Why Johnny Maziel Pick Will Haunt Cleveland Browns

He has been a target for criticism over the past few years.

Savior? More like a nightmare in Cleveland

Savior? More like a nightmare in Cleveland

The persona that Johnny Manziel, or should I say Johnny Football has created over his college and early NFL career is incredible. It’s MTV meets Rudy with a pinch of fantasy. In terms of his presence in the media Johnny Manziel has been a complete success. It’s rare to see any sports outlet not talking about this lightning rod from Texas. In short, Johnny Manziel is Tim Tebow 2.0. Better player, same unnecessary attention.

However, Manziel is something different for Cleveland Browns fans. A symbol of hope.

In a franchise that has been built on futility and despair for almost 60 years, Manziel is a beacon of hope that the franchise has gone all in on. Unfortunately, this will be the biggest disappointment for the Browns since the original franchise moved to Baltimore in 1995.

What you say? How can you say that? It’s only been a preseason. Sorry Browns fans this is not the savior. Don’t get me wrong, I think Johnny can play in this league, he’s just not a player a franchise can be built solely around. If anything Manziel will be like a young Michael Vick. A player who on the highlight real will show off a great deep ball or a 50 yard scramble for a 30 second highlight. But he will never be a consistent quarterback in the NFL. One week he will light it up while the next week he will throw three interceptions. Great quarterback on Sports Center, not in a four quarter NFL game.

Why am I so sure, just look at this past few weeks. This preseason Manziel couldn’t even beat out journeyman Brian Hoyer for the starting job. Why? a 50 % completion rate magnified with errant throws against vanilla second teams defenses is not a good sign. Looking around the league it seems like every other rookie signal caller including ones that the Browns could have selected have outperformed Johnny.

Blake Bortles has played well enough to earn the starting job in Jacksonville, but ore importantly the quarterbacks on the board when the Browns were picking have looked much better. Derek Carr will start in Oakland and has shown off a big arm and the ability to move the football around the field. Teddy Bridgewater has shown that while he may need a little more time to develop could be a solid game manager and starter right now. Even late draft pick Zach Mettenberger has shown flashes in the preseason. Johnny? After a decent showing in the first preseason, the usually loud Manziel was rather quite over the next three weeks.

The other cause for concern? Did you see Texas A&M against South Carolina? Originally people thought that Johnny Manziel made coach Kevin Sumlin. Now we’ve learned it’s the other way around. In Sumlin’s offense sophomore quarterback Kenny Hill played his first SEC game on the road against No. 9 South Carolina. In his first game Hill light up the scoreboard with 511 passing yards and broke all of Johnny’s individual game records in his first start. Looks like Sumlin knows how to coach offense.

Sorry Cleveland, on the bright side Lebron James is back, but if you expect Johnny Manziel to be the football savior for the Browns, prepare for only more heartbreak.


If it’s broken, it needs fixing: teams that are desperately in need of a makeover

Ah yes fashion, where styles come and go so fast that most people feel way behind. Sports is intriguing because some fashion choices stay eternal. The iconic sweaters and logos of the Original Six in the NHL, the pinstripes of the New York Yankees, the yellow and purple of the L.A. Lakers, and the silver and black of the Raiders. Some teams never need to change their iconic logos and superb jerseys. However, there are some teams that desperately need to update their look. You just look at them and go geez what the heck are they wearing. Here is my list of ten teams that need a makeover.

1) The Phoenix Suns:

I need aloe vera! these jerseys burn my eyes!

I need aloe vera! these jerseys burn my eyes!

