Ace of Flushing: Mets have found their next star

Harvey could be the first of the new generation K

Harvey could be the first of the new generation K

Despite their past decade of futility good times could be ahead for the Metropolitans. Every World Series in club history had a flame throwing ace on the staff. In 69 it was Seaver, in 86 it was Doc, but in the present it is Matt Harvey. Harvey burst onto the scene last season, but their were still questions to whether he was one of the best young guns in the game. Considered that question emphatically answered. This season Harvey is 4 and 0 in his first five starts with a terrific 1.54 ERA. In thirty-five innings of work the 24-year-old has struck out an impressive 39 batters. What makes him so good? A confidence and composure well beyond his years and an astounding repertoire with a fastball in the high nineties, a knee buckling high eighties slider, and both an above average curveball and change-up. While many Met fans still believe that Zach Wheeler will be the next ace in flushing, that ace might already be here. While I still think Wheeler will be astounding when he eventually reaches the show, it will be hard to have the success that Harvey has already achieved. In fact in might be an act to tough to follow and if Wheeler should stumble that could raise the question why can’t you be more like Harvey? Despite trading their ace and CY Young Award winner R.A. Dickey this offseason, Harvey could be a 20 game winner this season and possible bring back to back CY Youngs to the big apple. Being a Met fan there hasn’t been too much to cheer for this past decade. While it was hard to lose both Dickey and Santana this offseason the possibility of a Harvey Wheeler one two punch at the top of the rotation could put the Mets in contention much sooner than the flushing faithful think. One thing is for certain this Generation K the Mets are developing could bring the glory and respect back to an organization that has gone through the ringer. I know one thing, I’m counting the days until Harvey takes the mound again.


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