Denver’s Next Sanchize Quarterback? Broncos trade for Mark Sanchez

According to the Denver Broncos have traded for Eagles quarterback Mark Sanchez sending a 2017 conditional draft pick to Philadelphia. While it still appears that the Broncos are still actively pursuing San Francisco 49er quarterback Colin Kaepernick, but have at least added depth with the addition on Sanchez whose cap hit for 2015 will be $4.5 Million.

The fifth overall pick in the 2009 NFL Draft by the New York Jets, Sanchez has had an up


Sanchez is most remembered for the infamous “Butt Fumble”

and down career. His most famous moment on the field was the infamous “Butt Fumble” when he ran in Brandon Moore’s backside. In his NFL career Sanchez has started in 72 games throwing for over 15,000 yards with 86 touchdowns and 84 interceptions. In those 72 starts Sanchez is 37-35 but has a 4 -2 career playoff record.

While Sanchez may not be the best answer at the quarterback position for the Broncos, he at least provides an option for the moment and could be a reliable backup if the Broncos do add another signal caller.


Down With the Ship! Will Rex Ryan’s Faith in Geno Smith Cost Him His Job?

When Rex Ryan stood at the podium after another Jets loss this past Sunday, Jets fans were hoping for the words “Vick will start”. Instead they got a coach who dug in his heels for his quarterback and in the process only turned up the heat on his own coaching hot seat. Despite the pleas of “we want Vick” raining down from the Jets fans on Sunday afternoon the Jets head coach once again decided to stick with Geno when in reality Ryan has basically decided to go down with the ship.
“I’m confident in Geno. If Geno is healthy, Geno will start” said Rex in the press conference. Ryan refused to even say if Vick would be considered to play if Smith struggled again. Rex Ryan is without question one of the most player loyal coaches in the NFL. However, this loyalty could be his undoing.

Since John Idzik was announced as the New York Jets general manager Rex Ryan has been on thin ice. Don’t forget, it wasn’t until after the final game last season when it was announced that he would be back as head coach. With Woody Johnson already saying this is a playoff or bust season it is puzzling why Rex Ryan continues to have faith in Geno Smith after his quarterback continues to make big mistakes that have cost the Jets wins. Not to mention Geno appears to be cracking under pressure as he reportedly swore at a fan walking off the field on Sunday.

The worst part of all this? Looking back at these first four games people can make the strong case that the Jets should be 4-0. Instead Smith’s costly turnovers coupled with defensive collapses, a defense which is supposed to be Ryan’s baby, has left the Jets at 1-3.

Momentum is everything in the NFL, and right now Rex is going in the wrong direction. After those back to back AFC Championship appearances in his first two season Ryan has not been back to the playoffs and has a 23- 29 record over his past four seasons. Unless Idzik and Johnson have told Ryan that he is safe past this year, or that the plan is to develop Geno not matter what, then Rex needs to make the playoffs.

Unless Ryan turns the Jets around fast New York could be looking for anew head coach

Unless Ryan turns the Jets around fast New York could be looking for anew head coach

Let’s not forget outside of defense the Jets offense has been a disaster under Rex’s tenure. Who has Rex Ryan successfully developed as an offensive player? Sanchez? nope. Smith? not yet. What about Hill, Greene, or McKnight? Unfortunately despite Ryan’s great defensive mind he is still a defensive coordinator as a head coach. He refuses to take responsibility for the offense even though a head coach needs to be accountable for all assets of a football team. Can you blame Ryan for the holes in his roster especially at cornerback? No, but the roster has only been part of the problem. Most of the problems are costly penalties and turnovers.

Sure benching Vick could be a blow to Smith’s confidence, but at this point Ryan needs to send a message that if you don’t perform, you don’t play. It’s that simple as a coach if players aren’t performing and there is a talented player on the bench who can help the team’s performance, you have to let that player play. I know, I know, that Vick is no long-term solution, but if the Jets keep falling and are out of playoff contention early, it maybe time for New York to let Ryan walk.

