2 thoughts on “Connecticut hockey’s greatest jerseys

  1. While I will agree with the worst, and some of the top 10, you have two glaring errors: you use the term “original” for both the Nighthawks and LA Kings when referencing the Black, Silver and White sweater of the Hawks. Those were not their original. The Kings originally used purple and gold. The Hawks original uniforms were gold and blue, as they were affiliated with St. Louis. They then became the Rangers, then the Kings affiliate. I’d also like to point out that while are well in good, I’d have to say the brief, but no less handsome black New Haven Senators sweaters are far better then some on your list. I own a Beast Home sweater, so I will agree with you there. I think that you should have at least given honorable mention to the Whalers Greens, since no one has used those until the late Danbury Whalers.

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