Wow I think Willy Wonka let the ompa lompas out. The Suns have never had great uniforms and have gone through many different logos, colors, and uniforms in their history. However, no matter what they do nothing seems to work. I get orange should be incorporated with the uniforms but not as an Orange and Grey eyesore. I know that the Suns have a difficult mascot to work with but I feel that their logo and jersey defiantly is in need of an overhaul. Players look like giant pumpkins isn’t intimidating and I don’t get who the jerseys are so different. Home is white with primarily purple highlights and only a little orange. The road jerseys are all orange and grey with no purple. Guys I understand you want to mix it up but please have a little consistency. I think that the best move for the Suns is to have simpler uniforms without these colors clashing and should try to update their logo. Also pick what colors your going to be and stick with them. If you want to be purple be purple if you want to be orange be orange make up your mind!!!

2) Miami Marlins:

Can we stop trying to copy the U please?

Can we stop trying to copy the U please?

Ok I know that orange is popular because of the Hurricanes and Dolphins but that doesn’t mean you have to wear it to! Just because you’re the Miami Marlins now doesn’t mean you copy the colors of the two other teams in town with orange and coral blue. These jerseys are an eyesore and while at first I thought they were kinda cool that novelty wore off faster than Miami traded away their team this offseason. Maybe the orange is appropriate for the fire sale they’re having on South Beach. I give Miami credit for trying something new but seriously guys when if I have to ask id that is a Marlin on your hat then you probably did it wrong. These jerseys are new but I do think these need to go to. Hey maybe the Marlins will trade their uniforms next!

3) Milwaukee Brewers:

Get the Dolorean! time to go back in time

Get the DeLorean! time to go back in time

This is a different one. While the new Brewers uniforms aren’t bad, I’d love to see them go back to their old uniforms full-time. The classic Brewers uniforms are sharp and are perfect with most teams going to “more retro” uniforms. The lighter blue and yellow with the old school block lettering is reminiscent of great baseball uniforms of the past. The Brewers should follow this fashion trend of bringing back vintage looks because it will also bring back one of the most iconic logos in baseball, the glove and ball Brewer logo. While the new uniforms and logo aren’t terrible, I think most of the Brew Crew and their fans would accept these classics once again.

4) New England Patriots:

Pat the Patriot needs to replace the Elvis Patriot

Pat the Patriot needs to replace the Elvis Patriot

Another case of bringing back the old school. Ok Jet fans I know you hate the Patriots like I do, but even you have to admit these are pretty sweet duds. These are patriotic red, white, and blue instead of the current blue and silver color combination the Patriots wear now. These jerseys are bold and colorful and make a statement that this is an American team. Also these uniforms would bring back the fabled Pat the Patriot mascot. Hmmmm do I want a tough and gritty patriot hiking a football in a three-point stance, or the patriot that looks like a cheesy rip off of Elvis. The new uniforms also don’t make sense. I hate there is barely any red and the overuse of silver. Lets make this clear there is only one team that can and should were silver in the NFL and that is the Silver and Black of the Raiders. While I do hate the Patriots seeing them in these uniforms would make them a little easier to stomach when Tom Brady torches your team’s secondary.



5) Tennessee Titans:

old Oilers + new Titans= bad uniforms

old Oilers + new Titans= bad uniforms

These uniforms are trying to do too much. They try to mix a new team and design with the classic colors of the Houston Oilers. The result is a confusing combination of blues and white that just look like they can’t agree. This franchise is trying modernize the old Oilers jerseys instead of creating their own identity. With different shades of blues in different and odd combinations makes these uniforms an eyesore and confusing. On top of that the logo just never seems to fit in especially with all the red when there is no red in the uniforms. I think this is one NFL franchise that should go back to the drawing board and instead of trying to recreate an identity just create their own unique logo and uniforms.

6) San Diego Chargers

San Diego needs to embrace their best look

San Diego needs to embrace their best look

Most football fans agree that the Chargers powder blues are one of if not the best uniforms in the game. But here’s my question, why the heck aren’t they wearing them??? These beauties are currently the alternates to the main navy colored jerseys which have been the primary colored jerseys since 1973. Why the Chargers took the best uniform in the game and put it as an alternate I will never know. I am sick of seeing the dark blue charger uniforms and would love to see these babies full-time. The chargers need to embrace their best look because it is the perfect color for San Diego. It’s cool, laid back, and easy-going just like the people of San Diego. Heck if I was the Chargers I would petition the commissioner to wear these uniforms all the time. Can the fans of San Diego petition to make these uniforms the primary home uniforms. I’ll say it again these are my favorite uniforms in the league please wear them!!!


