Crossroads: What will Happen to Tim Tebow?

After 3 years & 3 teams Tebow is still trying to make it in the NFL

After 3 years & 3 teams Tebow is still trying to make it in the NFL

We know a few things to be certain. The sun will rise in the east, 2/3 of the planet is covered by water, and that just mentioning the name of Tim Tebow will likely begin a heated debate. I know most of you are sick about the constant Tebow news being shoved down our throats. Don’t look at me, thank ESPN and Skip Bayless for that, but now we might actually have a football season without Tim Tebow being the constant story. After being cut by the New England Patriots at the end of training camp, the former Heisman winner and current lightning rod finds his football career in jeopardy. We’ve all heard it before; He can’t throw, he should play another position, he can’t be an NFL quarterback. One thing you can’t question is Tebow’s heart. Sure he might not be the smartest guy, not changing positions to keep his NFL career alive, but he is one of the hardest workers in the football. Either way Tim Tebow must make a choice. He no longer has the ESPN hype mobile behind him  and must fight an uphill battle just to make an NFL roster. The question Tebow must ask himself is that if he cannot make it as a quarterback, is it time to try a new position? Unfortunately for Tebow the market for him is colder than January in Alaska. There is one, and only one place that makes sense for Tebow to go. Drum roll please………………. Jacksonville. I can hear the cheers of Jaguars fans and the groans of Jaguars’ ownership right about now. If there is any home for Tebow, especially if he want to play quarterback it’s Jacksonville. Ignoring all the statements that ownership has constantly put out declaring that Tebow will not be a Jaguar, it’s clear that the two need each other. The misfit quarterback on the island of misfit toys, it just clicks. Jacksonville is a disaster. The fans there don’t want anything to do with this team anymore. Forget a rudderless ship, that ship crashed and sank a few years ago. Other than Maurice Jones-Drew, whose hurt by the way, who else can you name on Jacksonville? Exactly. Plus you want to build a franchise around your best player. Maurice J0nes-Drew would benefit from Tim Tebow and the read option dramatically.They need to get MJD going and Tebow is the kickstart Jone-Drew desperately needs. Would Tebow be a publicity stunt? Yes. Do the Jaguars need a publicity stunt? That’s an empathic yes. The Jaguars are not going anywhere this year, there not drawing fans, and those rumors about relocation are still floating in the air.   Don’t believe me? What’s a more attractive destination Jacksonville or Los Angeles? I rest my case. So if this ownership wants to keep the franchise

Could this be Tim Tebow's future?

Could this be Tim Tebow’s future? 

in the Sunshine state and not have it go to the Golden Coast it needs a figure to rally around. Sorry Blaine Gabbert, when  your compared to Mark Sanchez, it’s not exactly a flattering comparison. Tebow needs to go to Jacksonville. Not some rinky dink arena team or the CFL, which might be an option he should consider. Jacksonville needs butts in the seats, Tim Tebow puts Floridian butts in the seats. I’m not a mathematical wizard but that equation seems pretty simple to me. What do you guys think? Should the Jaguars bring back Tebow or should he remain in football limit? Comment and take the poll below. 


2 thoughts on “Crossroads: What will Happen to Tim Tebow?

  1. How do you really know that he can’t play? Other quarter backs are allowed to develop themselves for two or three years. The NFL is run by a bunch of dumb jerks

    • Are you kidding me? I’ve seen 12 year olds that throw the ball better! Can he make plays as a quarterback, sure, but let’s be honest this is a passing league. What’s the one thing Tebow can’t do? pass the ball!

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