Behind every Manti theres a great mystery woman

Manti Te'o like most of the country don't know what to say about the hoax

Manti Te’o like most of America is speechless about his “fake” girlfriend

My how the luck of the Irish has soured over the past few weeks. After getting embarrassed in the national championship game against Alabama the Irish are in the middle of one of the most confusing sagas I have every seen. Star linebacker Manti Te’o must have been worried that all those missed tackles against Alabama would hurt his draft stock but now he has a whole new set of troubles off the field. We’re still getting new information but this is what we know. The story began a few months again when hours after the passing of Teo’s grandmother he tweeted about the death of his 22-year-old girlfriend Lennay Kekua. While these deaths inspired the linebacker and the rest of the fighting Irish to get to a national championship there was just one problem, she didn’t exist. While it is unclear if Te’o is the victim of a sick joke or is somehow the mastermind behind the plan in order to promote himself for the upcoming draft. While we will not know all the details for a while one thing is clear and that is it will have an impact on the draft. Now teams how were coveting the linebacker who has been compared to Ray Lewis will now have to question his character and if they want to bring in a distraction of this magnitude into their locker room. Check out my poll in the link provided to tell me what you think this scandal will do to the star linebackers draft stock?


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