What franchises could use Tim Tebow in their Major League lineups

Why it makes sense for the Tampa Bay Rays or Miami Marlins to trade for Tim Tebow

When New York Mets general manager Sandy Alderson told reporters that he thought former NFL quarterback Tim Tebow would one-day play in the major leagues, you could hear the snickering of baseball pundits. Really? The guy who is almost thirty years old that finished this spring training 1-for-18 that equates to .056 batting average. Yes, you read that right. A batting average below .100 for a position player.

Personally, I have no problem with Tim Tebow’s baseball pursuit. If he loves what he is doing and someone will give him an opportunity, he has every right to be on that field. Now you may be thinking that the former Heisman winner has no shot to play in the show. However, there are two teams where Tim Tebow could make it to the lights of major league baseball.

Despite his struggles, Tebow’s popularity in the Sunshine state would help both fledgling Florida franchises.

Major League Baseball in Florida has become the inverse Bermuda triangle where no baseball talent is going in, but seemingly, all of the state’s baseball talent has been spewed out. The recent fire sales of the Tampa Bay Rays and Miami Marlins are not helping two apathetic fan bases that are sick of top talented just being disposed of. Maybe that is why the Rays were dead last in total attendance in baseball last season and the Marlins were 27th even with Giancarlo Stanton blasting 59 home runs.

With that attraction gone, Florida baseball is no more than a witness protection program for ball players, which has to be miserable for Florida fans. So where does Tebow fit? Currently Tebow is in the New York Mets system. Even in the minors, Tebow has been an attraction selling out minor league stadiums wherever he goes. Given that neither team is going anywhere this season, why fans the attraction of seeing Tebow?

A shot of Marlins park’s woeful attendance. Both Florida franchises are struggling in drawing crowds. Tebow could help boost attendance.

It is going to take a trade to get him, but if the Mets offer a decent prospect, I can’t see them saying no to the trade. Both Florida teams need to get fans into the ballpark. Even if Tebow doesn’t help the team on the field, his popularity would help to fill seats for franchise’s that are desperate for attendance. Now some will say this will not make the team that signs Tebow a laughing stock. Looking at their current rosters, they already are.

You never know. Best-case scenario Tebow catches on as a starter or backup caliber player and becomes a popular member of that team. At the very worst he will be an attraction to draw fans in while distracting fans from the below average product on the field. Moreover, consider this. He does not have to be a day one starter. The franchise could tease bringing Tebow up for intrigue and make the call up in the middle of the summer or add him to the 40-man roster when the rosters expand at the end of the season. With Tebow the Marlins or Rays would at least be interesting, and in the modern day world of sports there are two things you cannot afford to be.

Terrible and boring. Both franchises are there and if they want to add some interest in their respective franchises, bringing in Tebow would give fans something to watch this season.


Tebow Comeback? Which NFL Team Should Take a Shot?


Tim Tebow is getting ready for another attempt to play in the NFL. The lightning rod for criticism will once again try to prove that he is indeed an NFL player as he continues to workout in hopes of a call from an NFL franchise. The 26-year-old still remains adamant that he will play quarterback and refuses to change positions. There is no question that the circus that follows Tebow wherever he seemingly travels will make it difficult for a team to give Tebow a chance. It’s hard to win with distractions in the NFL and like it or not Tim Tebow is a major distraction. However, there is one NFL team that should seriously consider bringing in Tebowmania.

After surveying the NFL landscape I found one landing spot that would be a great match for both Tebow and the team. No, it’s not Jacksonville but they are in the same division. What about the Houston Texans?video-working-out-with-tim-tebow-vert

Not buying it huh? Let me explain. Houston has a major problem at quarterback. This year the Texans will go into the season with Ryan Fitzpatrick, Case Keenum, and rookie Tom Savage. And people wonder why Andre Johnson is upset with the Texans collection of quarterbacks.

The problem is that Savage and Keenum are both still very raw prospects who need another year or two to develop. They both have great upside and I really like their potential, but exposing them too soon could break their confidence heading forward. Fitzpatrick is a decent game manager, but that is about it. With a talented defense that could be a top unit in the NFL, a great rushing attack, and the weakest division in the NFL the Texans shouldn’t settle for an average signal caller like Fitzpatrick.

Instead they should go for broke and bring in Tebow. Fitzpatrick is already there to provide a solid backup plan in case the Tebow experiment fails. However, with his effect on the running game and ability to throw the ball deep Tebow would be a nice fit in the Texans offense. Tebow’s affect running the read option will help open holes for running back Arian Foster and allow Foster to have a big season.

