Saving Private Ryan: Why the Jets need Rex back

Despite his flaws, Ryan remains the Jets best option moving forward

Despite his flaws, Ryan remains the Jets best option moving forward

With another Jets season ending without a playoff berth, it looks like change is inevitable. Despite two AFC Championship appearances on his resume, many experts around the NFL believe the Jets should move on from Rex Ryan. True Rex Ryan does have his fair share of warts, but here are the reasons that the Jets should keep Rex Ryan as their head coach in 2014.


  • Defense: Muhammad+Wilkerson+Tampa+Bay+Buccaneers+v+pCEzBlRL6_IlThe Jets bread and butter is defense. While Ryan may not be an offensive genius, few can argue that there are many better defensive minds in the NFL than Rex Ryan. With a strong defensive foundation, especially on the defensive line, the Jets defense appears to have the potential to be one of the NFL’s best. This is this teams strength, and they need to keep it that way. This defense is one or two pieces in the secondary away from being a top unit in the NFL for the next few seasons. If you take away Rex Ryan, while the talent will be there, there is a chance that the new coach will not be able to push the right buttons and this defense will only be average.
  • Oakland+Raiders+v+Tampa+Bay+Buccaneers+FmBhALNtOj0lLack of Candidates: When it comes to coaches in the NFL I always believe that you only fire a coach if there is a better one available. Unfortunately for the Jets, I don’t see a better candidate then Rex. There is no hot college coach like Chip Kelly last year that could take the reins effectively. There are no great coordinators that have been making headlines as possible new coaches. There is only one man in my opinion who would be a better coach then Rex Ryan right now and that is John Gruden. Ok, I know it’s a long shot, but he has mentioned he would like to coach again. He would be perfect because he is a great offensive coach who understands how to use an aggressive defense. Sounds like a match in heaven, even if it’s a long shot. So unless Chucky wants to coach Gang Green, Rex Ryan is still the Jets best option.
  • Personal on the field: Let’s face it, Rex Ryan has done a lot with the marginal talent he has been given thisimages season. Remember when the Jets were supposed to be the worst team in the league? Yet in week fifteen they were still in the hunt for the playoffs. While many blame Ryan’s approach for the offensive struggles, and while he is responsible for certain play calling, unfortunately they are one of the worst offensive units in the game. They have a rookie quarterback with the worst skill player personal in football. This is not Ryan’s fault but a front office who for the past five years has overpaid for players, Santonio Holmes, and traded away multiple draft picks. While Ryan does have a say in who the Jets bring in, it is ultimately up the Jets front office to give him the best pieces to win with. Heck, even when the Jets made the playoffs the first two seasons it was with a lackluster roster and Mark Sanchez playing quarterback.
  • Next year will be better: If anything Ryan deserves one more chance with this team. The Jets will have one of the best cap situations with the Sanchez, Cromartie, and Holmes contracts probably coming off the books by the end of the season. This will allow them to sign some much-needed talent in free agency. On top of that the Jets will have an extra third round pick from the Revis trade last year and extra compensation picks in the 2014 draft. Ryan has been shortchanged on this roster for years, give him a chance with a full deck.
  • Conclusion: resized_99263-2c-rex-ryan-3colxbw_24-17444_t1000Rex Ryan should have one more chance to coach the Jets in 2014. True he is not the best at handling the offense and may not be the best game manager, but considering the Jets other options next season, Ryan still remains the Jets best option. However, I think Rex should only get next year for one last chance. Give him a reasonable lineup with talent and a somewhat competent offense for him to work with. Unless the Jets can miraculously find a great coach, which I am skeptical about, Ryan is a better option than most coaching candidates. Also why would you take away a defensive coach when this defense hasn’t even scratched its potential yet? All in all I think Ryan deserves one more to coach the Jets. He is a very good coach who is passionate and knowledgeable. The Jets have one of the better coaches in the NFL, considering their relevant with the island of misfit weapons on offense. Hopefully Ryan will be back to lead Gang Green once again in 2014.

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