Believe me, I personally love Rex Ryan and think he is a talented coach and a great defensive mind. Still, if he cannot turn this season around and stays with players who are hurting the team’s performance it maybe time for a new coach of the New York Jets.

New Flight Plan: Sanchez cut by the Jets

Will a change of scenery help Sanchez rebound?

Will a change of scenery help Sanchez rebound?

Jets fan rejoice! Mr. Butt fumble has gotten a one way ticket out of Metlife stadium as the Jets cut the incumbent Mark Sanchez.  With the signing of Michael Vick, it was just the final nail in a bizarre career for the former USC Trojan. A career filled with highlights that include: two AFC Championship appearances, eating hot dogs on the sideline, GQ covers, hair bands, and of course butt fumbles. Despite his achievements, Jets fans will only remember the quarterbacks colossal failures and futility under center.

Did the Jets really give Sanchez a fair chance? Of course not. They never effectively developed him and put the pieces around him to be successful. While much of the blame still resides on Sanchez, he is not the only one to blame. Whether it was the lack of playmakers on offense, a effective offensive coordinator, or the Tim Tebow debacle. Either way, it is clear that the Jets hope to develop Geno Smith into the team’s first franchise quarterback since Joe Namath with Michael Vick as an insurance policy.

Will Sanchez succeed in the NFL? Only time will tell

Will Sanchez succeed in the NFL? Only time will tell

Despite his lackluster career a change of scenery could be just the thing for Sanchez. Should he be a starter right away? Absolutely not. However, if he goes to a team and competes for a starting job, he could win a starting job. If that doesn’t work, he could be a solid backup and get the chance to start down the road. It won’t be easy, but Sanchez still could succeed in the NFL. It just won’t be for Gang Green in the Big Apple. What do you think will happen to the Sanchise? Comment below

Diamonds in the rough: 5 players the Jets should sign

With training camp closing in the Jets still have many holes on this roster. Luckily here are five free agents still available who can help them for 2013.

5)  Sione Pouha DT/NT

The Jets defensive could use this veteran

The Jets defensive could use this veteran

While the Jets did release Pouha earlier this year, the fact that he is still available should make the Jets bring him back. If the Jets could bring him back at minimum value, this could be a great signing. While Pouha does bring with him health concerns from last season, when healthy he is one of the NFL’s best run stuffers. With the Jets failing to address the nose tackle position and with a lack of depth after Sheldon Richardson, if the price is right the Jets should take this risk.

4) Dallas Clark TE

The Jets need help at TE

The Jets need help at TE

While hey may be old, Dallas Clark can catch a football. With the Jets receivers struggling to catch balls, and a depletion at tight end, Clark could be a versatile piece in the west coast offense. While he may not be an every down tight end at this stage in his career, he could be used in passing situations. Cumberland and Winslow aren’t exactly sure bets at tight end, so why not bring in a veteran who can also help the development of the young Jets quarterbacks.

3) Vonta Leach FB

Leach could bring some pound back to ground and pound

Leach could bring some pound back to ground and pound

Ok what do the Jets do when they have the ball? Ground and pound! Ever since Tony Richardson retired the Jets have had a gaping hole in their rushing attack without a capable fullback. With the Super Bowl Champions releasing arguably the best fullback in the NFL, I’m shocked the Jets haven’t made an offer to Leach. A three-time pro bowler and all pro, Leach has helped Ray Rice become one of the most dangerous backs in the NFL. Listen the Jets QB situation is a problem, but the running game has serious potential. Why not give the running back bigger holes with Leach plowing ahead in front of them. The Jets need to ground and pound and adding Leach could help the Jets get back to number 1 in rushing in the NFL.

