The “T” Factor: Tim Tebow’s role in Foxboro

Will it be Tebow time in Foxboro?

Will it be Tebow time in Foxboro?

Just mentioning Tim Tebow is sure bring numerous eye rolls, face-palms, and enough debate that would rival anything on capital hill. It’s the same old song and dance; He can’t throw, overrated, not a quarterback, distraction, Skip Bayless’ crush, etc. With the Tebow train pulling into Foxboro for the 2013 season, one thing is for sure, he’s not going to be competing for the starting quarterback role. With one of if not the greatest quarterback of all-time under center the question is, why is Tebow there? The answer, nobody really knows. While Tebow has repeatedly said that he wants to be a quarterback in this league, the problem is nobody wants a quarterback who can’t throw. It will be interesting the see what Bill Belichick has up his sleeve. After all he’s a coach who is known for finding successful niche roles for players on the Patriots roster. So what about Tebow? I don’t see him running a wildcat offense, or coming in for five plays to throw the ball. Taking five throws away from Tom Brady is too valuable. The best role for Tim Tebow? Tebow lovers cover your eyes!! Tight end! I’ll pause for a few seconds so you guys can debate or Tebow fans can scream their obscenities. Ok, everybody get that out of their system? Great, now that your back it only makes sense that Tebow should be used as a tight end. With the Aaron Hernandez situation, I’m not touching that one, and the injury to Rob Gronkowski, the Patriots are thin at both tight end and playmaker. Enter the Tebow, whose combination of size and speed could make him a formidable tight end. Plus, he might not only be catching passes, there could be a gimmick play for a pass, or Belichick could put him in the backfield. He probably wouldn’t run the ball but might take some direct snaps, or be a distraction so that a receiver could get open down the field. I know that Tim Tebow fans want to see him get an opportunity to play quarterback, and I do believe he does deserve another shot, but not in New England. So for all the people with Tebow crushes, I’m talking to your Skip Bayless, if you’re expecting him to drop back and throw passes in New England, you’re in for a huge disappointment. If the Patriots want to use Tim Tebow to help them win football games, it will be as a tight end. Will he be a superstar at tight end over night, no, but he could give Tom Terrific a viable target that he desperately needs. If they want to unleash Tim Tebow upon the NFL use his freakish athletic ability and size as a tight end and give Tom Brady some much-needed help. While he may not resurrect his quarterback career in Foxboro, if Tim Tebow wants to keep his football career alive, he will suck it up and play tight end. Since he is a team player, I think Tebow will do this because he knows that this is what’s best for the Patriots. Who knows maybe Tebow was that missing piece to another Super Bowl for the Brady-Belichick era.


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