Revis Island for sale?

It’s not all fun in the sun on Revis island right now

Few things in this world are certain. The sun will rise in the east, the grass will grow, and star receivers will get stranded on Revis Island. However, this luxury island may be for sale sooner than later as the Jets may be looking to trade their best players. With new general manager John Idzik stating that no players were safe speculation and rumors out of Florham park just keeping adding fuel to the out of control fire the Jets have become this offseason. Despite the outcry from many Jet fans saying that the team would be foolish to trade Revis, I actually believe trading Revis would be a good thing. Hold on Jets fans I know your probably shouting expletives at me for saying that but hear me out. While Darrelle has been one, if not the greatest Jets players of all time the pros of the trade severely outweigh the cons. I do believe that the Jets should make every effort to lock up Revis to a long-term contract before the draft. However, if they cannot do this then they need to trade him. Revis will be a free agent at the end of the following season and we all know he will not take a home town discount. As a Mets fan it was painful to see Jose Reyes walk and the team not getting anything in return and I do not want this to happen to the Jets. Also Revis has been a pain in the you know what about contracts. It seems like every other year he wants a new contract and I don’t know about you but I’m sick of it. Revis isn’t a defensive leader and he is not a team player. He just covers his one receiver and at the end of the season asks for more money. While having the elite corner in the game is great it’s more of a luxury then a necessity. Having great corners helps your defense but it doesn’t automatically make you a championship team. Even last year without Revis the Jets still managed to have one of the better secondaries in the game. Heck you could argue Santonio Holmes is more valuable because the second he went down with his injury the offense collapse. Trading Revis would bring in multiple draft picks which the Jets desperately need right now and the Jets secondary is one of their strengths even without Darrelle. The list of needs for this team goes on and on quarterback, running back, tight end, fullback, offensive line, defensive tackle, outside line backer and safety. Wooo gotta catch my breath after that laundry list. While Revis definitely makes the Jets defensive units one of the best in the NFL, he does not, and do not believe what Rex Ryan says, does not make the Jets a super bowl contender. Just look at the Herschel Walker trade. With the multiple draft picks the Cowboys received they were able to build a perennial super bowl championship team. The Jets could have a similar situation by trading  Darrelle Revis. While the draft is still months away, eyes will be on the Jets to see if they will make this trade. Whatever happens, no matter the outcome, the one certainty is that the way the New York Jets handle this situation will determine the future of this for years to come.


What do you think?

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