Not in Cleveland

Browns fans continue to wonder what could have been?
Cleveland is still waiting for their championship

Cleveland is still waiting for their championship

For the city of Baltimore it is an exciting time as the Ravens will go for their second Lombardi trophy in their brief history. However, for the city of Cleveland it is a recurring nightmare that still haunts the ill-fated franchise. Before 1995 the Browns were known for their infuriating streak of bad luck. From Red Right 88, The Drive, and The Fumble were all constant reminders to the Cleveland faithful about their misfortune. This frustration boiled over after the 1995 season when owner Art Modell announced that the team would be moving to Baltimore. Despite their best efforts the team would leave town to become the Ravens and five years later were Super Bowl XXXV Champions. Even though the Browns were reborn as an  expansion team in 1999, they have been perennial cellar dwellers as opposed to contenders. Meanwhile the former franchise has been a model of consistency reaching the postseason for the past five years. What’s even worse is that the Browns coach in 1995 who was fired at the end of the season was Bill Bellichick. Not only has Baltimore won a championship, but Bellichick is the mad scientist behind the three Lombardi trophies that now reside in Foxboro. While I am not from the city of Cleveland I can only imagine what the city has had to endure. It is a city starving for a championship since no team in Cleveland has won a championship in over sixty years. A great pieces that illustrates this is A Football Life: Cleveland 95  which I highly recommend and  can be viewed by clicking on the link. Cleveland has been burned on numerous occasions from the Browns move to more recently Lebron James’ decision to take his talents to south beach. While the city still desperately tries to build a contending team it only adds insult to injury when the former Browns left town they were able to win a Super Bowl. Browns fans still cannot fathom how the football gods would give a super bowl to the Ravens before the Browns. I know one thing for sure, and that is on February 3rd the city of Cleveland will all be wearing 49ers jerseys. 


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