Ike and Strike: Davis’ struggles continue

From future corner piece to centerpiece of frustration

From future corner piece to centerpiece of frustration

It’s been a season of futility in Flushing. So its only fitting to have a poster boy for this terrible Mets season, which is Ike Davis. While Ike has been infamous for his slow starts, I’ve seen glaciers that have faster and hotter starts than Davis, this year is his worst. 0-30 with runners in scoring position and a batting average lower than a cheeseburger on the McDonald’s value menu, its time for the Mets to send him to Las Vegas.  Davis has been painful swinging the bat this season. Seriously watching him swing the back gives me stomach and has become an automatic out every time he steps to the plate. The slump is now manifesting itself in his defense as Davis has committed two terrible fielding errors in this past series with the Reds. I don’t understand why the Mets just don’t send him down? Look, Ike Davis is still a young player with a high ceiling for potential. The Mets need to be thinking about the long-term future of Davis, rather then short term success of the club. Look, in 2013 the club isn’t going anywhere, so whats the real harm in sending him down? In some ways this would be helping the club since Davis has been a burden that has weighed on this team for weeks. If anything sending him down could save Davis’ career. There he can work on his swing without the constant New York media bombarding him with the “why aren’t you hitting” questions. He obviously cannot do it at the major league level right now and needs to figure out what adjustments he needs to make. It’s crucial for the Mets to fix Ike Davis because he is one of the Mets building blocks for the future. Right now Davis is questioning everything about his game and is over thinking everything. He needs to get back to basics and play in an environment with less pressure. Ike needs to go to Triple A if the Mets want to save one of their future stars. Hopefully the Mets can get Davis’ career off life support and have him smacking home runs out of Citi Field once again


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