7) Dallas Stars:

Less is more except if your the Stars

Less is more except if your the Stars

Talk about vanilla. While simpler is usually better for Dallas the Stars jerseys are terrible. They took a great jersey in the nineties with the star shape around the bottom of the jerseys and a good logo off their uniforms. Now all that’s left is Dallas, green stripes, and numbers in the front. YYYYAAAAAWWWWWNNNNNN. The Stars need a new uniform and possibly logo. While to logo isn’t bad it could use some upgrading. This is Texas things are supposed to be bigger and better not quieter and simpler. Dallas needs to embrace their inner Texan and get rid of these pathetic jerseys.

8) Anaheim Ducks

The word Ducks across the chest really original

The word Ducks across the chest really original

Ah yes the Anaheim Ducks. A franchise notorious for hideous jerseys. While their new third jerseys are an improvement the main jersey with the word “Ducks” across the Chest is boring. Not to mention the gold with black combination which should look cool looks pretty weak. My suggestion is to combine the jerseys and logos of the past. Use the classic duck mask, or Wild Wing logo, with the double hockey sticks that the Mighty Ducks franchise made famous with their Disney movies. Then use this old logo with the new black and orange color schemes. Also if the could combine it with the diagonal stripe of the original jersey, then the Ducks could have one of the best looking jerseys in the game.

9) Carolina Hurricanes:

Wow I wish the Whalers were still here

Wow I wish the Whalers were still here

To think this used to be a franchise with one of the best logos and uniforms in hockey. But alas the Whalers are gone and now they are the hurricanes. First off the logo is weak a red and black circle really intimidating. Looks more like a tropical storm then a hurricane. Also the uniforms with red white and blacks fighting with each other makes it a very confusing look. I love the secondary logo on the shoulder and the third jersey. It combines the Carolina triangle, a hockey stick, and a flag in a hurricane to make a simple yet cool logo. The third jerseys that are black with this logo are great and I wish they would switch to these babies full-time and make a white version with it. Those would make the Hurricanes look cool and not like there is a giant red and black eye on their chest.

10) Washington Wizards:

Bullets + Wizards = red, white, and blah

Bullets + Wizards = red, white, and blah

Like the Titans earlier in the list the Wizards have tried to combine two teams into one. Bad idea taking an already weak logo and name and bring to combine it with the historical Bullets jerseys creates this star-spangled screamer. While I do commend them for actually using red white and blue instead of gold and blue the old combination of the old uniforms and logo are just a mess. While these are retro uniforms, sometimes simpler is better. Look at the Nets and Knicks they changed to simpler uniforms and look great. While I think they are going in the right direction, these uniforms are defiantly the elephant in the room, not Republicans, when it comes to the city’s sports teams. While at first they were cool now they need an upgrade. Also the Wizards logo of the wizard and basketball has been weak and outdated for years. This is another team that needs to update their mascot or find a new one. Instead of Wizards rename the team, like in New Orleans, to something more appropriate. Names like Eagles, or Diplomats could be possibilities.

Do you agree with my list? Any teams you think I left out or think I was wrong about? Please feel free to comment below and tell me what you think. Don’t forget to email me or write in the comments section about what you would like me to write about next. Thanks and have a great day!

