How Superman became Kryptonite

From packing a punch to punch line

From packing a punch to punch line

For the third time in three years Dwight Howard finds himself with a new team. It’s been a roller coaster career for the 27-year-old NBA star. From being the baby face star in Orlando, going to L.A. to make a west coast dream team, to becoming the diva of the NBA. For the past three years Howard’s antics and comments have made him go from the superhero of basketball, to the Lex Luthor of Houston. Outside of The Big Three in Miami, Howard is probably the most hated player in the NBA. How did this happen? When you force your way out of the franchise that drafted you by mocking the head coach and fan base that will tend to put you on people’s bad side. Then Dwight Howard went to LA to become a Laker phenom, which lasted only a year. Once again Dwight complained about the coaches, not being the focal point of a team with Kobe Bryant, and once again ridiculed yet another fan base. Is Dwight trying to be a villain? I think he’s trying too hard not to be a role model. Now the Howard road show will be heading to Houston. They say everything’s bigger in Texas, so naturally it might be the only place that can handle the NBA’s largest ego. While Houston has the talent to now become an NBA title contender, they need Howard to finally realize his full potential. There is no question that he is one of the greatest physically specimens in the game right now whose bursting at the seam with raw talent. However, for all of his physical gifts, Howard has never become the dominant player he should be. When at the top of their games big men like Shaq, Ewing, and Duncan couldn’t be stopped and took over the game. Howard is still a soft player who despite his physical prowess isn’t a bully in the paint. Maybe the third time will be the charm and Howard will become the force NBA scouts always dreamed about. If Houston wants a title, that is the Dwight Howard they need. The only drawback is that Howard brings more baggage then the Kardashian sisters going on vacation. The question is how long will Dwight Howard behave or be committed? Will this experiment only last a year and will he alienate himself from this fan base? When thing is for certain. Dwight Howard will always provide a show whether it’s on or off the court. Whether he’s throwing down a monster dunk, or participating in the Dwight Howard reality show on E, it’s going to be entertaining in Houston. Can someone pass the popcorn?



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