2) Braylon Edwards WR

With the Jets desperate for receivers Edwards could provide some depth

With the Jets desperate for receivers Edwards could provide some depth

To say that the Jets are thin a wide receiver is a gross understatement. With Santonio Holmes will probably miss the start of the season with his injury, and the rest of the receiving core can’t even catch the ball in mini camp. Outside of Jeremy Kerley the Jets have nothing in the wide receiver department that warrants a threat. Unless Stephen Hill finally lives up to his potential, which I’m skeptical about this season, the Jets have a major problem. He may have some baggage but Braylon Edwards has had his best success in green and white. A physically gifted receiver who does have his warts, Edwards would be a cheap option with a lot of upside. Edwards has chemistry with Mark Sanchez and is at a point in his career where he needs to play well or face the threat of being out of the league. Look the Jets need a receiver, so why not bring one that’s had success in green and white and that would be a cheap option.

1) Kerry Rhodes S

It's time to rebuild a burned bridge

It’s time to rebuild a burned bridge

Ok, ok I know this is a long-shot but hear me out.  I understand that the Rex Ryan and Kerry Rhodes relationship was a tumultuous one at best, but it’s time to make amends. Chocolate, flowers, whatever it takes because like it or not these two need each other. Kerry Rhodes needs a place where he can be an aggressive safety and a place to get his career back on track. Rex Ryan’s job is on the line, so why not improve his defense. At the age of 30 he’s still got plenty left in the tank and adding him to the secondary would make the Jets a top secondary in the NFL. If the Jets are going to compete in 2013 they’re going to need a top 5 defense, and unless Rhodes is added it will be much more difficult to achieve this. Do you agree? Who else should the Jets look at? Comment below. 

Terrain! pull up! Jets players who need to put up or shut up.

With OTAs winding down, the New York Jets are one step closer to the 2013 season. With fresh new talent from both the draft and free agency now in Gang Green’s locker room, it’s make it or break it time for a few current Jets. The question is will they be able to pull the parachute on their falling careers, or will they plummet out of the Jets’ organization entirely. Here are 5 members of the 2013 Jets who need to either get it together, or start looking for new homes in 2014.

5) Kellen Winslow Jr.

The Jets may be Winslow's last chance for redemption

The Jets may be Winslow’s last chance for redemption

Winslow may have only joined the Jets a few days ago, but he needs to have a strong 2013 campaign to not only stay with the Jets, but to keep his football career going. After a lackluster career with the Browns, Bucs, and Patriots, the former first round pick will once again try to show the NFL his talent. Unlike his hall of fame father, Kellen Winslow Sr, Winslow Jr. has been a first round bust that has never lived up to expectations. With the Jets starving for tight end talent, Winslow could provide the Jets with a suitable replacement for Dustin Keller.  However, with his lackluster track record and a habit of getting into trouble off the grid iron, the Winslow experiment may only last this season.

4) Antonio Allen

Allen will by thrust into a starting role in a trial by fire

Allen will be thrust into a starting role in a trial by fire

Talk about pressure. All indications are that Allen will have to step into the starting role at safety this year. While I personally believe that he will be the most likely player on this list to return in 2014, I doubt it will be as a starter. Despite showing flashes in a part-time role on defense, Allen will be asked to help replace the departure of Pro Bowler Laron Landry. As if this wasn’t enough, the secondary is under more pressure then ever with a certain all pro corner being traded to Tampa Bay. I do believe that Allen has the skill set to be a solid safety in this league, but that he will be exposed in the starting role for being too raw. With a little more seasoning Allen could be a good starter, but being asked to do too much this soon will have the Jets looking to replace him in the starting role for 2014.