Bring back the Brass Bonanza!!!!! How Connecticut can get an NHL team back and why they need to

Hartford has been with hockey since 1997

Hartford has been without hockey since 1997

April 13, 1997 is a date that probably doesn’t mean much to you. Just another day that passed on the calendar without anything significant occurring. However, this was a day that would live in Connecticut infamy. After defeating the Tampa Bay Lightning  by a score of 2-1 the Hartford Whalers where history. These Whalers were just another casualty in a decade filled with more shuffling of NHL franchises then a card game at the casino. Hartford joined the likes of Quebec, Minnesota, and Winnipeg as cities that lost their beloved franchises to other cities. While hockey has returned to Minnesota and most recently Winnipeg, the fans of the Brass Bonanza are still awaiting for the Whalers to come home.

I guess you could say that the Whalers were just in the wrong place at the wrong time. Victims of a new owner, who never intended on keeping the franchise in Hartford. A state whose Governor who was trying to lure the New England Patriots from Foxboro down to the insurance capital of America. Governor Rowland felt it was more important to try to lure a different team to the state instead of keeping the one it already had. Long story short, the Whalers were moved to Carolina, while Robert Kraft stabbed the whole state in the back when it was revealed that he just used the relocation to Connecticut as  a ploy in order to gain leverage to build Gillette stadium in Foxboro. Now you know why  Connecticut doesn’t have that many Patriots fans.

With the current state of the NHL with teams like Phoenix, New Jersey, Florida, and Dallas struggling to fill their arenas, the next great migration of teams moving might have just commenced. We may look back and say this movement was started by the Thrashers moving to Winnipeg.  The biggest knock on Connecticut is the lack of an NHL arena. The current arena, the XL center, is old and incredibly outdated. A new downtown arena is essential for not just hockey, but for the well-being of the city. A city that desperately needs to revitalize its downtown community.

It's an uphill battle but with the right course of action hockey could be back

It’s an uphill battle but with the right course of action hockey could be back

The UCONN Huskies are without a doubt the biggest draw in Connecticut.  No surprise there, with multiple National Championships the Huskies are a National power that gives us Nutmegers a sense of pride. With the UCONN hockey team entering the fold in 2014 couple with the declining XL center, it’s not if but when a new arena should be built. The goal of this new arena would not be to just bring in an NHL franchise but rather give UCONN a state of the art arena for years to come. This new arena would  bring in more events such as NCAA regional tournaments while bringing money to a state that is cash strapped. Not to mention it could be a major tool to recruit top talent in order for UCONN to continue their dominance on the hardwood. The success of the MTS Centre in Winnipeg proves the arena wouldn’t have to be a colossal arena. A 15,000 seat arena would be a perfect size for both collegiate and  professional teams to fill the seats.

While there are many other roadblocks preventing the Whalers homecoming, such as current teams affairs and television contracts, step one is to build a new arena. Remember Field of Dreams? If you build it they will come ! Money is a big issue with financing this arena but if the state realizes the benefits of the UCONN Huskies athletic programs it makes sense. Sure the ultimate goal is to bring in an NHL team, but it’s a process. The Whalers had one of the most loyal fan bases and left not because of poor fan attendance but because of a miser owner and a governor who gambled on the NFL and lost. Connecticut needs to improve its sports infrastructure for its college basketball

Whalers fans still miss their beloved team

Whalers fans still miss their beloved team

teams. If they build an arena to help UCONN, then the pipe dream of NHL hockey could become a reality. Hartford was the Green Bay of the NHL in America and represented the unique passion  and love that New Englanders have for the game. The NHL experiment in the Southern U.S. has had mixed to terrible results. Now maybe the best time for Gary Bettman to look north, where hockey belongs. With the success of the Whalers winter festival at Rentschler field over a year ago proved that their still is a strong fan base. While critics argue that minor league attendance has been poor in Hartford minor league hockey to the people of this great state is like beer without alcohol. Once you’ve had the real thing anything less  won’t suffice. When the minor league team changed its named to the CT Whale instead of the Wolf Pack season ticket sales increased by 36%. Coincidence? I think not!!!

