Retro is in for MLB

Like many other teams the Astros are going to retro looking uniforms

Like many other teams the Astros are going to retro looking uniforms

You know how they say fashion goes in phases? Well baseball is in the stage of going retro. The Houston Astros are the latest team in this trend as they have combined aspects of previous uniforms including aspects from when the team was the Colt .45s. They have simplified their uniforms and logos to have a more classic look while also simplifying the color palate down to three colors. I love these uniforms, they’re simple but sharp. The Astros aren’t the only team to shift to classic uniforms. The Mets dropped the black out of their uniforms and have added a classic cream-colored uniform reminiscent of the 1962 original uniforms. The Reds reintroduced their mascot from 1956 Mr. Red Legs and the Cardinals will wear a jersey fashioned after their unis from the 1926 season. Teams have found that these changes have been met with very positive fan fair as teams are realizing that vintage is in. ON the other hands teams that have tried to develop innovative jerseys have been met with mixed reaction. Look at the Miami Marlins. While many people do like their new colors and logo, their bright and gaudy uniforms have not been we’ll received. Miami if your going to use orange be subtle, loud rave color orange doesn’t belong on the baseball diamond. Not to mention the logo I know it’s a marlin but what marlin looks like that? For now it seems that major league teams will continue to use past uniforms or what I like to call retroize their uniforms by making them look more like their vintage counterparts. While the Astros might not have the best season on the field in 2013, at least they’ll look good.


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