AFC South Preview

With Deshaun Watson and Andrew Luck returning from injury the AFC South is up for grabs in 2018. On this episode of the podcast let’s go through my predictions on how each AFC South teams will finish this season. Remember to subscribe to not miss any of our latest content.



NFL’s COLOR RUSH Needs to be Stopped!

Stop the madness! Stop the madness please! Two weeks into the NFL’s Color Rush uniform program it is clear that this idea was terrible. No, it’s no just that last week’s designs left millions of color blind fans scratching their heads trying to figure out which team had the ball, or that it looked like Christmas vomited in the Meadowlands.

If that wasn’t enough we get the Titans and Jaguars in the Thursday Night matchup tonight in uniforms that just make fans groan. tempColorRush1_2--nfl_mezz_1280_1024Let’s start with the Titans. I understand that they’ve worn
the powder blue color in the past but the monotone light blue look is horribly. That’s the main problem with the color rush uniforms is that it’s basically one solid color. If the pants or even the socks were a different color it would balance out the uniforms much better. Instead the Titans looks like oversized infants in baby blue onesies.


And then there are the Jaguars, or the Gold Rangers from Power Rangers. I really can’t tell the difference. This isn’t even a Notre Dame gold and 635829496689895063-5pzJ2j5ZeqhTGfgnEMAEeVv2btTK1--BXveVcd9YUOElooks like the mustard one might find in the back of the cabinet that’s five years past it’s expiration date. What’s even worse? The fact that the Jaguars didn’t go with a all gold helmet but keep their terrible two-tone helmet that’s already a disaster.

Do I give the NFL credit for trying something new? Yes, but this idea just seems like a quick cash grab in order to sell more jerseys. Instead of pushing the envelope with new or innovative designs, the league has just decided to basically keep the same uniform, dose it in one bright color and they’re done. I love the idea of new uniforms and having the Thursday game be the embodies different uniforms but the NFL is missing a golden opportunity.

Instead of Color Rush the NFL should do Throwback Thursday next season. That way fans can see the great looks of the past while fans of those respective teams can buy the throwbacks at the team store. There are so many teams with great throwbacks it’s an opportunity for the NFL to not only make additional revenue off of uniforms, but to honor it’s rich history.

Buffalo Bills v Tennessee Titans

Just look at what could have been this week. The Titans could have worn their Oilers throwbacks. What about the Jaguars? Even though Jacksonville has only been in existence since 1995, they still can use throwback uniforms. My suggestion would be their original 1995 uniforms which utilize their original logo and teal colors.
MB_runningThere are so many teams with iconic throwbacks and it would be great to see them again. A couple of favorites could be the Elway Broncos, the Eagles kelly greens, and of course the Bucs creamsicles. The hashtag throwback thursday has already become a staple in pop culture, so why can’t the NFL utilize this? There are plenty of great opportunities to honor the past uniforms rather then just running out this monotone disasters that are the Color Rush threads. I understand that Color Rush is here to stay for this season, but can we please let these terrible uniforms go after the season and give the people what they really want? Throwback Thursday Night Football.

Quarterback Roulette: Where Will Top Prospects Land?

Jameis Winston: Round 1 Pick 1 winston-football-640

This pick has seemingly been locked for a long time. Winston has been the consensus top quarterback in the class and has been almost locked as the top pick for months. Barring some trade or a bold decision, it looks like Winston will be a Buccaneer. It makes too much sense. Tampa Bay has been desperate fort a franchise quarterback for years, Winston is from the Tampa area, the small market could help the media exposure around Winston, and Tampa has some great weapons on offense. With the state of the NFC South, it’s not that far-fetched that if Winston can play well from day one, the Buccaneers could compete for the division title.

Marcus Mariota: Round 1 Pick 2Unknown-1

The biggest question about this year’s draft will be where will Mariota go? Will he be drafted high or fall? Will a team trade up for him? Which team could trade for him? In this scenario I have Tennessee grabbing him here for one of two reasons. First, they need a franchise quarterback and Zach Mettenberger is probably not the answer. The other reason he could go here is that Tennessee could play the leverage game and try to trade him for more draft picks. Either way Mariota will probably be off the board sooner than later.