The Whalers have such a great history and arguably one of the greatest sports logos in history. What I’m saying is that the city of Hartford has the chance to kill two birds with one stone. Not only improve the playing arena for the UCONN Hockey and basketball teams but at least give the state a chance to get a NHL team back. The road ahead is without question going to be a long and hard one to get the NHL back. But if Hartford takes that first step by investing in UCONN, the state’s best asset who knows? Maybe the sounds of the brass bonanza  will echo through downtown Hartford once again. Please fell free to comment and follow my blog. I would love to hear what suggestions you have for me and what you would like me to write about. You a Whalers fan? Would love to hear from you! Like the Whalers? click these links below Thanks !!

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Are we there yet????… NO!!! still waiting

The future is looking brighter for the Mets, but the the present is a different story

The future is looking brighter for the Mets, but the present is a different story

Well it’s that time of year again. Before we know it pitchers and catchers will report for spring training and baseball season will finally kick into high gear. While most of these camps will focus on the present, in Port St. Lucie the eyes will be looking toward the future. For 2013 the highlight for the New York Mets won’t be the play on the field, but the hosting of the MLB All-star game at Citi Field. It’s been a rough offseason for Mets fans as the franchise traded away the reigning N.L. Cy Young award winner and has done nothing to address an outfield situation that is almost

D'arnaud was the key piece in the R.A. Dickey trade and could be the Mets backstop for the next decade

D’arnaud was the key piece in the R.A. Dickey trade and could be the Mets backstop for the next decade

bleaker then a Stephen King novel. While 2013 will probably be a lost season for the Metropolitans and their fans the prospects of competing in 2014 is a reason for optimism. After trading R.A. Dicky to Toronto the Mets now have two of the top prospects in baseball. Travis D’arnaud is ranked #6 and Zack Wheeler # 8 on MLB.com’s top 100 prospects list. Not to be outdone the other key piece in the deal, Noah Syndergaard a right-handed pitcher, is ranked 29th on the top 100 list as well. D’arnnaud was the key in the Dickey trade, and as the best catching prospect in baseball he could give the Mets their best backstop since Gary Carter. Well all Mets fans know about Matt Harvey and the impact he had last season, Zack Wheeler could be an even better pitcher. The right hander was traded to the club during the Carlos Beltran trade and has been compared to Justin Verlander with a 98 MPH fastball and a devastating curveball. Not to be

Wheeler has all of the tools to be the next ace of the Mets

Wheeler has all of the tools to be the next ace of the Mets

outdone Syndergaard while young, can throw in the upper 90s and if he can develop his secondary pitchers could an integral part of the rotation in flushing. You can view all of the Mets top prospects and see their scouting report videos by clicking here. While the future looks bright for the Mets, especially with the possible rotation of Wheeler, Harvey, Niese, and Syndergaard in the near future, the Mets have once again swung and missed in the offseason. While signing Shaun Marcum will add a solid arm to the rotation the Mets waited until this week to try to fix their disastrous bullpen for a season ago. Feliciano to a minor league deal and Brandon Lyon will give them a possible solution at closer the Mets could have vastly improved earlier in the offseason. Overall I give the Mets a B+ with the Dickey trade and these solid last-minute signings, but they kinda missed something important. Um guys you do realize you need three players to play the outfield right?? Whoops while the Mets were busy creating their new alternate uniforms this offseason they kinda forgot that you need people to catch the ball in the outfield. Kirk Nieuwenhuis is a good outfielder they have, but they let Scott Hairston go and now have Lucas Duda and Mike Baxter penciled in as outfielders. They aren’t starting outfielders, although they are an improvement over Jason Bay. Bottom line if you want to know how the Met’s season is going to be then click on this link. Overall though I am getting excited for the Mets future and I can see these team competing in the next few seasons. The only problem is it’s going to be a llllooooonnnnngggg 2013. However, if the Mets prospects are as good as advertised than not only will the Mets make it back to the playoffs, but a World Series could be heading to Citi Field.