New York Jets Full Mock Draft 2014 (1.0)

  • Round 1 pick #18 Eric Ebron TE UNC 
    Geno Smith needs a go to weapon, and Ebron could be the best TE in the draft
    Geno Smith needs a go to weapon, and Ebron could be the best TE in the draft

    The Jets need play makers on offense, especially at tight end. Young quarterbacks need a great tight end in order to develop because they offer a big check down target in the middle of the field. Dustin Keller was Mark Sanchez’s security blanket, it’s time to get Geno Smith his own tight end. Eric Ebron is a great tight end who can easily get open despite his massive size. He works well in the middle with great hands and is an above average run blocker. While he is a versatile player and can line up in the slot, some of the knocks on him is that he still needs to get stronger and run better routes. He would be a great player for the Jets, who are desperate for a playmaking tight end.

  • Round 2 pick#17: Brandin Cooks WR Oregon St. 
    Time for some home cooking in the Big Apple
    Time for some home cooking in the Big Apple

    Another weapon for Geno Smith in round 2. With a deep receiver class, the Jets will get a late first round talent in the middle of the second round. Cooks maybe undersized and not a physical receiver, but he makes up for it with his athleticism. He is a great athlete who can make plays and gain multiple yards after the catch. With the Jets lacking explosive weapons in their receiving core, Cooks would give Smith a receiver who can finally stretch the field and make big plays.

  • Round 3 Pick # 5 Michael Sam DE Mizzou 
    The Jets need to get younger at outside linebacker
    The Jets need to get younger at outside linebacker

    Now Rex Ryan gets to add to the defense. While the Jets front seven is formidable, it’s unlikely the will bring back Calvin Pace who is 33. Instead they will need to find another 3-4 outside linebacker. Sam played defensive end in college, but projects to be a stand up linebacker in the pros. He’s a good pass rusher that plays the run extremely well. While he maybe raw rushing the passer and a bit undersized, he’s a ball hawk with a great motor. Don’t forget the Jets took Sheldon Richardson from Mizzou last year and look how that turned out. The Jets might want to bring in Richardson’s former teammate to help bolster their defense.


  • Round 3 pick #16 Donte Moncrief WR Ole Miss 
    Another building block at recover
    Another building block at receiver

    In the second round the Jets got Geno Smith a playmaker, now in round three they get him a go to receiver. While Moncrief ‘s speed keeps him from being a first round pick, he would be a steal in round three. He’s a huge receiver who is a matchup nightmare physically for corners. He has great hands and can catch well in traffic. While he may not stretch the field, he could become Geno’s go to target on third down and in the red zone. He would be a nice value pick here.

  • Round 4 pick # 15 Chris Davis CB Auburn 
    The Jets finally address the secondary
    The Jets finally address the secondary

    With the Jets probably releasing Antonio Cromartie, there going to need a late round cornerback. Even if Cro is back for the Jets, there are still many questions about the Jets corners. While Davis may not have the best size or speed, he is a tough football player. He’s great physically in coverage and is a versatile player. He would be a great fit in Ryan’s defense because of his versatility and physicality. He could be a starter or a versatile role player despite being a mid round pick.

  • Round 5 pick #14 De’Anthony Thomas RB Oregon
    Speed kills
    Speed kills

    Thomas might not be an every down running back in the NFL, but used effectively he could be a great playmaker. He is the most explosive player in terms of raw speed in this class, and could be  a huge difference maker. If the Jets use him on screens, special running plays, or as a receiver in space, Thomas could be another weapon for Geno Smith. Worst case scenario he could be a dynamic kick and punt returner for the Jets and give them a deadly special teams weapon.

  • Round 6 pick# 19 Crockett Gillmore TE Colorado St
    The Jets need to add depth to a position with no depth
    The Jets need to add depth to a position with no depth

    Many people may ask why would the Jets draft two tight ends? The Jets had no tight end depth last year and need a solid backup for Ebron. While Cumberland is a decent tight end, the Jets should give him some competition. Gillmore is a huge target at 6’6 and could be a big threat in the red zone. While he is a raw prospect that needs to improve his catching and run blocking, Gillmore has rare size for a tight end. If he can develop he could be a good second string tight end who could be a good red zone target.

  • Round 7 pick #18 Spencer Long OG Nebraska 
    A diamond in the rough?
    A diamond in the rough?

    Long missed the entire 2013 season with a one injury. Had he been healthy he would have been one of the highest rated guards in this years draft. While there red flags about his durability, the Jets need to address the mess at left guard. If he can get healthy, Long could be a decent guard as he was a solid all around offensive lineman in college. If he can return to form, he could be a dark horse to start at guard or at least be a good backup for Gang Green in 2014. Do you agree with these picks? Who do you think the Jets should draft in 2014? Like and comment below.



  1. This is actually fantastic! I would love to see them grab a first round talent at receiver in Cooks, he would be a great playmaker for Geno. This also would really improve their depth at a few key areas. I hope they also grab a safety in the middle rounds though, that’s one of their major weaknesses on defense.

    1. Yes, they might draft Ha Ha out of Alabama in round one if he’s there. Just the lack of depth at safety and guard this year make it difficult for the Jets, but there is a lot of talent at receiver and tight end. Think they need a running back?

  2. mike evans or marquise lee at #1…WR is a bigger issue than TE, winslow and cumberland were pretty decent this year

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