Re-grading the Jets 2013 Draft halfway through season

  • Dee Milliner C-
    Milliner's 2013 hasn't started off great

    Milliner’s 2013 hasn’t started off great

    It’s never easy to fill Darrelle Revis’ shoes. It’s been a mixed bag in 2013 for Milliner where injuries and inconsistent play have hurt the first round pick.  In five games this season only has 18 tackles, and one pass defended. However, the New Orleans game was his best showing, and could be the confidence boost that Milliner desperately needs. If he can remain healthy and on the field Milliner could finally show us more of his potential. One thing is for sure, Milliner needs to improve his coverage or else teams will continue to pick on him. At the moment he seems to be more of a long-term project, but could be a great corner in the future. While a tight-end could have been more beneficial, compared to the other picks around him, Milliner still has the most upside.

  • Sheldon Richardson A+
    In 2013, Richardson maybe the biggest steal of the draft

    In 2013, Richardson maybe the biggest steal of the draft

    When Richardson was picked 13th overall, many Jets fans were pissed. Who is this guy? This is who we got for Darrelle Revis? Blasphemy! However, in 2013 Richardson has been the most dominant rookie from the 2013 Draft class. An instant impact would be an understatement. One reason the Jets Defense has dominated this year, its number 91. Richardson has made the Jets defensive front one of the most ferocious and dominant in the NFL, and has given Jets Nation only a taste of what this defensive could be able to do over the next decade. This year Richardson has been an elite run stuffer with 41 tackles and a forced fumble. While he is still developing as a pass rusher with only 2.5 sacks, he’s been in the face of quarterbacks consistently and will only continue to develop his pass rushing skills as he continues developing. Sheldon Richardson and Mohammed Wilkerson? Tom Brady’s going to have nightmares for the rest of his career in Foxboro.

  • Geno Smith B+
    Smith is proving that he could be the quarterback Jets fans have been waiting for

    Smith is proving that he could be the quarterback Jets fans have been waiting for

    Looks like the Jets got their franchise quarterback in the second round. Talk about a steal. The reason this is an A- is because Geno has been turning over the ball a little bit too much. However,  this is due to the lack of weapons rather than Geno’s talents. So far he is the best quarterback of this class and if he can cut down on the turnovers, he will be great. As the season has progressed Geno has shown great poise and improvement. His arm strength and athleticism could make him even more dangerous if the Jets can surround him with the right weapons over the next few years. He’s already shown a poise and ability to play under pressure that Mark Sanchez never did. If not for Geno’s clutch performances the Jets wouldn’t be a playoff contender. Let’s not forget that Geno is also a second round pick. With the value of a second round pick being a franchise quarterback os one reason this grade is so high. I know the 8 Touchdowns and 13 picks aren’t exactly gaudy numbers, but when Geno actually gets some weapons to throw to then we will finally see what he is truly capable of. By the end of this year, this could be an A+ grade. Looks like some franchises may have passed on a great quarterback in the 2013 draft.

  • Brian Winters B –
    Winters has been solid, but the Jets missed out on some good playmakers

    Winters has been solid, but the Jets missed out on some good playmakers

    Since being inserted into the starting lineup four weeks ago, Brian Winters has helped to boost the offensive line. While he may not be doing anything spectacular yet, he has been excellent in pass protection and an average run blocker. As he continues to develop he could become a very good lineman in the NFL. While Winters has been a good pick for the Jets terrible offensive line, the reason the grade is this low is because of other players the Jets could have drafted. Receivers Keenan Allen and Terrance Williams have become very good playmakers for their respective teams. and would have helped Geno’s development. With the Jets mess at wide receiver, one of these players may have  given the Jets offense a playmaker they’ve desperately been lacking.  It was a good pick, but the Jets missed out on some great offensive weapons.

  • Oday Aboushi D
    A pick that could provide future value

    A pick that could provide future value

    Now we start getting into difficult territory. With no players around him that the Jets could have drafted, outside of maybe a tight end, Aboushi is a pick that wasn’t supposed to impact the 2013 season. Instead look for him to be a project moving forward and eventually become a starter or reliable backup. Time will tell, but at the moment this is a decent developmental pick for a time that needs offensive line depth.

  • William Campbell-D
    A project that hasn't gone anywhere, it may have been a wasted pick

    A project that hasn’t gone anywhere, it may have been a wasted pick

    The Jets tried to convert Campbell from a defensive tackle to an offensive lineman. After a less than stellar camp, Campbell is now on the practice square and looks to be a wasted pick. With other players available such as safety Bacarri Rambo, tight end Mychal Rivera, and cornerback Demetrius McCray the Jets missed players how have been giving solid production to their respective teams. Especially after drafting two offensive linemen in a row, it really didn’t make sense for the Jets to go out there and waste a pick on another one. Instead they should have focused on another area of need to provide more depth. While the offensive line depth is a big plus, the lack of depth at receiver and tight end have made the Jets offense sputter when they need a big play

  •  Tommy Bohanon A-
    Bohanon's versatile makes him a great fullback for the Jets future

    Bohanon’s versatile makes him a great fullback for the Jets future

    Talk about getting great value. As a seventh round pick Bohanon has been the Jets starting fullback since opening day. Since then he’s been a versatile player in the Jets offense. While his run blocking has been good, it is something that Bohanon can improve moving forward. He’s proven he can round the ball effectively, especially in short yardage situations. He can catch the ball effectively out of the backfield and has been great when protecting Geno Smith in passing situations. Bohanon shows a lot of promise and if he continues to develop could be a versatile weapon in the Jets offense. Do you agree with these grades? How would you grade the Jets draft and who should they have drafted? Comment and like below!!



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