3) Vladimir Ducasse

Ducasse could be the odd man out

Ducasse could be the odd man out

This could be the year that the Jets finally move on from draft flop Vladimir Ducasse. After years of failing to earn a starting job, Ducasse has been able to stay on the Jets roster due to the lack of depth on the offensive line. Then the Jets drafted not 1, not 2, but 3 offensive linemen in the 2013 draft while adding Stephen Peterman and Willie Colon in free agency. Now with an abundance of buffet busters in Cortland if Ducasse can’t win the starting job or solidify himself as a backup, then his Jets career may be over. With three seasons under his belt Ducasse has the inside track for one of the two starting positions and this maybe his last chance to prove he can start for Gang Green.

2) Santonio Holmes

Holmes may need to find a new home after 2013

Holmes may need to find a new home after 2013

Well this one doesn’t need much of an introduction. After the Jets vastly overpaid for Holmes a few years ago Holmes has been nothing but trouble for the Jets. Whether it’s pouting in Miami, stirring the pot in the locker room, or just not being the dynamic receiver the Jets paid for, it hasn’t been pretty. Now after a 2012 season where he missed most of the season due to a knee injury, the Jets desperately need Holmes’ play making ability. However, Holmes’ welcome has been worn out with his “diva receiver” antics and unless he has a great performance in 2013, he’ll make it too easy for the Jets to get rid of him. If Holmes can return to form and be a leader on this team then he will without question be back in 2014. But if the Holmes soap opera continues and hinders the development of the Jets quarterback, then as porky pig would say “That’s all Holmes”. Speaking of developing quarterbacks…….

1) Mark Sanchez


Do I really need to explain this one?How do you describe the Jets season in 2013? “Butt Fumble” enough said. Unfortunately for Mark Sanchez the odds of him being the starter in 2014 aren’t looking too good. With the franchise beginning to slowly realize that Sanchez is not an NFL quarterback along with the addition of rookie Geno Smith, Sanchez will have to prove to the organization that he truly should be starting. One thing is for certain, it’s that the Jets fan base has already made up their mind. As fans Mark Sanchez is the image we have of this organizations floundering, it sure doesn’t help when ESPN keeps showing the fumble as the worst of the worst on not top ten for the past 28 weeks! To Jets fans Sanchez is dead to us. We know exactly what he is, and that he shouldn’t be the starting quarterback of this team. Of all the players on this list, Sanchez is the one player that I pray is not back for the 2014 season. If he is it’s going to be a llllloooooonnnnnnggggg season.

Making the Grade: NY Jets Draft grades

The 2013 NFL Draft was a monumental one for the New York Jets as they looked to rebuild their depleted roster. Many questions surrounded the Jets before the draft. How much power did Rex Ryan still have? Would they trade down? Find an heir apparent to Mark Sanchez or quarterbacks that don’t butt fumble? Well the draft has come and gone but let’s see how and John Idzik and the Jets did in the 2013 draft.

First Round Dee Milliner CB Alabama 9th overall

Milliner says he can be as good as Revis let's find out

Milliner says he can be as good as Revis let’s find out

This was a mixed bag for me. Did the Jets pick the best player on the board yes. Did they improve a secondary that lost Darrelle Revis yes. But still there are many problems I have with this pick. First I would have tried to trade down to pick up more picks, I think the Jets may have tried but their were no takers. Second I feel bad for Milliner because despite the potential to be a top 5 corner in this league he’s got awfully big shoes to fill. While the surgeries don’t concern me, I was slightly concerned with this pick because one of the few strengths of this team was its corners. Also with so many talented corners in later rounds I thought the Jets would’ve picked up their corner later. However, with the top three pass rushers and Tavon Austin off the board there weren’t too many other options for the Jets. Overall I think the Milliner and Cromartie combo next year could be one of the best in the game and will help to keep the Jets defense as one of the top units in the NFL Grade B