Not only will his presence help the running game, but also with the speed the Texans receivers have Tebow only needs to hit a few deep throw a game to have success in Houston. With the weak conference they play in, Tebow could make the Texans a playoff team. We’ve seen this in Denver with a less talented defensive team and a running back that was not the same caliber as Arian Foster. With a better supporting cast and a ferocious drive to succeed Tim Tebow could be a successful quarterback with the Texans.

Granted, it would not be as a normal quarterback. Rather than using short throws to set up the deep ball, Tebow can use his legs and his supporting running game to set up the deep throws which he has greater success with. Would there be throws that will make any NFL fan cringe, yes, but Tebow could be the piece that gets Houston into the postseason.

How you ask? Despite his flaws there is one thing that Tebow is great at throughout his high school, college and professional career. Winning.

Crossroads: What will Happen to Tim Tebow?

After 3 years & 3 teams Tebow is still trying to make it in the NFL

After 3 years & 3 teams Tebow is still trying to make it in the NFL

We know a few things to be certain. The sun will rise in the east, 2/3 of the planet is covered by water, and that just mentioning the name of Tim Tebow will likely begin a heated debate. I know most of you are sick about the constant Tebow news being shoved down our throats. Don’t look at me, thank ESPN and Skip Bayless for that, but now we might actually have a football season without Tim Tebow being the constant story. After being cut by the New England Patriots at the end of training camp, the former Heisman winner and current lightning rod finds his football career in jeopardy. We’ve all heard it before; He can’t throw, he should play another position, he can’t be an NFL quarterback. One thing you can’t question is Tebow’s heart. Sure he might not be the smartest guy, not changing positions to keep his NFL career alive, but he is one of the hardest workers in the football. Either way Tim Tebow must make a choice. He no longer has the ESPN hype mobile behind him  and must fight an uphill battle just to make an NFL roster. The question Tebow must ask himself is that if he cannot make it as a quarterback, is it time to try a new position? Unfortunately for Tebow the market for him is colder than January in Alaska. There is one, and only one place that makes sense for Tebow to go. Drum roll please………………. Jacksonville. I can hear the cheers of Jaguars fans and the groans of Jaguars’ ownership right about now. If there is any home for Tebow, especially if he want to play quarterback it’s Jacksonville. Ignoring all the statements that ownership has constantly put out declaring that Tebow will not be a Jaguar, it’s clear that the two need each other. The misfit quarterback on the island of misfit toys, it just clicks. Jacksonville is a disaster. The fans there don’t want anything to do with this team anymore. Forget a rudderless ship, that ship crashed and sank a few years ago. Other than Maurice Jones-Drew, whose hurt by the way, who else can you name on Jacksonville? Exactly. Plus you want to build a franchise around your best player. Maurice J0nes-Drew would benefit from Tim Tebow and the read option dramatically.They need to get MJD going and Tebow is the kickstart Jone-Drew desperately needs. Would Tebow be a publicity stunt? Yes. Do the Jaguars need a publicity stunt? That’s an empathic yes. The Jaguars are not going anywhere this year, there not drawing fans, and those rumors about relocation are still floating in the air.   Don’t believe me? What’s a more attractive destination Jacksonville or Los Angeles? I rest my case. So if this ownership wants to keep the franchise

Could this be Tim Tebow's future?

Could this be Tim Tebow’s future? 

in the Sunshine state and not have it go to the Golden Coast it needs a figure to rally around. Sorry Blaine Gabbert, when  your compared to Mark Sanchez, it’s not exactly a flattering comparison. Tebow needs to go to Jacksonville. Not some rinky dink arena team or the CFL, which might be an option he should consider. Jacksonville needs butts in the seats, Tim Tebow puts Floridian butts in the seats. I’m not a mathematical wizard but that equation seems pretty simple to me. What do you guys think? Should the Jaguars bring back Tebow or should he remain in football limit? Comment and take the poll below. 

The “T” Factor: Tim Tebow’s role in Foxboro

Will it be Tebow time in Foxboro?

Will it be Tebow time in Foxboro?

