New Flight Plan: Sanchez cut by the Jets

Will a change of scenery help Sanchez rebound?

Will a change of scenery help Sanchez rebound?

Jets fan rejoice! Mr. Butt fumble has gotten a one way ticket out of Metlife stadium as the Jets cut the incumbent Mark Sanchez.  With the signing of Michael Vick, it was just the final nail in a bizarre career for the former USC Trojan. A career filled with highlights that include: two AFC Championship appearances, eating hot dogs on the sideline, GQ covers, hair bands, and of course butt fumbles. Despite his achievements, Jets fans will only remember the quarterbacks colossal failures and futility under center.

Did the Jets really give Sanchez a fair chance? Of course not. They never effectively developed him and put the pieces around him to be successful. While much of the blame still resides on Sanchez, he is not the only one to blame. Whether it was the lack of playmakers on offense, a effective offensive coordinator, or the Tim Tebow debacle. Either way, it is clear that the Jets hope to develop Geno Smith into the team’s first franchise quarterback since Joe Namath with Michael Vick as an insurance policy.

Will Sanchez succeed in the NFL? Only time will tell

Will Sanchez succeed in the NFL? Only time will tell

Despite his lackluster career a change of scenery could be just the thing for Sanchez. Should he be a starter right away? Absolutely not. However, if he goes to a team and competes for a starting job, he could win a starting job. If that doesn’t work, he could be a solid backup and get the chance to start down the road. It won’t be easy, but Sanchez still could succeed in the NFL. It just won’t be for Gang Green in the Big Apple. What do you think will happen to the Sanchise? Comment below


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