First Round Sheldon Richardson DE/DT Missouri 13th overall

This wasn't what Jet fans were expecting

This wasn’t what Jet fans were expecting

So this is what we got for Revis? GGGRRREEAATTT…. One again I thought the Jets would’ve traded back to get more backs but once again that didn’t happen. When the pick was made I thought ok Tyler Eiffert the TE or Star Lotulelei or Shariff Floyd. I think all Jet fans can agree that when this make was made the reaction was either WHO? or NNOOOO. Looks like Rex Ryan does have some pull left with the Jets. Ok this is why this doesn’t make sense. Richardson projects to be a 3-4 end or 4-3 DT. However, the Jets already have two Defensive ends and needed a run stopping defensive tackle. While Richardson is a very good pass rusher, the Jets in their 3-4 defense need pressure from the outside and a run stopper in the middle. The Jets were 25th in the NFL in run defense last year and it was an area that needed vast improvement. The only reason this may make sense is if the Jets switch to a 4-3 defense next year. However, Ryan has made no indication of this and until I hear of anything different I just have to assume that the 3-4 will remain and that Richardson will be a rotational pass rusher. Despite the Jets improving their pass rush they still left many other needs unfulfilled.  With the best Tight end and the two best defensive tackles still on the board  this pick didn’t make sense, and was a reach. Grade C

Second Round Geno Smith QB West Virginia 39th overall

This could be the steal of the draft

This could be the steal of the draft

Quick call the cops! The Jets just stole the best QB in the draft in the second round. Didn’t this work out nicely. Instead of picking Geno with the 13th pick the Jets waited patently till the second round where they may have just found their franchise quarterback. Looks like Tebow and Sanchez may be packing their bags. Despite all the knocks on Smith he was considered to be the best QB in this class and a top 10 pick. With his value, coupled with where the Jets got him, this could be the steal of the draft. I believe Geno will have added motivation for multiple reasons. He has a chip on his shoulder for not going in the first round, E.J. Manuel plays him twice a year, he was embarrassed by being left in the green room on national TV, and he has the chance to win the starting job. Geno has to work for the starting job and knows that he won’t be handed the job, isn’t that right Mr. Sanchez? Smith will have to work to get the keys to the Jets car, unlike Sanchez who just was just handed the keys like some spoiled 16-year-old. Even if he doesn’t work out, there’s no question that taking a gamble here was worth it Grade A+

Third Round Brian Winters OG Kent State

While I like the pick, I think the Jets could have done better

While I like the pick, I think the Jets could have done better

Looks like the Jets are bringing back the ground and pound. Brian Winters and his 320 pound frame can defiantly move defenders. Winters gives the Jets many options and while it looks like he will be pencilled in as a starting guard, he can also play tackle should the Jets need him to move outside. A likely starter, Winters features great athleticism which helps him get to the second level and open up holes for the running back. One problem with this pick was that the Jets passed on Kenan Allen, who was once considered a first round pick at receiver. However, it looks like a Rex Ryan Draft , and as we all know he wants to run the ball, and  Winters could help gang green do just that  Grade B

Fourth Round trade Chris Ivory

The Jets get their feature back from the big easy

The Jets get their feature back from the big easy

OK this technically was a trade but Idzik made a great move here. With most of the running back talent off the board Idzik decided it was better to go out and trade for this 222 pound bruiser and sign him to a long-term contract. Despite some past injuries the 25-year-old has a 5.1 yard per carry average with the Saints and could excel now being in a starter role. Almost reminds me of Michael Turner, who when finally given a starting job finally proved how good he really was. With Ivory the Jets have four running backs on the roster including free agent signing Mike Woodson, Bilal Powell, and Joe Mcknight. With this stable full of running backs it seems Ryan will get back to what made the Jets successful, running the football. Reminds me of earth, wind, and fire with the Giants just a few years ago. While a minor deal, this could be a major steal in the making. Grade A