Just mentioning Tim Tebow is sure bring numerous eye rolls, face-palms, and enough debate that would rival anything on capital hill. It’s the same old song and dance; He can’t throw, overrated, not a quarterback, distraction, Skip Bayless’ crush, etc. With the Tebow train pulling into Foxboro for the 2013 season, one thing is for sure, he’s not going to be competing for the starting quarterback role. With one of if not the greatest quarterback of all-time under center the question is, why is Tebow there? The answer, nobody really knows. While Tebow has repeatedly said that he wants to be a quarterback in this league, the problem is nobody wants a quarterback who can’t throw. It will be interesting the see what Bill Belichick has up his sleeve. After all he’s a coach who is known for finding successful niche roles for players on the Patriots roster. So what about Tebow? I don’t see him running a wildcat offense, or coming in for five plays to throw the ball. Taking five throws away from Tom Brady is too valuable. The best role for Tim Tebow? Tebow lovers cover your eyes!! Tight end! I’ll pause for a few seconds so you guys can debate or Tebow fans can scream their obscenities. Ok, everybody get that out of their system? Great, now that your back it only makes sense that Tebow should be used as a tight end. With the Aaron Hernandez situation, I’m not touching that one, and the injury to Rob Gronkowski, the Patriots are thin at both tight end and playmaker. Enter the Tebow, whose combination of size and speed could make him a formidable tight end. Plus, he might not only be catching passes, there could be a gimmick play for a pass, or Belichick could put him in the backfield. He probably wouldn’t run the ball but might take some direct snaps, or be a distraction so that a receiver could get open down the field. I know that Tim Tebow fans want to see him get an opportunity to play quarterback, and I do believe he does deserve another shot, but not in New England. So for all the people with Tebow crushes, I’m talking to your Skip Bayless, if you’re expecting him to drop back and throw passes in New England, you’re in for a huge disappointment. If the Patriots want to use Tim Tebow to help them win football games, it will be as a tight end. Will he be a superstar at tight end over night, no, but he could give Tom Terrific a viable target that he desperately needs. If they want to unleash Tim Tebow upon the NFL use his freakish athletic ability and size as a tight end and give Tom Brady some much-needed help. While he may not resurrect his quarterback career in Foxboro, if Tim Tebow wants to keep his football career alive, he will suck it up and play tight end. Since he is a team player, I think Tebow will do this because he knows that this is what’s best for the Patriots. Who knows maybe Tebow was that missing piece to another Super Bowl for the Brady-Belichick era.

Can I get some help?? Tom Brady needs weapons

In the aftermath of the Hernandez situation Brady is lacking playmakers

In the aftermath of the Hernandez situation Brady is lacking playmakers

In a matter of weeks Tom Brady has gone from  master and commander of an elite offense, to a general without an army. After tight end Aaron Hernandez was released by the club on Wednesday in the wake of Hernandez’s arrest, Brady is left with a decimated offense. With Rob Gronkowski out for an unknown amount of time with his injury, and with Hernandez off the team, Tom terrific has lost both of his starting tight ends in a tight end heavy offense. To make matters worse, Wes Welker will be catching passes in Denver next season. Who’s left? Brandon Lloyd is still available but the Patriots have not made any indication that they will bring him back. Danny Amendola? To me this was an uncharacteristic signing for New England when they overpaid for an injury prone poor mans Wes Welker. Will Brady make him look good? Sure, will they regret not bringing Welker back? Absolutely. The rookies? While I love Aaron Dobson, he is still an unpolished receiver who would need to be eased into the NFL after playing at Marshall. Don’t get me wrong, he’s physically the best weapon the Patriots have at this point, but he is a very raw player. Josh Boyce could be another rookie that could help, but with a lingering toe injury he is way behind in understanding the Patriots complicated offensive attack. How about tight end? Jake Ballard is a solid receiver at tight end, but lacks the explosiveness that Hernandez and Gronk provided. To make matters worse there are slim pickings on the current free agent market. I can’t see the Patriots taking a chance on Terrell Owens or Braylon Edwards after the Randy Moss and Chad OchoCinco experiments both ended so well in Foxboro. While they could pick up a receiver,  it wouldn’t be much of an improvement over the talent already on the roster. However, I think bringing in a guy like Dallas Clark, Kevin Boss, or Chris Cooley could be low risk high reward signing if the team decided to go in that direction. While they may be old veterans, they are good ball catcher how could thrive in New England’s system. Or, instead of going out to bring in players the Patriots may just adapt their scheme to running the ball more with LeGarrette Blount and Steven Ridley.  Who knows maybe the prodigal son Tim Tebow will become the next ultimate weapon for the Patriots at tight end. Oh I can hear the Tim Tebow debates starting right about now. Whatever the Patriots decide to do, whether its run the ball more, use Tim Tebow as a weapon, or spread the field with additional receivers, it is clear that this team is hurting. This could be there year where another AFC East team finally dethrone the Pats as the division leader. One thing is for certain, it’s going to be a long training camp in New England


