Machado signs with San Diego for $300 Million

Manny Machado has reportedly signed a ten year $300 Million contract with the San Diego Padres. On this episode I reveal why the Padres were so desperate to sign Machado and why this will likely hurt this franchise moving forward. Also, why this signing doesn’t make sense with San Diego’s current farm system.


Why it sucks to be major league baseball right now

Major League Baseball has suggested new rules that could be eventually implemented in games soon. On this episode Sucks to be… we look into why these rule changes are not only to speed up the game but rather a reaction to baseball losing fans to the other major sports leagues in this country. I break down each rule change and why baseball is desperately trying to appeal to a new generation.

Where are they now? Drew Henson

This week Oklahoma quarterback Kyler Murray will have a decision to make in the coming months whether to play football in the NFL or play baseball in Oakland’s minor league system. There have been many examples of athletes making a decision on a sport to play, however one decision nearly two decades ago had a major impact on both the baseball and football world. Drew Henson was a two sport phenom and had to choose playing baseball with the Yankees or returning to Michigan to compete for the Heisman trophy. On this episode we look at the impact of Henson’s decision and how life has come full circle for what he is doing now.

Why the Mets will regret Cano trade

The New York Mets have pulled off the first blockbuster trade of the MLB offseason by trading for Robinson Cano and Edwin Diaz. However, the Mets paid a big price including prized prospects for a 36-year-old second baseman with a massive contract. I break down why this trade could come back to haunt the Mets and why Brodie Van Wagenen’s impact in this deal.