Bryce Petty: Round 1 Pick 19NCAA Football: Oklahoma at Baylor

Every year quarterbacks go earlier in the draft then projected. It is a quarterback driven lead after all and teams will be aggressive to get a quarterback before they come off the board. With two first round picks, the Browns have the luxury to use one of the picks on a quarterback while still getting a talented player with the other. I have Petty going with the later pick. Cleveland has made it clear that they are no longer sold on Manziel and Petty has the type of character make up a franchise would want at quarterback. Petty will need some time to sit and learn the playbook and with Josh McCown now on the Browns it has made it the perfect situation for Petty to sit and learn rather than playing right away. It also could give Cleveland the excuse to move on from Manziel.

Garrett Grayson: Round 2 Pick 6usatsi8192945

The Washington Redskins could be looking to move on from Robert Griffin III. However, they probably will not want to use a first round pick on a quarterback even if Mariota is available. In the second round Washington could take a shot on Garrett Grayson who has been battling Hundley and Petty to be the third quarterback off the board. Grayson has the size and enough arm talent to possibly be a future franchise quarterback in the NFL. While Griffin has more physical talent, the problems with his leadership and durability will have Washington looking for a possible replacement plan.

Brett Hundley: Round 2 Pick 23 UCLA UCLA (vs. Washington, Nov. 15)

Despite three different quarterbacks in 2014, the Arizona Cardinals were able to make the playoffs. However, with Carson Palmer’s health now a question mark the team needs a solid backup plan. Hundley could be the future starter in Arizona, and could be groomed in the meantime under Palmer. Arizona has the defense to be a contender but they will need a quarterback to get there. Hundley could be that option if Palmer is hurt again and Hundley’s skill set is perfect for not only this team but this division. With a division with great defenses and pass rushers, a mobile quarterback in the pocket is crucial. There’s a reason the NFC West has two of the most mobile quarterbacks in the league, it’s because this division has great defenses. Arizona needs a quarterback to get back to the postseason and Hundley is a great security blanket should Palmer get hurt again.

What NFL Team Could be the Dark Horse for Landing Marcus Mariota

Marcus-MariotaWhere will Mariota go? This has been the biggest question when it comes to the 2015 NFL Draft. At the moment, it is assumed that Florida State’s Jameis Winston will be drafted with the first overall pick. After that, the picture gets very murky.

Could the Titans draft Mariota? While the team does have Zach Mettenberger primed to take over the starting role, the Titans may feel that Mariota has more upside and better mobility to make up for Tennessee’s shaky offensive line then Mettenberger.

What about the Redskins? The Robert Griffin saga could be reaching its conclusion with Griffin’s option for next season counting for $16 Million  against the cap. The organization may decide that the once emerging star and rookie of the year has overstayed his welcome in the nation’s capital.

The Jets? Even though the Jets front office has been adamant that it will continue to try to develop Geno Smith, head coach Todd Bowles has said that the Jets will look to address the quarterback position in the draft. New York hasn’t had a franchise signal caller since Joe Namath and could feel that Mariota is their future franchise quarterback.

Even beyond those teams there has been numerous speculations especially that Chip Kelly’s Philadelphia Eagles, who have been wheeling and dealing all offseason, will try to move up to take Mariota even though Kelly denies this possible option. However, there is one team that people aren’t talking about who could be in the sweepstakes for Mariota’s services and has the ammunition to go up and get the quarterback. That team is…

The Cleveland Browns. Scratching your head? Let me explain. Despite the poor play at quarterback last season Cleveland finished with a 7-9 record and had a chance to make the playoffs. Cleveland is desperate for a franchise quarterback and thought that they might have found one in last year’s draft. Unfortunately, Johnny Football is now Johnny Rehab as last year’s first round pick has careened out of control.  While Cleveland still has holes at the wide receiver and tight end, the most glaring is quarterback.

While the Browns have signed Josh McCown
Cincinnati Bengals v Cleveland Brownshe is a stop-gap at best at this point in his career. The team has no idea when Manziel will be back and more importantly if he can play in the NFL. Cleveland needs a franchise quarterback to build around and has something no other team has, two first round picks.

Cleveland could trade both picks, or move one pick will keeping the other first round pick this year in a package deal to move up and grab Mariota. If they elect to keep a first rounder this year, and presumably give up high future picks, the team could use that pick to give Mariota a play maker. Would Mariota make the Browns a contender over night? Probably not, but Cleveland is in a better spot then people think.

Despite their tough division and poor quarterback play last season the team finished with a decent record. Mike Pettine has a solid running game and an underrated defense. Like Rex Ryan, we know that Pettine’s square will have a formidable defense. If Mariota can come in and make plays then the Browns could make a run at a division title as soon as next year.