Round 5 Oday Aboushi OT Virginia

The Jets continue to load up on the buffet busters

The Jets continue to load up on the buffet busters

I’m sensing a pattern here. Another 300 pounder, Aboushi was a left tackle at Virgina and figures to compete for the starting job at either one of the guard positions or right tackle. Another value pick for the Jets, Aboushi was considered a top 75 prospect coming into the draft and a top left tackle prospect. Even with D’Brickashaw Ferguson on the roster, Aboushi figures to compete for a starting position once training camp opens in Cortland and could be a dark horse to start. Even if he doesn’t start ,he’ll provide much-needed depth to an offensive line whose depth has been exposed too many time over the past two seasons.  However, with Winters already on board the Jets still have many other holes to fill and passed on a couple of quality safeties in order to get one of the higher ranked guys on the board.  Grade B

Round 6 William Campbell G  (DT) Michigan

A Defensive tackle at Ann Arbor the Jets will try to convert Campbell into a guard

A Defensive tackle at Ann Arbor the Jets will try to convert Campbell into a guard

Another pick, another 3o0 pounder. Looks like the chefs at Cortland will be busy during training camp. Despite being listed as a defensive tackle the Jets have already said that they will have Campbell play guard. While some scouts felt this would be his best avenue to success, other scouts felt that he could be a solid defensive tackle with the right coaches. I guess this is a good pick for two reasons. One if they can get him to play guard he could be an athletic run blocker. Two if that doesn’t work out they can always move him back to defensive tackle  where he can add  much needed depth. With this abundance of offensive linemen, the Jets will defiantly have depth. However, once again the Jets are ignoring other areas of need such as safety, DT, and TE. Despite the versatility of this pick, the other areas of need should have been addressed. Grade C

Round 7 Tommy Bohanon FB Wake Forest

The Jets snagged the highest rated fullback in the seventh round

The Jets snagged the highest rated fullback in the seventh round

So much for Rex not calling the shots. Remember when he drafted John Conner in the fourth round, well at least this time around they get the highest ranked fullback in round seven. Well if this pick shows us anything it’s that the Jets are planning on running the ball a lot next season. With over 1,500 yards and 18 touchdowns in his career Bohanon is a versatile fullback that can make plays when the ball is in his hands. While he may not be the best catcher out of the backfield or the biggest he loves to hit linebackers. Rex should love this kid, a fullback that can do a little bit of everything, but most importantly can knock the snot out of opposing defensive players. For a team that runs the ball like the Jets, and that hasn’t had a great FB since Tony Richardson retired Bohanon could be the Jets next great fullback. Once again though the Jets ignored other major areas of need for a player they probably could have gotten un drafted. However, this could be a sleeper pick and a starter out of round seven is another added bonus. Grade B+


Dee Millner, Sheldon Richardson

This draft has made a few things very clear about the offense and defense for the 2013 Jets. On offense they are going to run the ball a lot. Don’t believe me? Why else trade for a power back, draft three offensive linemen and a fullback in the same draft? This also points to the fact that they maybe looking for Geno Smith to start early and will provide him with a similar game plan Sanchez had his rookie season. Run the ball, use play action to your advantage, and manage the game. Look for the Jets to also run the ball like the 49ers with an offset offensive line. With all of their new linemen I won’t be surprised if the Jets come out with 6 offensive linemen in running situations. On Defense Rex got two major playmakers in round one.. With the decision to draft Richardson and not add any linebackers, points to the fact that this team maybe switching to a 4-3 defense. Have Coples play end, while moving Richardson and Wilkerson along the defensive line. This also makes sense since Harris would be the middle, move Davis to outside linebacker and the rotate Pace, Mcyintre, and Barnes, at the other linebacker position. Despite the great draft two major areas of concern are left, I say two because I assume the 4-3 change would explain not adding linebackers. They still don’t have a tight end as Cumberland will be the starter as of now, and despite improving their corners the Jets safeties could be one of the worst groupings in the NFL. Unfortunately the Jets did not fill all of the needs that the team had when it began the draft. Overall I think Idzik did a very good job in his first draft, especially in later rounds when he went with the more talented players instead of drafting based on need.

Final Grade B+