Tebow Time! why Jacksonville needs TimTebow

Tebow in Jacksonville just makes too much sense

Tebow in Jacksonville just makes too much sense

Tim Tebow. Those two words probably just sparked a debate or instantly made your mind jump to a conclusion about the lightning rod quarterback. For Tebow, there are two schools of thought. The first, is the logical one, which is Tim Tebow can’t play quarterback in the NFL. He’s a glorified running back/fullback whose throws make anyone who can throw a spiral cringe. However, there is the other side of the argument, that he turned around the Broncos season and has won a playoff game. Not to mention proved, that while he does have his warts, when it is crunch time he is a clutch quarterback. Since being released by the New York Jets after what was a tumultuous season, Tebow has not been offered a contract and shunned by prospective NFL teams. Despite the spread option gaining more popularity in the pros, the style of offense Tebow thrives in, teams don’t want to take him in. While people may believe this is because of his particular skill set, it might be what I call the “Tim Tebow effect” on a team. With the world of sports, media such as ESPN, constantly reporting on Tebow, the circus atmosphere that follows

Jacksonville needs the attention Tebow brings to jump start the ailing franchise

Jacksonville needs the attention Tebow brings to jump-start the ailing franchise

creates a toxic environment for the entire organization. This plagued the Jets last season and has resulted in their complete overhaul this offseason. Ozzie Newsome, the GM of the Baltimore Ravens, had a great quote: “it’s hard enough to win in this league with no distractions, but when you have a major distraction you have no chance”. Teams don’t want to deal with the frenzy that analysts, like Skip Bayless, who all seem to have a love affair with Tebow, constantly bombarding the franchise with questions such as “when are you going to play Tebow”? The perfect place for Tebow to go and have a successful career in the NFL is Jacksonville. It’s his hometown, and he is a beloved sports icon from his glory days with the Gators in the state of Florida. Despite the Jaguars front office constantly stating that they will not go out and sign Tim Tebow, they need to reconsider. Unlike the other 31 teams, the Jaguars games are constantly blacked out as a result of poor attendance, just look at the picture above. They need to generate interest in one of the NFL’s perennial doormat franchises in order to sell more tickets and generate more revenue. Enter Tim Tebow, whose sheer presence in a Jaguars uniform would sell tickets and get fans in the seat. Unlike most teams the Jaguars could use this publicity stunt as they face dropping attendance and relocation rumors. The Jaguars also don’t have a quarterback of the future, I think Blaine Gabbert has proven that. This team isn’t going anywhere fast so why not take a flyer on Tebow? Worst case scenario is that he stinks or is relegated to the sidelines, but people will still buy tickets and Tebow jerseys. Even if it doesn’t turn out well on the grid iron, the Jags still will make a lot of money if Tebow is on the roster. Last year the Jags had one sellout.

Fans would support this team for the simple reason that they love Tebow

Fans would support this team for the simple reason that they love Tebow

Can you guess which game? It was when the Jets played the Jaguars with Tim Tebow on the sidelines as the backup. They still came to see him even though he would never get into the game. The best case scenario is this. With Tebow they can improve their running game, which will benefit the Jags best player Maurice Jones-Drew. With a running game that allows for their best player to flourish the Jags could be one of the NFL leaders in rushing. With a better run game it can help their mediocre defense by having them on the field for fewer snaps which will keep them fresher and cut down on the mistakes. Do I think if Tebow started all sixteen games that the Jaguars would be a playoff team, no. The division is too talented with both then Colts and Texans at the top, but I can see this team being an 8-8 team. That’s a lot better the 2-14 team we saw last season. Listen Jacksonville, the fans want Tebow, we’ve seen countless petitions and billboards to prove this. This is a franchise that needs money, attention, and a spark that Mr. Tebow can provide instantly. Sure this move will create a buzz in sports media, but seriously when was the last time someone talked about the Jaguars? Tebow in New York was a terrible mistake and a wasted opportunity by the Jets, but in Jacksonville he can become a Florida legend once again. It’s time for “Tebow magic”  in the NFL, when Jacksonville realizes that Tim Tebow is their best option moving forward. Do you think the Jags should sign Tebow? DO you think Tebow will ever play QB in the pros again? Please answer the poll and voice your opinion.