Will this happen? It’s anyone’s guess. While it would make sense for Cleveland to move up, they may feel there are better quarterback options later in the draft or they still, I don’t see how, but still have faith in Johnny Manziel. Either way, don’t be surprised if a franchise that’s been desperate for a franchise quarterback decides to pull the trigger and move up for Mariota.

One thing we do know. It’s going to be an interesting draft because Mariota could go anywhere.

If it’s broken, it needs fixing: teams that are desperately in need of a makeover

Ah yes fashion, where styles come and go so fast that most people feel way behind. Sports is intriguing because some fashion choices stay eternal. The iconic sweaters and logos of the Original Six in the NHL, the pinstripes of the New York Yankees, the yellow and purple of the L.A. Lakers, and the silver and black of the Raiders. Some teams never need to change their iconic logos and superb jerseys. However, there are some teams that desperately need to update their look. You just look at them and go geez what the heck are they wearing. Here is my list of ten teams that need a makeover.

1) The Phoenix Suns:

I need aloe vera! these jerseys burn my eyes!

I need aloe vera! these jerseys burn my eyes!

Wow I think Willy Wonka let the ompa lompas out. The Suns have never had great uniforms and have gone through many different logos, colors, and uniforms in their history. However, no matter what they do nothing seems to work. I get orange should be incorporated with the uniforms but not as an Orange and Grey eyesore. I know that the Suns have a difficult mascot to work with but I feel that their logo and jersey defiantly is in need of an overhaul. Players look like giant pumpkins isn’t intimidating and I don’t get who the jerseys are so different. Home is white with primarily purple highlights and only a little orange. The road jerseys are all orange and grey with no purple. Guys I understand you want to mix it up but please have a little consistency. I think that the best move for the Suns is to have simpler uniforms without these colors clashing and should try to update their logo. Also pick what colors your going to be and stick with them. If you want to be purple be purple if you want to be orange be orange make up your mind!!!

2) Miami Marlins:

Can we stop trying to copy the U please?

Can we stop trying to copy the U please?

Ok I know that orange is popular because of the Hurricanes and Dolphins but that doesn’t mean you have to wear it to! Just because you’re the Miami Marlins now doesn’t mean you copy the colors of the two other teams in town with orange and coral blue. These jerseys are an eyesore and while at first I thought they were kinda cool that novelty wore off faster than Miami traded away their team this offseason. Maybe the orange is appropriate for the fire sale they’re having on South Beach. I give Miami credit for trying something new but seriously guys when if I have to ask id that is a Marlin on your hat then you probably did it wrong. These jerseys are new but I do think these need to go to. Hey maybe the Marlins will trade their uniforms next!

3) Milwaukee Brewers:

Get the Dolorean! time to go back in time

Get the DeLorean! time to go back in time

This is a different one. While the new Brewers uniforms aren’t bad, I’d love to see them go back to their old uniforms full-time. The classic Brewers uniforms are sharp and are perfect with most teams going to “more retro” uniforms. The lighter blue and yellow with the old school block lettering is reminiscent of great baseball uniforms of the past. The Brewers should follow this fashion trend of bringing back vintage looks because it will also bring back one of the most iconic logos in baseball, the glove and ball Brewer logo. While the new uniforms and logo aren’t terrible, I think most of the Brew Crew and their fans would accept these classics once again.

4) New England Patriots:

Pat the Patriot needs to replace the Elvis Patriot

Pat the Patriot needs to replace the Elvis Patriot

Another case of bringing back the old school. Ok Jet fans I know you hate the Patriots like I do, but even you have to admit these are pretty sweet duds. These are patriotic red, white, and blue instead of the current blue and silver color combination the Patriots wear now. These jerseys are bold and colorful and make a statement that this is an American team. Also these uniforms would bring back the fabled Pat the Patriot mascot. Hmmmm do I want a tough and gritty patriot hiking a football in a three-point stance, or the patriot that looks like a cheesy rip off of Elvis. The new uniforms also don’t make sense. I hate there is barely any red and the overuse of silver. Lets make this clear there is only one team that can and should were silver in the NFL and that is the Silver and Black of the Raiders. While I do hate the Patriots seeing them in these uniforms would make them a little easier to stomach when Tom Brady torches your team’s secondary.



