Why the Patriots signed Cam Newton

With the New England Patriots signing quarterback Cam Newton it’s all but certain that Newton will be under center for New England this year. But one of the biggest questions is why did the Patriots sign Cam Newton this late?

In this episode the real reason behind this move is explained and what it means for the Patriots at the quarterback position going forward. Want more? Make sure you hit that subscribe button so you don’t miss the latest episode.


Gronk on Nick? Gronkowski Will Host Nickelodeon Show

Rob Gronkowski may be an All-Pro tight end for the New England Patriots, but he’s also the biggest kid on the planet. It’s only fitting that the biggest kid on the planet would get to host his own show on one of the biggest kid’s television channel on the planet, Nickelodeon.

Rob Gronkowski

The NFL’s biggest kid will now host a Kid’s show

Gronk will be the face of Nick’s newest show, Crashletes, where he will be introducing clips of sports action. The move, which is also giving NFL MVP Cam Newton his own show, comes from the Nickelodeon Network’s attempt to broaden and mix it’s offerings.  The move is prompted by the increased competition and wider variety of choices for children’s programming.

One thing is certain, Gronk will bring his fun loving and boundless youth energy into a new platform for NFL players.