Fourth & Goal: Flacco trade, Dak’s comments, and more

A new fourth and goal and this one is a good one. We discuss the latest Joe Flacco trade to the Denver Broncos and Antonio Brown officially declaring he wants a trade out of Pittsburgh. We also explore Arizona’s recent comments about the first overall pick and why Dak Prescott’s comments about Tom Brady are false and could be bad news for the Dallas Cowboys.


Super Bowl Recap: The return of the Empire

For the sixth time the New England Patriots are the Super Bowl Champions. On this jam-packed episode we break down the big game from Bill Belichick proving why he’s the greatest coach in NFL history. Why it will be hard for the Los Angeles Rams to recover from the loss, what Patriot is playing himself into Canton, and why this could be just the beginning of a new Patriots dynasty. All this and more only on Rich Sports Talk.

No Lasergate? Why nobody is talking about this happening to the Patriots

For years New England has been scrutinized for Spygate and Deflategate. However, Lasergate isn’t being talked about. What’s Lasergate? It’s when in the AFC Championship game a fan shined a laser in Tom Brady’s face on multiple occasions. If you’re wondering why you just heard about this or why it hasn’t been a big deal in terms of coverage I break down all the reasons why people are ignoring this and how it stems from how football fans in general view the New England Patriots.

Where are they now? Drew Henson

This week Oklahoma quarterback Kyler Murray will have a decision to make in the coming months whether to play football in the NFL or play baseball in Oakland’s minor league system. There have been many examples of athletes making a decision on a sport to play, however one decision nearly two decades ago had a major impact on both the baseball and football world. Drew Henson was a two sport phenom and had to choose playing baseball with the Yankees or returning to Michigan to compete for the Heisman trophy. On this episode we look at the impact of Henson’s decision and how life has come full circle for what he is doing now.

Three & Out: Week 15 Storylines

Another week is in the NFL the books and we look back at the top storylines from Week 15. Why the Patriots should be concerned moving forward can you guess what it is? Are two of the hottest young quarterbacks hitting the wall at the worst time? Finally, how quarterback storylines from this weekend could impact the upcoming free agent market.

New England’s next Garoppolo?

After trading Jimmy Garoppolo in season to the San Francisco 49ers, the New England Patriots may already have their sights on Garoppolo 2.0.

When the trade was announced before the NFL trade deadline many were stunned. New England gave Jimmy Garoppolo away for a second round pick? How did they not get multiple first round picks for him? Did the 49ers pull of the great trade robbery the sequel?

After it was reported that the trade was made because of a divide between Robert Kraft, Bill Belichick, and Tom Brady would eventually lead the organization to move on from their former second round pick. With Tom Brady approaching the age of 41, the Patriots will now look to address the next heir to Tom Brady throne. Luckily for New England,  this is one of the richest drafts for quarterbacks in recent memory.

Going into this draft New England will have the 31st, 41st or 42nd, and 63 picks in the draft, 41 and 42 will be determined by a coin flip. This may not be enough ammo to move up early in the draft, but New England may already have their eyes on their next quarterback project.

Kyle Lauletta: Courtesy of Richmond Times-Dispatch

For New England, like they did with Jimmy Garoppolo, could go the FCS route for a quarterback. Their next project could by Richmond quarterback Kyle Lauletta who scouts have compared to Garoppolo. Looking at the tape of these two quarterbacks, it’s scary to set how similar their skill sets and  measurables.

                                   Garoppolo                               Lauletta

Height 6’2 ¼” 6’2 ½”
Weight 226 217
Arm length 31.00 30.75
Hand size 9.25 inches 9.62 inches
40 time 4.97 seconds 4.85 (estimated)
Accuracy 62.8% career 63.5% career

Don’t forget the buzz for both of these quarterbacks really started after strong Senior Bowl performances. This year, it was Lauletta who was the talk of the quarterbacks with some of the best practices, and shining in the game going 12-for-18 for 198 yards and three touchdowns.

A strong Senior Bowl has pushed Lauletta up draft boards across the league.

The luxury for the Patriots is that Tom Brady has made it clear that he wants to play until he is 45. This might not happen, but you can bet that for at least the next two to three seasons, Brady and the organization believe that number 12 is going to be their starter. Having that window will allow the Patriots, Belichick, and McDaniels time to develop Lauletta much like they did with Garoppolo.

With a good roster and Bill Belichick preferring to sign veterans since the CBA reduced practice times, I could see that Patriots using their first round pick to draft the Richmond quarterback. This will be a quarterback heavy draft and if the Patriots try to wait until the second round, it may be too late.

Given the similarities and the fact that the Patriots now don’t have a succession plan after Brady anymore, drafting a young quarterback to develop, even if it is in the first round, just makes to sense. Seeing how similar Lauletta is to their previous quarterback of the future, it won’t be a surprise if New England calls the Richmond quarterback’s name in the upcoming draft.