskins to the playoffs, but that’s it. He’s only had one winning season, been in the league two seasons, and hasn’t won a playoff game. Yet, he acts like he has done everything you can in the NFL. If anything, RGIII has a terrible legacy for now being a so-called “coach killer” and a diva. You can tell that his team doesn’t want to play for him anymore. They won’t help him up after plays and continue to talk about their quarterback’s poor leadership.

So what should the Redskins do? Some fans may not want to hear this, but the Redskins should try to get rid of RGIII. While this will probably never happen, because Daniel Snyder loves Griffin, it could be what’s best for this team. While they have given up three first round draft picks for Griffin, it would be addition by subtraction. Griffin has too much power in DC, power no player should have. His job is to play quarterback, not help pick the roster and coaching staff. When the inmates start to run the asylum, your organization is in trouble. Now the Redskins also have the issue of being an organization that is in chaos. What players would want to come play with a quarterback who is injury prone and is a diva? The Redskins also may be costing their organization a great coach. What coach really wants to come into a situation when their quarterback has so much power within the organization? RGIII could be costing the organization a great coach.

2014 will be a crucial year for RGIII. Not only does he have to get healthy and return to his rookie year form, but he also will be under a tremendous microscope. With all these offseason issues and drama in the nation’s capital, Robert Griffin must prove that he’s an elite quarterback. Not only on the field, but off the field. He has numerous bridges to repair in D.C. If RGIII can overcome this and become the quarterback he has the potential to be, it will be one of the greatest transformations in NFL history. If not, Griffin could be the next great bust in the NFL. What do you think? Will RGIII be a bust or will he regain his form? Is it in the best interest for the Redskins to get rid of him?