5) Tennessee Titans:

old Oilers + new Titans= bad uniforms

old Oilers + new Titans= bad uniforms

These uniforms are trying to do too much. They try to mix a new team and design with the classic colors of the Houston Oilers. The result is a confusing combination of blues and white that just look like they can’t agree. This franchise is trying modernize the old Oilers jerseys instead of creating their own identity. With different shades of blues in different and odd combinations makes these uniforms an eyesore and confusing. On top of that the logo just never seems to fit in especially with all the red when there is no red in the uniforms. I think this is one NFL franchise that should go back to the drawing board and instead of trying to recreate an identity just create their own unique logo and uniforms.

6) San Diego Chargers

San Diego needs to embrace their best look

San Diego needs to embrace their best look

Most football fans agree that the Chargers powder blues are one of if not the best uniforms in the game. But here’s my question, why the heck aren’t they wearing them??? These beauties are currently the alternates to the main navy colored jerseys which have been the primary colored jerseys since 1973. Why the Chargers took the best uniform in the game and put it as an alternate I will never know. I am sick of seeing the dark blue charger uniforms and would love to see these babies full-time. The chargers need to embrace their best look because it is the perfect color for San Diego. It’s cool, laid back, and easy-going just like the people of San Diego. Heck if I was the Chargers I would petition the commissioner to wear these uniforms all the time. Can the fans of San Diego petition to make these uniforms the primary home uniforms. I’ll say it again these are my favorite uniforms in the league please wear them!!!


7) Dallas Stars:

Less is more except if your the Stars

Less is more except if your the Stars

Talk about vanilla. While simpler is usually better for Dallas the Stars jerseys are terrible. They took a great jersey in the nineties with the star shape around the bottom of the jerseys and a good logo off their uniforms. Now all that’s left is Dallas, green stripes, and numbers in the front. YYYYAAAAAWWWWWNNNNNN. The Stars need a new uniform and possibly logo. While to logo isn’t bad it could use some upgrading. This is Texas things are supposed to be bigger and better not quieter and simpler. Dallas needs to embrace their inner Texan and get rid of these pathetic jerseys.

8) Anaheim Ducks

The word Ducks across the chest really original

The word Ducks across the chest really original

Ah yes the Anaheim Ducks. A franchise notorious for hideous jerseys. While their new third jerseys are an improvement the main jersey with the word “Ducks” across the Chest is boring. Not to mention the gold with black combination which should look cool looks pretty weak. My suggestion is to combine the jerseys and logos of the past. Use the classic duck mask, or Wild Wing logo, with the double hockey sticks that the Mighty Ducks franchise made famous with their Disney movies. Then use this old logo with the new black and orange color schemes. Also if the could combine it with the diagonal stripe of the original jersey, then the Ducks could have one of the best looking jerseys in the game.

9) Carolina Hurricanes:

Wow I wish the Whalers were still here

Wow I wish the Whalers were still here

To think this used to be a franchise with one of the best logos and uniforms in hockey. But alas the Whalers are gone and now they are the hurricanes. First off the logo is weak a red and black circle really intimidating. Looks more like a tropical storm then a hurricane. Also the uniforms with red white and blacks fighting with each other makes it a very confusing look. I love the secondary logo on the shoulder and the third jersey. It combines the Carolina triangle, a hockey stick, and a flag in a hurricane to make a simple yet cool logo. The third jerseys that are black with this logo are great and I wish they would switch to these babies full-time and make a white version with it. Those would make the Hurricanes look cool and not like there is a giant red and black eye on their chest.

10) Washington Wizards:

Bullets + Wizards = red, white, and blah

Bullets + Wizards = red, white, and blah

Like the Titans earlier in the list the Wizards have tried to combine two teams into one. Bad idea taking an already weak logo and name and bring to combine it with the historical Bullets jerseys creates this star-spangled screamer. While I do commend them for actually using red white and blue instead of gold and blue the old combination of the old uniforms and logo are just a mess. While these are retro uniforms, sometimes simpler is better. Look at the Nets and Knicks they changed to simpler uniforms and look great. While I think they are going in the right direction, these uniforms are defiantly the elephant in the room, not Republicans, when it comes to the city’s sports teams. While at first they were cool now they need an upgrade. Also the Wizards logo of the wizard and basketball has been weak and outdated for years. This is another team that needs to update their mascot or find a new one. Instead of Wizards rename the team, like in New Orleans, to something more appropriate. Names like Eagles, or Diplomats could be possibilities.

Do you agree with my list? Any teams you think I left out or think I was wrong about? Please feel free to comment below and tell me what you think. Don’t forget to email me or write in the comments section about what you would like me to write about next. Thanks and have a great day!